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This Diwali buy earth lamps

No, you cannot say no to Chinese products yet!

Every year, especially, this time, people over the social media are promoting to discard Chinese Products completely from their life. The main reason behind the message is to tell China that we condemn their support to Pakistan. The whole message has the nationalist values and it is getting promoted via a lot of different platforms.

Back in 2014, I made a video promote earth lamps on Diwali. I actually miss these lamps around my neighborhood and see only Chinese lights. It is little depressing to see people arguing with lamp sellers for 1-2 rupees. These sellers often spend months before Diwali in the preparations and we only buy the “token” amount of lamps and on the top of that want to have discounts.

Why you cannot boycott them completely?

I do not tell anyone to boycott the Chinese products completely. The reason is very simple. You cannot do that. No, I am not in favor of Chinese products or saying that you do not have the courage to that. I am simply saying that it is not practical. When you look around in your house, you will find most of the stuff manufactured entirely or partially in China.

Your computer, laptop, mobile phone etc. and other appliances were either made, assembled or have parts that were made in China. Apart from that, most of the companies which are not from China have a huge investment in the country. These companies include the social networking websites that you are using to promote the ‘Boycott Chinese Products’ messages.

What steps can you take?

Now, the best step you can take is to do the process one by one. Before buying any product, make sure it does not have any Chinese part. If you are not sure, ask the manufacturer. Help the Make In India initiative by buying a product that is made in India by Indian companies. Prefer to buy gifts, utensils, appliances from Indian companies. This will take a lot of time to remove every single Chinese product from the market but one step at a time will definitely help.

About the video

The basic aim of the video that is posted above is to bring back the charm of Diwali. I just want to encourage you to buy earth lamps. See the concept is simple. When you buy Chinese light, retailer, wholesaler and the Chinese company will get the benefit. When you buy earth lamp a lot of families will get the benefit. First of all the money will go to Kumhaars who make the lamps. The second benefit will go to the oil mill, matchstick manufacturer, and cotton mill as you will need them to burn the lamp. Then the farmer who grows mustard will get the benefit.

All these families will buy other goods like food and gifts from the market that will finally help the Indian economy grow and the Indian money will remain in India. It is not important to shout Swedesi on the festivals only. It is important to follow small steps to make the initiative bigger. Share the article and video and tell your friends to take a small step this Diwali. Buy Earth Lamps!

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The curious case of being an Indian


When I was born, I never thought that one day; my nation will become a place where someone from so called upper caste will have to hide in his house and pray to become a Dalit in his next life. India has always been a place where people believed in “live and let live”. I was taught in my school that the constitution teaches us to believe in equality. Remember that pledge?

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and all my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

Let’s see what we have become starting from the first line. It starts with, “India is my country”. Around four years back I was actively participating as a photographer for some NGOs and groups. Most of them used to meet at a place in sector 15 Chandigarh where they enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and talk about the problems that our country is facing. I used to go there to meet some friends and tried to stay away from discussions. One fine day, a group of few young students asked me to sit with them. What I heard was a shock. Most of them were discussing how bad India is and they want to settle in some other country. When I asked why you feel so, the answer they gave was actually stupid. They said there is no hope for progress in India. On asking why you don’t help the country in the way of progress one of them simply said,” It is a time waste. Why should I spend my energy in a country which has no hope?” Ironically he was about to complete his graduation from IIT on the basis of which he got a job in the US. No hope he said.

The second line is even more depressing. “All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Are you kidding me? I don’t think so. We are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist etc but we can’t be brother and sisters. We are very much racist and casteist. We do not believe in helping someone in need and often call others by offensive words. Even we are divided over caste as Hindus. The concept of Dalits has actually ruined the society to its core. Now we have Muslim Dalit, Christian Dalit, OBC, SC/ST yeh BC, who BS and that crap. How can you even think we can be brother and sisters? We are divided and by the holy grace of our fucking leaders, we will remain divided over race, caste, religion forever. Even the latest so call political party for the Common Man is doing politics in the name of caste and religion. Are you listening MUFFLER MAN????

“I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.” I am going like mah. That can’t be. We may love the country but we cannot this beautiful motherland, mother. We will fight for calling the mother, MOTHER. The place where we are born often gets bloody by our own hands. We are mining every possible resource out of her chest and that too illegally.

Customs and festivals are opposed by “secular” people on the name of wastage. I cannot even think of playing Holi with water because someone with a “big grass lawn” and a swimming pool in his backyard, will come and give me a lecture on how farmers are dying in Latur and I am playing with water. I always want to ask such people if they have sent the 2 buckets of water to the farmer in Latur or a farmer in Punjab who is wasting all the water in growing rice which is not even a staple food in Punjab. I always wonder why they grow Rice instead of growing something that will consume less water. Anyway, I am going to get blamed for saying against farmers.

