The curious case of being an Indian


When I was born, I never thought that one day; my nation will become a place where someone from so called upper caste will have to hide in his house and pray to become a Dalit in his next life. India has always been a place where people believed in “live and let live”. I was taught in my school that the constitution teaches us to believe in equality. Remember that pledge?

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and all my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

Let’s see what we have become starting from the first line. It starts with, “India is my country”. Around four years back I was actively participating as a photographer for some NGOs and groups. Most of them used to meet at a place in sector 15 Chandigarh where they enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and talk about the problems that our country is facing. I used to go there to meet some friends and tried to stay away from discussions. One fine day, a group of few young students asked me to sit with them. What I heard was a shock. Most of them were discussing how bad India is and they want to settle in some other country. When I asked why you feel so, the answer they gave was actually stupid. They said there is no hope for progress in India. On asking why you don’t help the country in the way of progress one of them simply said,” It is a time waste. Why should I spend my energy in a country which has no hope?” Ironically he was about to complete his graduation from IIT on the basis of which he got a job in the US. No hope he said.

The second line is even more depressing. “All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Are you kidding me? I don’t think so. We are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist etc but we can’t be brother and sisters. We are very much racist and casteist. We do not believe in helping someone in need and often call others by offensive words. Even we are divided over caste as Hindus. The concept of Dalits has actually ruined the society to its core. Now we have Muslim Dalit, Christian Dalit, OBC, SC/ST yeh BC, who BS and that crap. How can you even think we can be brother and sisters? We are divided and by the holy grace of our fucking leaders, we will remain divided over race, caste, religion forever. Even the latest so call political party for the Common Man is doing politics in the name of caste and religion. Are you listening MUFFLER MAN????

“I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.” I am going like mah. That can’t be. We may love the country but we cannot this beautiful motherland, mother. We will fight for calling the mother, MOTHER. The place where we are born often gets bloody by our own hands. We are mining every possible resource out of her chest and that too illegally.

Customs and festivals are opposed by “secular” people on the name of wastage. I cannot even think of playing Holi with water because someone with a “big grass lawn” and a swimming pool in his backyard, will come and give me a lecture on how farmers are dying in Latur and I am playing with water. I always want to ask such people if they have sent the 2 buckets of water to the farmer in Latur or a farmer in Punjab who is wasting all the water in growing rice which is not even a staple food in Punjab. I always wonder why they grow Rice instead of growing something that will consume less water. Anyway, I am going to get blamed for saying against farmers.

“I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy.” Only till I get a wife. After that, I will kick my parents out and will enjoy the money they have collected over time. Or I won’t think of their health and will not take care of them. We are becoming so westernized that we are forgetting even the smallest things that our parents have done for us. We are actually a bunch of thankless people. Making fun of teachers and old people has become a trend. And if anyone has any sort of disability, then his/her life will become a hell in the hands of most of us.

“In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.” Can you think of any person in your circle who is happy with your success in real? Or have you ever been happy for someone else without a pinch of jealousy? The answer will be no. Not even a single person in this country can be that selfless. We are trained to become selfish from the beginning. We love to have something more than others and often ask questions like, why he is rich? Why is he happy?

We are kind of fools who often drag ourselves in pointless discussions. We love to chat over rights of women and talk about giving them equality but when it comes to a line on ticket counter or outside an ATM outlet, it somehow becomes the right of the women to cut the line and go in front. On confronting, she will stare you like you have committed a crime.

If I do not want to give my house to a Muslim, it will become a big issue but having societies dedicated to Muslim families by Muslim builders won’t come into notice. We will fight over eating beef and people will say that eating beef is their right. They forget that even the world power has banned several types of meat over religion. Everything we say and do is based on caste and race. We even abuse people over their skin color, body shape and what not.

Sadly, we are so angry all the time that we are at the 118th number on the happiness index. I think it is the right time when we think about what we are doing to ourselves and try to be progressive rather that claiming to be in the wrong country. Be Indian first. Try to love. Spread as much love as you can. Remember, terrorism has religion. It can be a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Sikh. Even in Buddhism, there are terrorists. For heaven’s sake, most of the atheists act like vocal terrorists on social media! (And this statement will actually bring a lot of hate for me). Please love your family, neighbors, and whoever you pass by on the road. Always try to smile and talk things out. Otherwise, in only a few years, India will not be there for you.

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