Sep 11, 2006


This is Anurag Bhateja… well you have just visited my blog.. I hve introduced my blog to discuss about whats happening around us.. about the geeky stuff and all the likes and dislikes… so keep visiting and throw your views….



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  • Hi Anurag…. ;)

  • good luck

  • Ok, this is 2009 :D
    So, your blog already 2 years-old and the article is collected on 32 page.
    Your PR is 3. Great achievement on 2 years.
    I hope this blog still alive even until 10 years later…!!!

  • wow youve been blogging since really got the blogging spirit going on.

  • Congratulations, you’ve been blogging for quite long now!

  • 3 Years is great achievement, mostly blog dissapear on 1-2 years but this blog is great.

  • Hi Anura, glad to see your blog filled with tips tips and articles interesting articles. I hope you will blog up to date and there is always ever

  • @Lidia
    And just look to the fact, 3 years and a hundred+ of article (maybe 200-250 article?). So, i think this blog update performance is already two thumbs up :D
    Glad to see you also, for commenting here, thanks…!!! Also to geneve, dum, etc..

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