Sep 25, 2014

Yes, I am fat and I am ashamed of it!


Well who knew! Yes, I am obese and I am the clown who walks everyday on the road. The walking is not because I want to lose weight but I walk because I love walking. Yes, being obese and walking is not like eating cupcake. It hurts. No, it does not hurt my legs, ankles or knees but it hurts my feelings.

Few months back I shifted from sector 43 to sector 21 Chandigarh. I was really happy that I can simply walk to the mobile/photo market in sector 22 where I get most of my work done including editing and printing. I started my first evening at new place with a walk to the nearest kiryana store to buy some grocery when I heard two teens walking behind me,ĒOh vekh mada****od kina mota hai.Ē (See how fat that moth**fu***r is!) and they started laughing. I felt like turning back and kicking those bastards who didn’t even think once that I may have some medical issue and just used bad words but I restricted myself and walked away. This was the first time I didn’t react to someone who passed a remark on my weight but not the last one.

As I didnít walk that much on road in last couple of years, I almost forgot how big jerks you thin people are!! You do not know how to talk to obese people, you do not know what problems we face and you fu**ing do not have anything to do with us! You simply do not. Best part is you grow up jerks and teach your children to be jerks!! Yes, you assh***s have children with shitty mouth and so much shitty courage that they point finger at us, laugh and tell their friends how funny clowns we are!

Let us see why I am fat. I am little over weight from beginning. My metabolism is not that strong and I am one of those who eat very little and need very little amount of fat to gain weight. I have a stressful life, had back injuries and other medical issues which lead to the weight I am on. But does this have anything to do with you? Have I ever begged you for food? I know at least 25 people who eat almost three times I do and are not fat. They walk less, do not do any work out or go to gym but they are simply not fat!

I am not saying that being fat is good. No it is not. It puts pressure on heart and every other organ. It reduces reproductive capabilities in long run and have many diseases associated with it but have I or any other fat person in the world asked you for medical advice?

Who the hell gave you the right to stop me in middle of sidewalk and tell me about the amazing Himalayan ayurvedic medicine that you are a dealer of or the homeopathic medicine which you know can reduce fat and make me look thin without doing exercise! (yey! World is so good as I can get thin with your fuc***g steroid filled tablets!) Oh yes! And I have punched 10+ people, screamed on countless uncles and aunties for doing this. Not because I felt offended but because 1. You have no fuc***g right to do so and 2. You act like ass who just wants to make money out of my fat! I and almost 99.99% fat people hate advices which are not asked for.

Being fat does not put a label saying,Ēoh please give some free advice.Ē Moreover, you are not a doctor! Are you? Are fuc***g mind of your even qualifies to be one? You canít even teach your children how to behave in public. You are those parents whose children run here and there screaming like pieces of shit! Yes, those were your children who ruined a perfect evening by jumping on the center table.

You know what? I eat healthy. I avoid soft drinks. I drink juices, have homemade food. Eat a lot of salads and fruits. I enjoy life with some of the best natural food items twice a day. I walk. I enjoy it. Sometimes even walk for more than an hour when I go out to buy house hold items. I am photographer. I run here and there during weddings to get the best shot. I sit, walk, climb heights, lie down on ground and even push people to get best possible shot and that all with the weight I have. You thin people canít even move you sorry ass most of the time!

And yes, being thin does not mean you are healthy. Being fit is hard. If you are thin and you get tired after walking for 30 minutes or after climbing four floors via stairs you have less stamina than me! Yes, I breathe heavy when I climb stairs more than two floors but I do not die like some of you :D.

So just put a stop on your advices and stop staring as if we are ugly people. We are good at heart and you know what? We are better friends too. We understand, we can talk, we can listen to problems and we hug like teddy bears!! So you all haters just STFU and let us get back to our life for heavenís sake.

P.S. around 60% of us are working on getting a slimmer body. Please do not discourage us by passing comments and do teach your kids that fat people are not clowns to laugh on.

P.S.S. Ads on this page are related to weight loss. That is irony!

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  • The real question is, have you accepted it as your lifestyle? or Have you REALLY tried to get slimmer? Medical problems can be hard to tackle, but it doesn’t mean you cannot get there. I used to be obese, and what i have generally noticed is that the thing we all lack is determination. I will tell you a truth, it is much much much harder to gain wait (by thin people) than it is to lose by fat people.

  • No I have not accepted it as my life style. I am trying to loose weight but it will take some time to get in to a better shape. I know even gaining weight is not easy but thin people do not get picked on as much as we fat people do.

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