“I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy.” Only till I get a wife. After that, I will kick my parents out and will enjoy the money they have collected over time. Or I won’t think of their health and will not take care of them. We are becoming so westernized that we are forgetting even the smallest things that our parents have done for us. We are actually a bunch of thankless people. Making fun of teachers and old people has become a trend. And if anyone has any sort of disability, then his/her life will become a hell in the hands of most of us.

“In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.” Can you think of any person in your circle who is happy with your success in real? Or have you ever been happy for someone else without a pinch of jealousy? The answer will be no. Not even a single person in this country can be that selfless. We are trained to become selfish from the beginning. We love to have something more than others and often ask questions like, why he is rich? Why is he happy?

We are kind of fools who often drag ourselves in pointless discussions. We love to chat over rights of women and talk about giving them equality but when it comes to a line on ticket counter or outside an ATM outlet, it somehow becomes the right of the women to cut the line and go in front. On confronting, she will stare you like you have committed a crime.

If I do not want to give my house to a Muslim, it will become a big issue but having societies dedicated to Muslim families by Muslim builders won’t come into notice. We will fight over eating beef and people will say that eating beef is their right. They forget that even the world power has banned several types of meat over religion. Everything we say and do is based on caste and race. We even abuse people over their skin color, body shape and what not.

Sadly, we are so angry all the time that we are at the 118th number on the happiness index. I think it is the right time when we think about what we are doing to ourselves and try to be progressive rather that claiming to be in the wrong country. Be Indian first. Try to love. Spread as much love as you can. Remember, terrorism has religion. It can be a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Sikh. Even in Buddhism, there are terrorists. For heaven’s sake, most of the atheists act like vocal terrorists on social media! (And this statement will actually bring a lot of hate for me). Please love your family, neighbors, and whoever you pass by on the road. Always try to smile and talk things out. Otherwise, in only a few years, India will not be there for you.

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Mar 24, 2016

Meri Geeli Holi Mujhe Lauta Do

इस बरस मुझे ऐसे रंग दे,
भीग जाये मेरी सांस भी,
न सोचूं मैं किसी के बारे में,
दो बूँद पानी पे है मेरा हक़ भी,
चिल्लाते हो मेरी होली पर,
मैंने पानी को बर्बाद किया,
पूरे साल जो गाड़ी धोते हो,
उस से कौन आबाद हुआ?
शावर में रोज़ नहाते हो,
समय पूरा लगते हो,
वाटर पार्क में अपने परिवार के संग,
खूब मज़ा उड़ाते हो,
पर जब मेरी बारी आती है,
मैं पिचकारी गर उठा लूँ,
खूब हो हल्ला मचाते हो,
यह देखो पानी बर्बाद करता है,
किसानो का दुःख दर्द न समझता है,
ऐसा इलज़ाम लगते हो,
फिर टीवी पर कैमरे के सामने,
छाती पीट मगरमच्छ के आंसू बहते हो,
हर होली पे सोचता हूँ,
मैंने ऐसा क्या गुनाह कर दिया?
दो बाल्टी पानी जो इस्तेमाल किया,
किसी को रंग से भर दिया,
तो कौन सा बुरा किया?
पानी के चार गुब्बारों से,
कोई आसमान न फट जायेगा,
न मैं वाटर पार्क में जाऊं ,
न मुझे रेन डांस से कुछ लेना देना,
मुझे तो बस मेरा त्यौहार लौटा दो,
वरना अगले बकरीद पे बकरा भी न कटने देना,
गर मैं तुमसे जवाब मांगू,
खून साफ़ करने को कितना पानी बहते हो?
या अपने घर की घास पर,
कितने लीटर लुटाते हो?
बहुत हुआ हर साल का ड्रामा,
बहुत बोल लिया मुझे बुरा,
बस कर, चुप कर,
होली खेल, खूब भीग,
पानी बचने को बहुत मौके मिलेंगे,
कार नहीं धोना एक हफ्ता,
शावर की बजाये बाल्टी का इस्तेमाल कर लेना,
दो हफ्ते मांस न खाना,
चार दिन घास न भीगना,
बस हिसाब बराबर हो जायेगा,
पर अपनी जुबां को बंद कर,
मेरे त्योहार को वापस कर,
मुझे मेरी पुरानी होली चाहिए,
प्यार वाली, पिचकारी वाली,
ख़ुशी वाली, सुकून वाली,
वह प्यारी होली गीली वाली..


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Instagram, Feminism, PERIOD – No Please.

I always stood up for sexual equality, freedom of speech and pure non censored world but there are still certain limits which no one has right to bypass and throw tantrums on companies that allow you to share photos for FREE. Its their world, their website and their guidelines. If you do not like it, leave it.

