Dec 26, 2008

How to wash clothes – Part 2 – For Woollen Clothes Only


Those who are bachelors and have visited my blog in last few months, they must have notices the bachelor’s lodge section. I have posted on “How to wash clothes” there. Those days as it was summer season, I did not pointed about woollen clothes. But now as we are experiencing Chilling Cold Weather, I think its the right time to tell “How to wash woollen clothes.” ;)

So those who are still shy to ask anyone about this can read and learn.Please do not forget to add your comments after trying the way out!

Follow the simple steps to get rid of dirt sticking to your “Feel Handsome” winter clothes:

1. Switch on the gyser if it is not instant. Collect all the woollen clothes you want to wash in one place. Remember to keep the clothes a but far from the place where are you going to wash then as you may split water on them. As we all know some bachelors are meant to be lazy and we may not all wash clothes in one go. Splitting water may result in loosing the colors of woollens or it may force you to wash them in one go ;)
2. Things required: Warm water(Do not use hot water as hot water is BIG enemy of woollen clothes), Detergent available in market for woollen clothes like “Safewash, Easy, Genteel, Ritha Powder etc” (I am using safewash or easy which ever my mom sends hehe), a mug, a tub and a bucket (You can not wash clothes without them. ;) ).
3. Now the further steps will explain how I do the work. You may alter them according to you, but these steps are tried number of times and awarded to be best by my mom ;). So, first of all I put the bucket on a chair under the tap. Fill the bucket with hot water and switch off the gyser after filling the bucket so that I can save money which is electricity bill is eating like its gyser’s property! ha!.
4. After that I place the tub on top of the bucket.Then I get some hot water from the bucket and add it in tub with the help of a mug.
5. Then I add some cold water to alter the temperature. Now when I feel its only warm, I add three cap full of the detergent meant for woollen clothes and stir it. (here I use the cap of the bottle of detergent only.)
6. Then I put a single woollen cloth in the tub. Then I rub it gently. TWISTING WOOLLEN CLOTHES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
7. Then I press not twist, the cloth to drain the water and place it on the other chair. I make sure I do not hang woollen clothes immediately getting them out of water as this may result in getting them stretched.
8. I make sure that the water is changed periodically when I see it getting dirty. After getting all the clothes done with detergent water, all the clothes are washed one by one in clean warm water to get the detergent out of them.
9. After draining the extra water, I place them in stand without hanger as I said before, hanging may stretch them. REMEMBER NO TWISTING. ONLY PRESS THEM GENTLY.

As said before, enjoy being bachelor and show your girlfriend that you dont need a girl to wash your clothes even in winters ;)

Some tips:
1. Woollen shirts and trousers can be hanged if they are not stretchable. Putting them in hanger for a while will make it easy to get them dried.
2. Once again no hot water allowed. Please use warm water only.

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  • Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that man from that chat who told me to visit your blog :)

  • I am washing with my hands. :D

  • Ill be copy pasting these how to wash clothes steps.Really its a great tutorial! :)

  • i never use a machine with this type of cloths

  • Ok, i will do the tips when i wash my clothes by myself. As for now, my sister do it :P

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