Dear Son


I know a day will come when you will come to me and ask me about girls. I know you will ask me why you are different from them and why you feel attracted towards them. That day, my son, I shall ask you to read this letter. I am writing this now because this is most disturbing time around. Everyday, one young lad like you go out and tease a girl on road, in class or in college/school. I do not want you to follow their steps.

Son, you are young and I know I will teach you how to respect women around you. Though I will never stop you from going out and see if you like the girl passing by you. I want you to see them but with respect and without passing any comments on them. I am not going to teach you how to make a move on some girl but I would love to tell you how make a girl feel special.

I know you must be wondering why I want to make you a sensitive man instead of a “macho”. You know son, I wish you grow up with a sister. A young beautiful girl for whom you can fight with the whole world. Just think, how can I expect some other boy to respect my daughter if I can not teach my son how to respect one.

It is neither about you my son nor it is about a girl from our family. It is about the respect you owe to women.

Your friends will tell you to go with them after a girl just to tease her. They may force you to molest one on the road and even touch her. I know the thoughts and even the touch will make you feel good at once but in long run, my son, they will ruin you.

I do not want you to be different from others. I want you to be better than others. You will never hear that sex is bad but I will always tell you not to do it forcefully. Being with someone either physically or mentally gives you pleasure and that pleasure can not be achieved till you get it mutually.

Teasing, molesting in any way should not be your cup of tea and I know if I tell you not to do something, you will obey.

My dear unborn son, from the day you enter this world, to the day you will be able to understand this letter, I will be there for you on every step and will make sure you become an example for this heartless society who prefer to teach their girl child how to be safer on roads but is not ready to teach they boys not to rape.

Son, I expect the best human being out of you and I know you will never disappoint me.

Looking forward to see you soon,


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