Now lets come to the point. I came across an article in which a girl named Rupi Kaur blamed instagram for removing a photograph from her series onMenstruation cycle. I am writing as a well educated “Hindu male” from India who belongs to “upper caste”. (Just hoping people will understand the sarcasm…)

Dear Rupi Kaur,

You are a daring girl. I know we still believe that menstruation is an “ugly” process and do not talk about it publicly. Oh wait! I regularly see sanitary napkin ads on TV which talk about periods quite clearly or may I live in some other dimension!

Do I believe it is a taboo? NO.

Do I want my daughter to understand it properly and not to feel disgusted while talking about it? Yes.

Do I want her to post photos on Internet related to this? NO.

Why not? Because I have my mind in place.

Neither I will allow her to post photos on internet, nor I will allow my son to make a video of himself jerking and post it on vine. It is just not the right way. I completely understand Menstruation is normal and so is masturbation, peeing and shitting!

I understand Instagram should work on his guidelines and remove photographs of teenagers posing nude/semi nude but is it right to make them to allow photographs of Menstruation too if they can not remove every single objectionable photograph/video?

Yes, I do get angry when people act like if women are objects and I do get angry when women try to act over smart when it comes to breaking the line to get in front or splitting the bill on a date :)

So dear Rupi, please keep your feminist views to your blog and let the world read if they want to read it there. Instagram is a private company and they have their own rules. If you do not like their rules, find another website that will allow such photos. Don’t be such a baby and throw random tantrums over the internet.

And yes, Dear Instagram, please get your s**t together and try to have more powerful tools to remove underage porn and semi porn from your website.



P.S. The comments will be moderated and if I feel you are crossing the line, I have a delete button :)

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Sep 25, 2014

Yes, I am fat and I am ashamed of it!


Well who knew! Yes, I am obese and I am the clown who walks everyday on the road. The walking is not because I want to lose weight but I walk because I love walking. Yes, being obese and walking is not like eating cupcake. It hurts. No, it does not hurt my legs, ankles or knees but it hurts my feelings.

Few months back I shifted from sector 43 to sector 21 Chandigarh. I was really happy that I can simply walk to the mobile/photo market in sector 22 where I get most of my work done including editing and printing. I started my first evening at new place with a walk to the nearest kiryana store to buy some grocery when I heard two teens walking behind me,Oh vekh mada****od kina mota hai. (See how fat that moth**fu***r is!) and they started laughing. I felt like turning back and kicking those bastards who didn’t even think once that I may have some medical issue and just used bad words but I restricted myself and walked away. This was the first time I didn’t react to someone who passed a remark on my weight but not the last one.

As I didnt walk that much on road in last couple of years, I almost forgot how big jerks you thin people are!! You do not know how to talk to obese people, you do not know what problems we face and you fu**ing do not have anything to do with us! You simply do not. Best part is you grow up jerks and teach your children to be jerks!! Yes, you assh***s have children with shitty mouth and so much shitty courage that they point finger at us, laugh and tell their friends how funny clowns we are!

Let us see why I am fat. I am little over weight from beginning. My metabolism is not that strong and I am one of those who eat very little and need very little amount of fat to gain weight. I have a stressful life, had back injuries and other medical issues which lead to the weight I am on. But does this have anything to do with you? Have I ever begged you for food? I know at least 25 people who eat almost three times I do and are not fat. They walk less, do not do any work out or go to gym but they are simply not fat!

I am not saying that being fat is good. No it is not. It puts pressure on heart and every other organ. It reduces reproductive capabilities in long run and have many diseases associated with it but have I or any other fat person in the world asked you for medical advice?

Who the hell gave you the right to stop me in middle of sidewalk and tell me about the amazing Himalayan ayurvedic medicine that you are a dealer of or the homeopathic medicine which you know can reduce fat and make me look thin without doing exercise! (yey! World is so good as I can get thin with your fuc***g steroid filled tablets!) Oh yes! And I have punched 10+ people, screamed on countless uncles and aunties for doing this. Not because I felt offended but because 1. You have no fuc***g right to do so and 2. You act like ass who just wants to make money out of my fat! I and almost 99.99% fat people hate advices which are not asked for.

Being fat does not put a label saying,oh please give some free advice. Moreover, you are not a doctor! Are you? Are fuc***g mind of your even qualifies to be one? You cant even teach your children how to behave in public. You are those parents whose children run here and there screaming like pieces of shit! Yes, those were your children who ruined a perfect evening by jumping on the center table.

You know what? I eat healthy. I avoid soft drinks. I drink juices, have homemade food. Eat a lot of salads and fruits. I enjoy life with some of the best natural food items twice a day. I walk. I enjoy it. Sometimes even walk for more than an hour when I go out to buy house hold items. I am photographer. I run here and there during weddings to get the best shot. I sit, walk, climb heights, lie down on ground and even push people to get best possible shot and that all with the weight I have. You thin people cant even move you sorry ass most of the time!

