How to wash clothes!

Being a bachelor and living alone away from Mom, for the last three years I have learnt a hell lot of things which a bachelor will need to learn if he wants to live in an organised manner, at least. Being busy with my venture, especially working as `one man army’, I rarely get enough time to make my messy room as tidy, I wish I could. Sometimes, it prompts me to get married and dream those `moon like’ round hot chappties and washed and ironed clothes, but hard to afford the `nakkkhras’ of wife or my PC at the same time. My clients will wake me up when I will be dreamy and romantic in my wife’s arms. No harm dreaming !!! Isn’t it? For last few days I realized if one wants to be happy and stress-free, live life as it comes and with reality. Also, this day-dreaming of romantic life after marriage, I have been forced to fathom the reality which lies in future that to be happy I will need to keep my wife and for that I need to keep everything in place otherwise it can be a big reason of dispute between me and my wife….hehe…

So after getting started with the room and cleaning 30% of the mess around me and washing a few number of clothes (most annoying task for me), I figured out that I am good in washing clothes (For a change I am good in something related to clean surroundings hehe).

So here are the steps which I follow to wash clothes and may be helpful to those poor bachelors who don’t get enough support from a girl hehe.

Here we go like this!
1. Differentiate categories of clothes. Never mix colored clothes with those of white one as you may ruin the white clothes.
2. Decide which category you want to go for first white, colored, trousers or undies ;)
3. If you are using white, Tide and Vanish is a very good combination as I am getting good results from them.
4. Add water to bucket and add detergent and whitener in the bucket. Let the water flow in it till the bucket is half full.
5. Add clothes (Its always better if you rinse clothes in water without any detergent once before adding them to detergent water). See if water is sufficient. If water is less then pour some more.
6. Now spin the clothes a bit and then leave them for at least 20 minutes.
7. Get the clothes out and apply brush to the coller and other places like cuff and place around buttons and they get dirty a lot. Again soak the clothes in water for 5 more minutes.
8. Get clothes out and drain the dirty water. Soak clothes in clean water for 2-2 minutes, three or four times till you see clean water. Squeeze the clothes to drain the water and hang them in direct sunlight (If fiber of cloth allow this).

Now GET THEM IRONED and enjoy being bachelor!!!!!

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  • Great tutorial dude…helped me a lot… post some more tips for bachelors…u seem quite experienced!

  • WOW a blog on how to wash clothes!!!! That was really helpfull…..there are lots of guys out there who are too shy to ask anyone on these simple things….this helps them

  • @ Anurag : Sound advice this all. I have been living alone since I was around 16 years old. Its been around 12 years now. Its always good to be self sufficient.

  • This is complete. Just to let you know, I am working as a clothes washer too, as Laundry. :)

  • thanks for this!Now I know how to wash clothes properly!

  • thanks. but im getting trouble with some of my colored clothes because other stain my other colored clothes. ugh.

  • About #1, i become know why my white shirt always separated with other clothes
    Thanks for the tips :D

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