This Diwali buy earth lamps

No, you cannot say no to Chinese products yet!

Every year, especially, this time, people over the social media are promoting to discard Chinese Products completely from their life. The main reason behind the message is to tell China that we condemn their support to Pakistan. The whole message has the nationalist values and it is getting promoted via a lot of different platforms.

Back in 2014, I made a video promote earth lamps on Diwali. I actually miss these lamps around my neighborhood and see only Chinese lights. It is little depressing to see people arguing with lamp sellers for 1-2 rupees. These sellers often spend months before Diwali in the preparations and we only buy the “token” amount of lamps and on the top of that want to have discounts.

Why you cannot boycott them completely?

I do not tell anyone to boycott the Chinese products completely. The reason is very simple. You cannot do that. No, I am not in favor of Chinese products or saying that you do not have the courage to that. I am simply saying that it is not practical. When you look around in your house, you will find most of the stuff manufactured entirely or partially in China.

Your computer, laptop, mobile phone etc. and other appliances were either made, assembled or have parts that were made in China. Apart from that, most of the companies which are not from China have a huge investment in the country. These companies include the social networking websites that you are using to promote the ‘Boycott Chinese Products’ messages.

What steps can you take?

Now, the best step you can take is to do the process one by one. Before buying any product, make sure it does not have any Chinese part. If you are not sure, ask the manufacturer. Help the Make In India initiative by buying a product that is made in India by Indian companies. Prefer to buy gifts, utensils, appliances from Indian companies. This will take a lot of time to remove every single Chinese product from the market but one step at a time will definitely help.

About the video

The basic aim of the video that is posted above is to bring back the charm of Diwali. I just want to encourage you to buy earth lamps. See the concept is simple. When you buy Chinese light, retailer, wholesaler and the Chinese company will get the benefit. When you buy earth lamp a lot of families will get the benefit. First of all the money will go to Kumhaars who make the lamps. The second benefit will go to the oil mill, matchstick manufacturer, and cotton mill as you will need them to burn the lamp. Then the farmer who grows mustard will get the benefit.

All these families will buy other goods like food and gifts from the market that will finally help the Indian economy grow and the Indian money will remain in India. It is not important to shout Swedesi on the festivals only. It is important to follow small steps to make the initiative bigger. Share the article and video and tell your friends to take a small step this Diwali. Buy Earth Lamps!

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