And yes, being thin does not mean you are healthy. Being fit is hard. If you are thin and you get tired after walking for 30 minutes or after climbing four floors via stairs you have less stamina than me! Yes, I breathe heavy when I climb stairs more than two floors but I do not die like some of you :D.

So just put a stop on your advices and stop staring as if we are ugly people. We are good at heart and you know what? We are better friends too. We understand, we can talk, we can listen to problems and we hug like teddy bears!! So you all haters just STFU and let us get back to our life for heavens sake.

P.S. around 60% of us are working on getting a slimmer body. Please do not discourage us by passing comments and do teach your kids that fat people are not clowns to laugh on.

P.S.S. Ads on this page are related to weight loss. That is irony!

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Treated as aliens, what if homosexuals are aliens?

We live in a society where sexual orientation can create a lot of problems for a person. Often, they are treated as someone from the outer world, in short like aliens. What if they are? What is some spaceship came to earth in past and left some of their members who had different sexual orientation because in their world both male and female were capable of reproduction! Sounds crazy. Isnt it?

Lets make up the story!

X —– X

Once upon a time, there was only one kind of people on earth. Those only love the opposite sex. The earth was filled with similar people with similar thoughts. One day, a spaceship came from distant galaxy. Some aliens came down from the spaceship, roamed around and left after taking some samples. Unfortunately, one of them was left behind. He then, sent the message to the mothership and waited for them to come back to take him.

Meanwhile he decided to roam around and see how humans live on earth. He was stoned to see the love between man and woman as on his planet only same sex had intimacy. After looking for a while, out of curiosity, he decided to see how it feels to be with opposite sex so he seduced on of the lonely woman. He made love and stayed with her till people from his planet came to take him back.

The lady, gave birth to a child who had that different gene which was responsible for being homosexual and gave that gene to every offspring his generations ever had.

X —– X

I agree this is indeed one of the craziest made up story ever. As crazy as treating someone differently because they are not attracted to opposite sex or both sexes. We blame it on genetic mutation, abuse in childhood, ultra fast growing society, technology and what not. Some also say that those who came out of the closet and are celebrities, they attract more straight people to get indulge in such activities.

Interestingly you cannot get attracted to similar sex or vise versa all of a sudden. This is in you from the very start. Moreover it is not necessary to have homosexual child in a home where parent are of same sex and it is not necessary to have a straight child in a home which is considered as normal family. Most of the homosexuals are actually from such normal families!

Then why we treat them differently? Why laws in many countries do not allow marriage of same sexes? Why after so many protests, they have to fight for their every single right? The only reason that comes in my mind is that we have made our mind to reject them.

Fortunately the alien theory in this context is not true as there are more than 1600 other species which shows homosexual activities. When this exists in nature that means nature has approved it. After all God cannot make mistakes! Right?

So just let everyone live peacefully and stop making a fuss out of anyones sexual orientation. Imagine the time when you can sit with them without getting disgusted and laugh with them on straight/gay jokes all together. That time will at least eliminate one possible reason of hate from the world.

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Dear Son


I know a day will come when you will come to me and ask me about girls. I know you will ask me why you are different from them and why you feel attracted towards them. That day, my son, I shall ask you to read this letter. I am writing this now because this is most disturbing time around. Everyday, one young lad like you go out and tease a girl on road, in class or in college/school. I do not want you to follow their steps.

Son, you are young and I know I will teach you how to respect women around you. Though I will never stop you from going out and see if you like the girl passing by you. I want you to see them but with respect and without passing any comments on them. I am not going to teach you how to make a move on some girl but I would love to tell you how make a girl feel special.

I know you must be wondering why I want to make you a sensitive man instead of a “macho”. You know son, I wish you grow up with a sister. A young beautiful girl for whom you can fight with the whole world. Just think, how can I expect some other boy to respect my daughter if I can not teach my son how to respect one.

It is neither about you my son nor it is about a girl from our family. It is about the respect you owe to women.

Your friends will tell you to go with them after a girl just to tease her. They may force you to molest one on the road and even touch her. I know the thoughts and even the touch will make you feel good at once but in long run, my son, they will ruin you.

I do not want you to be different from others. I want you to be better than others. You will never hear that sex is bad but I will always tell you not to do it forcefully. Being with someone either physically or mentally gives you pleasure and that pleasure can not be achieved till you get it mutually.

Teasing, molesting in any way should not be your cup of tea and I know if I tell you not to do something, you will obey.

My dear unborn son, from the day you enter this world, to the day you will be able to understand this letter, I will be there for you on every step and will make sure you become an example for this heartless society who prefer to teach their girl child how to be safer on roads but is not ready to teach they boys not to rape.

Son, I expect the best human being out of you and I know you will never disappoint me.

Looking forward to see you soon,


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