Public Apology

This is a long due apology. From me to everyone who has seen me rise and fall in past. The time is a bitch and it bites everyone. There was a time when I actually maintained dignity and my words mattered to me a lot. I am still the same person but situation has not been very favorable from last five years. From what I have gone through and what I am trying to fix things is known to me. I am not online or very active from the last couple of years. The main reason was the stress that has been accumulated in my life.
In October 2015, I left the wedding photography field as the health was going south (it is still not in a good position). Those who know me, are aware of the fact that I remain on bed rest for quite some time in past. Almost 3-4 months every year. Living with collapsed disc, facial paralysis, continues health and financial issues have not been easy on me. I have tried my level best to come out of it and some friends and family helped me as much as they can.
I know I owe people some money and I need to complete some pending work. It is not like I have run away or hiding somewhere (which some of the people think/say aloud). The only reason behind being away literally everyone is the level of stress that I have a holding in me. It has reduced a little bit in last few months but the way things are going with me, it will take some time to manage everything out.
I am working hard, sitting on one chair for long hours. Which is actually not good for my back. But it is important as I have to get out of every mess that my life is surrounded with. No matter it is some pending payment or some pending work. I can assure you it will be completed in next coming months. Slowly the pace of my work is increasing and I am gaining the confidence that I have completely lost.
I need to make some air clear. I am not running away from anyone. I do not have any intentions to cheat or make things wrong. I always tried to do the things in the right way but the path I chose was not the perfect one. I went deep in trouble and have been trying since ages to get out of it. This is not like I am someone who cannot get out of trouble. I have done it before. I fell down from heights and stood back on my feet. I can do it again and I know I will. I do not need sympathy. I just need little bit more time to make the things right.
I have faced threats, been called names, body shamed, and what not. But I am not among those who will run away and do not face the issues. I can fight back and I will clear the wrong that has happened in past. For every paisa, I owe to anyone to any work that is pending. Everything will be cleared soon.
And I request you to not to comment here. I will not reply. If you want to ask me, please send a personal message. I am online and will reply to the message within few minutes for sure. I do not want to sound bad but I seriously cannot take it anymore. I need time and I will sort everything out.

नई भाषा से नई ऊंचाई हासिल कीजिए

क्या आपको पता है की नई भाषा सीखना आपके लिए फायदेमंद साबित हो सकता है| खैर आंकड़े तो यही कहते हैं| तो क्यों न अपने समय को बर्बाद करने की जगह अपने खाली समय मे हम कोई नई भाषा सीखें और अपने भविष्य को उज्ज्वल बनाये| अगर आप नई भाषा सीखना चाहते हैं तो सबसे अच्छी भाषा होगी अंग्रेजी या जर्मन। अब आप बोलेंगे की भाषा सीखने से कठिन तोह नौकरी पाना है। पर अब नही। भारत मे कैनेडियन साईट Neuvoo के आने के बाद से नौकरी पाना आसान हो गया है। अब आप भी बहुत आसानी से अपनी […] Continue Reading…

Matka aur uska paani

कुछ अलग ही बात होती है,
इस मटके वाले पानी में,
ना जाने क्यों ऐसा लगता है,
की रूह तक शांत हो जाती है,
समय ने कुछ बदल दिया है हमें,
मटके से बेहतर बर्फ नज़र आती है,
क्यों है ऐसा, समझ नहीं पाता हूँ,
क्यों धरती से प्रेम होने पर भी,
मटके को न कह जाता हूँ,
वह सोंधी सी खुशबू मिटटी की,
जो मटके से आती है,
मेरी रूह को जो खुशबू,
कुछ ख़ास कह जाती है,
काश यह बर्फ ने जीवन में,
अपनी पैठ न बनाई होती,
तो आज भी सोंधी सी वह खुशबू,
मेरे ज़हन पे छाई होती,
चलो वादा करें खुद से,
कम से कम एक मटका तो होगा घर पे,
इन गर्मियों में […] Continue Reading…

The curious case of being an Indian


When I was born, I never thought that one day; my nation will become a place where someone from so called upper caste will have to hide in his house and pray to become a Dalit in his next life. India has always been a place where people believed in “live and let live”. I was taught in my school that the constitution teaches us to believe in equality. Remember that pledge?

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always […] Continue Reading…

Mar 24, 2016

Meri Geeli Holi Mujhe Lauta Do

इस बरस मुझे ऐसे रंग दे,
भीग जाये मेरी सांस भी,
न सोचूं मैं किसी के बारे में,
दो बूँद पानी पे है मेरा हक़ भी,
चिल्लाते हो मेरी होली पर,
मैंने पानी को बर्बाद किया,
पूरे साल जो गाड़ी धोते हो,
उस से कौन आबाद हुआ?
शावर में रोज़ नहाते हो,
समय पूरा लगते हो,
वाटर पार्क में अपने परिवार के संग,
खूब मज़ा उड़ाते हो,
पर जब मेरी बारी आती है,
मैं पिचकारी गर उठा लूँ,
खूब हो हल्ला मचाते हो,
यह देखो पानी बर्बाद करता है,
किसानो का दुःख दर्द न समझता है,
ऐसा इलज़ाम लगते हो,
फिर टीवी पर कैमरे के सामने,
छाती पीट मगरमच्छ के आंसू बहते हो,
हर होली पे सोचता हूँ,
मैंने ऐसा […] Continue Reading…

From Anurag Bhateja Photography And Knotty Clicks


We have in total of 35 deliveries left related to wedding photography which we are doing under Knotty Clicks. Due to declining health of Anurag, there has been delay in the work and we are extremely sorry for this.

From now on, complete wedding packages will not be offered by us and even candid wedding photography services will only be provided depending on location and time.

We are trying our best to complete the work which is pending but it will take time. We are targeting to complete the deliveries with in next three months and will not continue to work […] Continue Reading…

Bank Holidays March-April 2015

Starting from 28th March 2015, there will be a string of holidays which will cause slowing down the financial transactions in India.

28th March is Ram Navmi so the banks will be closed on that day. 29th March is a Sunday. 30th march is a working day followed by 31st March and 1st April which are annual closing days. Banks are closed for public on closing days so financial transactions won’t be possible. 2nd April is Mahavir Jayanti followed by Good Friday on 3rd April. Both are bank holidays. 4th April is working but as it will be a Saturday, […] Continue Reading…


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