No Mr.Kejriwal! PoS cash withdrawal is not something new!

In the tough time of #Demonetization, banks, and retail outlets are trying to ease the situation for common Indian citizen. On the other hand, some leaders like Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, and Sitaram Yechury are trying to find every possible way to make government, banks and retails outlets look bad in the eyes of the people of India.

History of PoS cash withdrawal in India

In 2009, RBI allowed banks to join hands with retail outlets, petrol pumps etc. so that customers can withdraw cash from these POS. Here POS is Point Of Sale. Many merchants including a number of petrol pumps opted for the facility but not a lot of Indians know about it. After demonetization of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- notes, to ease the stress on ATMs and banks, RBI allowed petrol pumps to give cash in exchange of card swipe of the similar amount. The limit was also raised to Rs.2000/- for all POS points. In addition to that, the fees, if any, were levied off.

SBI and Big Bazaar’s efforts

Recently, State Bank of India joined hands with Big Bazaar and issued PoS machines for more than 250 outlets to make it easy for the customers to withdraw cash. This is a good step by both retail outlet and the bank that they are trying to ease the situation. The cash that Big Bazar gets from the customers will be given to those who need cash. Any customer can withdraw Rs.2000/- by with a simple card swipe at any Big Bazar outlet from November 24th, 2016.

The war on #Demonetization has become ugly

Interestingly, the POS cash withdrawal is not something new for the Indian market. It is true that most of the customers are unaware of this. But how is it possible that Mr Kejriwal, Mr Yechury, and their followers do not know about the service at all? How is it possible that they spread the poison against the government without even checking the facts? Mr Kejriwal is asking PM Modi about the deal between Big Bazar and SBI when the government has nothing to do with it. Some of their followers are posting photos of the owner of Big Bazar with Modi and claiming all this is happening because the owner is close to Modi.

This has to be noted that there is no financial gain for Big Bazar in providing this service. It is just an additional headache and nothing else. Instead of praising the effort, the people in the opposition are trying to defame every step taken against the Black Money hoarders. The politics in India is seeing all-time low and it is heartbreaking.

#Demonetization – Is “Athiti Devo Bhava” not applicable anymore?

I have written in favor of demonetization of the currency notes before and I am still in favor of the step. There are some interesting incidents that made me happy about the whole process though people are facing problems. Different groups are coming forward to help the people who are lined up outside banks or ATMs. They are offering food and beverages, helping in filling up the forms etc. People like me who cannot help the people in queues are trying to guide every single person to open accounts, use eWallets and go cashless. I have solved queries of […] Continue Reading…

The impact of #Demonetization – perspective of an Indian


Prime Minister Narendra Modi threw a massive bomb on November 8th, 2016 when he announced that all the currency notes in Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- denominations are no longer a legal tender. That means, you can exchange them from the post office or bank, deposit them in the bank or pay for some commodities but the currency is no longer legal for trade between two parties.

Now before I talk further, let me put this in straight perspective that I am not an economist. I am a multimedia graduate who actually does not have any idea how black money flows or […] Continue Reading…

A “Uniform ‘Surname’ Code” for communists and anti-Hindus in Hindu community

I am a born Hindu. I was taught by my parents as well as teachers to respect all religions. My family believes in rituals as well as idol worshiping and studied in a school (DAV) where idol worshiping is opposed. Overall, my bringing up and education was in such a way that I became open minded and kind of secular. The religion, caste, faith, atheism, dress code or anything that may bother others do not have an effect on me in particular. I believe in the theory of living and let live.
The change
Now the question arises, what changed? From […] Continue Reading…

This Diwali buy earth lamps

No, you cannot say no to Chinese products yet!
Every year, especially, this time, people over the social media are promoting to discard Chinese Products completely from their life. The main reason behind the message is to tell China that we condemn their support to Pakistan. The whole message has the nationalist values and it is getting promoted via a lot of different platforms.

Back in 2014, I made a video promote earth lamps on Diwali. I actually miss these lamps around my neighborhood and see only Chinese lights. It is little depressing to see people arguing with lamp sellers for […] Continue Reading…

नई भाषा से नई ऊंचाई हासिल कीजिए

क्या आपको पता है की नई भाषा सीखना आपके लिए फायदेमंद साबित हो सकता है| खैर आंकड़े तो यही कहते हैं| तो क्यों न अपने समय को बर्बाद करने की जगह अपने खाली समय मे हम कोई नई भाषा सीखें और अपने भविष्य को उज्ज्वल बनाये| अगर आप नई भाषा सीखना चाहते हैं तो सबसे अच्छी भाषा होगी अंग्रेजी या जर्मन। अब आप बोलेंगे की भाषा सीखने से कठिन तोह नौकरी पाना है। पर अब नही। भारत मे कैनेडियन साईट Neuvoo के आने के बाद से नौकरी पाना आसान हो गया है। अब आप भी बहुत आसानी से अपनी […] Continue Reading…

Matka aur uska paani

कुछ अलग ही बात होती है,
इस मटके वाले पानी में,
ना जाने क्यों ऐसा लगता है,
की रूह तक शांत हो जाती है,
समय ने कुछ बदल दिया है हमें,
मटके से बेहतर बर्फ नज़र आती है,
क्यों है ऐसा, समझ नहीं पाता हूँ,
क्यों धरती से प्रेम होने पर भी,
मटके को न कह जाता हूँ,
वह सोंधी सी खुशबू मिटटी की,
जो मटके से आती है,
मेरी रूह को जो खुशबू,
कुछ ख़ास कह जाती है,
काश यह बर्फ ने जीवन में,
अपनी पैठ न बनाई होती,
तो आज भी सोंधी सी वह खुशबू,
मेरे ज़हन पे छाई होती,
चलो वादा करें खुद से,
कम से कम एक मटका तो होगा घर पे,
इन गर्मियों में […] Continue Reading…