Sep 25, 2009

The Thirty Buggy Day – Day 1

[singlepic id=158 w=320 h=240 float=left]What can I say, delighted, happy, proud of walking so much ;) hehe. Anyway, let me describe the whole experience. i woke up at 7:00 AM as I was aware of the fact that going early to click bugs will result in ZERO output as there will not be enough light. I reached at Fragrance Garden sector 36 Chandigarh at around 8:15 AM and got my camera out set it according to the light conditions. I remember days when I mess myself a lot to get the proper setting for manual mode but as per now, practice has give me 10% confidence on my light calculations. Rest 90% will come as I go further with more and more self assignments after these 30 days.

When I entered the garden, I saw SO many people there which made me a little conscious but as I moved further looking for my subject, I almost forgot about the presence of “humans” there hehe. The first group of bugs which I came across were super sensitive. I am saying this because if I even move a single step they all fly together and then suddenly hide in the bushes so perfectly that I was not able to see them. After banging my head finding these little champs, I gave up and moved forward.

As I kept on moving on the side trail of the park, I came across one garden lizard, few ants, some common bugs and lot of people looking curiously on my work. As I am not going to be on the same place tomorrow, I didn’t even bother to look at them ;).

When I reached to the end of the park, I was empty handed with very little shots. A bit disappointed at tired like anything, I decided to come back. While on back trail, I found the delight which included dragonflies, butterflies, jewel beetle, wasp ( missed the shot). Happy and delighted, I came back home after completing the first day of my assignment. The day was a lesson for me as I thought these bugs are becoming a bit friendly to me but they flew very quickly.

Hoping for the best for the second day, I am closing the post :)

In photograph:
A: Jewel Beetle (Ref No: TTBD1A)
B: Spider (Ref No: TTBD1B)
C: Garden Lizard (The bug eater) (Ref No: TTBD1C)
D: Butterfly (Ref No: TTBD1D)
E: Dragon Fly (Ref No: TTBD1E)
F: Unknown :( (Ref No: TTBD1F)

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  • I love the spider photo’s. Well until now, i can’t make focused object with blur background :P.
    Hmm, yes the bug is so sensitive. All you need is to patiently, effort, and your photography skill. Don’t give up…!!!
    Waiting for 2nd day update article

  • I looked as some photos of these on you flickr account. You really got great shots. I wish I could buy a nice camera soon so I can practice my photography skills(if i do have, haha). It’s really hard to take photos using cellphone cameras. :(

  • Saw the series of bug photos on Flickr! Amazing details and colors! Hope you’re willing to share a few tips about photography! Will need some when I finally buy my own new DSLR…..

  • Hmm this picture is very wonderfuk, whats your camera is using? DSLR or camera pocket?

  • @ajugia
    So there is mnany bugs photo’s in him album? i’ll see it :D
    Anyway, if you asking about photography tips, you can find some of it on old page. Just search it.

  • Saw it all on your flickr account.Really nice photographs :)

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