Treated as aliens, what if homosexuals are aliens?

We live in a society where sexual orientation can create a lot of problems for a person. Often, they are treated as someone from the outer world, in short like aliens. What if they are? What is some spaceship came to earth in past and left some of their members who had different sexual orientation because in their world both male and female were capable of reproduction! Sounds crazy. Isn’t it?

Let’s make up the story!

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Once upon a time, there was only one kind of people on earth. Those only love the opposite sex.  The earth was filled with similar people with similar thoughts. One day, a spaceship came from distant galaxy. Some aliens came down from the spaceship, roamed around and left after taking some samples. Unfortunately, one of them was left behind. He then, sent the message to the mothership and waited for them to come back to take him.

Meanwhile he decided to roam around and see how humans live on earth. He was stoned to see the love between man and woman as on his planet only same sex had intimacy. After looking for a while, out of curiosity, he decided to see how it feels to be with opposite sex so he seduced on of the lonely woman. He made love and stayed with her till people from his planet came to take him back.

The lady, gave birth to a child who had that different gene which was responsible for being homosexual and gave that gene to every offspring his generations ever had.

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I agree this is indeed one of the craziest made up story ever. As crazy as treating someone differently because they are not attracted to opposite sex or both sexes. We blame it on genetic mutation, abuse in childhood, ultra fast growing society, technology and what not. Some also say that those who came out of the closet and are celebrities, they attract more ‘straight’ people to get indulge in such activities.

Interestingly you cannot get attracted to similar sex or vise versa all of a sudden. This is in you from the very start. Moreover it is not necessary to have homosexual child in a home where parent are of same sex and it is not necessary to have a straight child in a home which is considered as ‘normal family’. Most of the homosexuals are actually from such ‘normal families’!

Then why we treat them differently? Why laws in many countries do not allow marriage of same sexes? Why after so many protests, they have to fight for their every single right? The only reason that comes in my mind is that we have made our mind to reject them.

Fortunately the alien theory in this context is not true as there are more than 1600 other species which shows homosexual activities. When this exists in nature that means nature has approved it. After all God cannot make mistakes! Right?

So just let everyone live peacefully and stop making a fuss out of anyone’s sexual orientation. Imagine the time when you can sit with them without getting disgusted and laugh with them on straight/gay jokes all together. That time will at least eliminate one possible reason of hate from the world.

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