A Letter To Landlords

Well I am not pointing any specific landlord or what so ever but all of them where people like who are growing slowly and working hard to earn their bread, live in their houses. This is to those who own the house, live in one of the floor around the tenant.

From last six years, after I got shifted to Chandigarh, I lived on rent only as I can not afford a home here in Chandigarh right now. Sooner or later I will buy but till then, I have to manage things differently. Including me, I have seen a lot of friends having one or many problems with the landlords. I m not saying all are bad or they only create problems, but sometimes they do treat people like what should I call, slave or even animals. Sorry for the words but some do treat tenants like this only. So following are some points which, as a tenant, I feel every landlord should understand.

  1. Our internet connection is not yourintellectualproperty: Dude! We are paying for it. Even if you want to use the Wi-Fi, have some courtesy to pay for it. Forcing someone to give connection just because s/he is living at your place is just so lame. Moreover a good internet connection with a bandwidth limit will cost you less than INR 500/-. You are charging us good enough and can spend that much on your own connection. Most of the people these days are working from home as freelancers and they need high speed connections tofulfilltheir needs and you just consume 40%-50% of their speed every time you connect!
  2. Camera, Scanner, Computer, Printer etc. HOLD ON: All these belong to us if they are in ourpossession. You should not just call and say “Do this or do that” adding “URGENT” to it. We may be working, studying or may be even f**kin* which is not your business though. Atleast give some respect and have the courtesy to request humbly. May be we can help more. Oh yes! PAY FOR THE SERVICES! WE ARE NOT LIVING FOR FREE AT YOUR PLACE :|
  3. Designing: Oh come on! Atleast pay for the design we make for your child’s project. We charge around 3500/- from student for a simple HTML project and ready to give you discount on it. Have courtesy to pay. We are living with that money only.
  4. Repair work: “Oh beta please call someone to repair blah blah at my house. You have good contacts. Please arrange asap.” Then you will eat head every day every moment and when the work is done “You delayed so much! now pay yourself.” F YOU! Thank you!
  5. Stuff from market: Are you going to market? Please bring this and that and blah blah. Excuse me? You have a vehicle, knows the city better than me. Move your ass :) Please.
  6. Other things: Along with these sample points, there is a lot which happens like why guests are coming (lame), why are you using so much electricity (please get aseparatemeter for us.), why you work from home :| (because I do not need office!!!), why you are not married (I do not understand why this question arise!)

Some pointers for tenants:

  1. Getreceipt. They just refuse that you paid!!
  2. Always get a contract.
  3. Always make sure they pay for the services you give as you are paying for the service they are giving
  4. Do not fall for their daughter/son. You will be in BIG trouble.
  5. Never spend time with them. They may ask you so much questions about you and become so friendly that they start wasting your time especially when they are retired people. I have no hard feelings for the old people but when anyone get on nerves especially when you are working, its not acceptable. Your grandparents and parents will understand this but landlords think that you are their property so beware.
  6. Do not share your workexperiencewith them as they will start giving you some lame suggestions which will give depression for sure :|

I think this much has given you idea what tenants are suffering from. This is my first open letter. This will be followed by more letters :)

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