Bi*ch Please!

A round of applause to all the bitches that keep bitching about me as a topic of interest online or offline but do not dare to come forward :). Block me, delete me and then look via friend’s profile. Write about me and stay happy because I cannot read what they have written.

I don’t get sad. I don’t panic. I don’t do anything. They are just random bitches who are jealous just because they cannot find out the reason why others like or love me. :)

I prefer to stay away from controversies until I can rule them. I try to be politically correct and do not reply to any hate comment until I have no other choice. Avoiding some stupid bitches makes my life easy.

I am one of those who love to play with bitches. Those who bitch about me. I feel like ruling their minds as they keep on talking about me. Indeed, I am talking about you bitch :P the real bitch! No matter what skin suit you wear, from inside, you are a bitch ;)

I know you still wonder why the hell nothing came from my side. I know you will publish this on your wall. Because I want you to do this. The moment you post this, you will agree on the fact that I rule you. I rule every single neuron of your brain. I can control what you do and say about me. Yes, I want you to say bad about me. I want to go out and yell bad words about me in front of others and I will just keep on smiling.

You know why? Because when other listen to you and nothing comes as a reply from my side, they think who is wrong and eventually you become the wrong person. You prove yourself a bitch who barks for no reason. The one who create their own picture of the person standing in front without thinking twice.

I know this will bring back the fire. I know this will ignite so many things in your mind and you will try to threaten me. I shall say again, on your face, BITCH PLEASE! hehehe :P


Disclaimer: A post made for fun in context with a few recentcontroversiescreated by a few people on their profiles and groups about me actually for no reason. You might be one of them and there is a huge chance that I do not even know that you are saying bad things. So if your head burns and you want to comment a worthless phrase here, please feel free to do so as COMMENTS ARE MODERATED ;)


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