Instagram, Feminism, PERIOD – No Please.

I always stood up for sexual equality, freedom of speech and pure non censored world but there are still certain limits which no one has right to bypass and throw tantrums on companies that allow you to share photos for FREE. Its their world, their website and their guidelines. If you do not like it, leave it.

Now lets come to the point. I came across an article in which a girl named Rupi Kaur blamed instagram for removing a photograph from her series onMenstruation cycle. I am writing as a well educated “Hindu male” from India who belongs to “upper caste”. (Just hoping people will understand the sarcasm…)

Dear Rupi Kaur,

You are a daring girl. I know we still believe that menstruation is an “ugly” process and do not talk about it publicly. Oh wait! I regularly see sanitary napkin ads on TV which talk about periods quite clearly or may I live in some other dimension!

Do I believe it is a taboo? NO.

Do I want my daughter to understand it properly and not to feel disgusted while talking about it? Yes.

Do I want her to post photos on Internet related to this? NO.

Why not? Because I have my mind in place.

Neither I will allow her to post photos on internet, nor I will allow my son to make a video of himself jerking and post it on vine. It is just not the right way. I completely understand Menstruation is normal and so is masturbation, peeing and shitting!

I understand Instagram should work on his guidelines and remove photographs of teenagers posing nude/semi nude but is it right to make them to allow photographs of Menstruation too if they can not remove every single objectionable photograph/video?

Yes, I do get angry when people act like if women are objects and I do get angry when women try to act over smart when it comes to breaking the line to get in front or splitting the bill on a date :)

So dear Rupi, please keep your feminist views to your blog and let the world read if they want to read it there. Instagram is a private company and they have their own rules. If you do not like their rules, find another website that will allow such photos. Don’t be such a baby and throw random tantrums over the internet.

And yes, Dear Instagram, please get your s**t together and try to have more powerful tools to remove underage porn and semi porn from your website.



P.S. The comments will be moderated and if I feel you are crossing the line, I have a delete button :)

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