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Bi*ch Please!

A round of applause to all the bitches that keep bitching about me as a topic of interest online or offline but do not dare to come forward :). Block me, delete me and then look via friend’s profile. Write about me and stay happy because I cannot read what they have written.

I don’t get sad. I don’t panic. I don’t do anything. They are just random bitches who are jealous just because they cannot find out the reason why others like or love me. :)

I prefer to stay away from controversies until I can rule them. I try to be politically correct and do not reply to any hate comment until I have no other choice. Avoiding some stupid bitches makes my life easy.

I am one of those who love to play with bitches. Those who bitch about me. I feel like ruling their minds as they keep on talking about me. Indeed, I am talking about you bitch :P the real bitch! No matter what skin suit you wear, from inside, you are a bitch ;)

I know you still wonder why the hell nothing came from my side. I know you will publish this on your wall. Because I want you to do this. The moment you post this, you will agree on the fact that I rule you. I rule every single neuron of your brain. I can control what you do and say about me. Yes, I want you to say bad about me. I want to go out and yell bad words about me in front of others and I will just keep on smiling.

You know why? Because when other listen to you and nothing comes as a reply from my side, they think who is wrong and eventually you become the wrong person. You prove yourself a bitch who barks for no reason. The one who create their own picture of the person standing in front without thinking twice.

I know this will bring back the fire. I know this will ignite so many things in your mind and you will try to threaten me. I shall say again, on your face, BITCH PLEASE! hehehe :P


Disclaimer: A post made for fun in context with a few recentcontroversiescreated by a few people on their profiles and groups about me actually for no reason. You might be one of them and there is a huge chance that I do not even know that you are saying bad things. So if your head burns and you want to comment a worthless phrase here, please feel free to do so as COMMENTS ARE MODERATED ;)


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I love the people who “drink”

Inspired by a status message on facebook of a friend Channa Sandhu. I was really having fun reading the replies to the status message in which she just said that she do not like the people who drink. Well my dear friend, I really dislike the way you write about those people who drink. Drinking alcohol is not a new thing to society. It is there since very long. Hating a person who drinks is not good at all. They are also part of society. You should respect their feelings and thoughts.

Now, I will explain to all you people out there why you should love the people who drink. First thing, they do not live for long. Alcohol results in cancer, stomach problems, ulcers, lever damage and a lot of health issues including diabetes, obesity and much more. This results in short life span. If a person in front of you is not going to live long, you can not just hate him/her. Just hug and tell you are here to support no matter they puke on you, say bad words, split things on themselves or whatever they do.

Secondly, as they are high, the reaction time decreases and this results in sometimes stupid things like falling down to some really serious things like accidents. You can not just leave them alone in a bar and allow them to drive over some chick outside whom you can have good time with! The best part will be even if that drunk is with you, you can easily try on the chick and he won’t be able to even give a shot. God bless alcohol :P

Thirdly, they can not take care of their family so his/her family so every single person associated with that poor drunkard needs sympathy and support. Moreover as the person is not going to live long, you should be there to help them in every possible way. Those who drink even sometimes get angry on the family members and beat them. At that time if you are around you can help the family members in returning the kicks back and best part will be the drunkard won’t be able to remember what happened ;)

last but not the least, they just become JOKER of the party. You can record every single move and publish it on YOUTUBE!! FUN!! Your blog stats will go up with the video and revenue may come in ;) thanks to those who make drinks!! Long live alcohol!

My love will always remain the same for those who drink. I know you are going to die very soon. May lord bless your addict soul with the best hot oil bath in hell. Amen!!!

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Life Beyond DOT COM

In my last few posts, I have written a lot about the importance of being online, getting your name as domain name and benefits of being social online. No doubt, being online is one of the most important thing in lives of many people, like me, who are earning their bread from Internet only. Around 2 years back, I gave a seminar on Internet in my institute and called in dimension “I”. The dimension which can help you in making  a world around you where you can make the rules and regulations in the way you want them to be. Internet has changed lives of many people and is still changing them.

Finding friends, making new contacts and getting new clients is far more easy than before but this speed is eating happiness and reducing relaxation time day by day. If I calculate the time spend with friends and family in last 3-4 years, it will come to almost null. Being a passionate photographer, it sometimes hurt when I do not find time to go out and click some photographs of bugs. The thing is almost every IT professional is almost out of the contact of mother nature. We are becoming “Frog of the well” and do not want to go out to see whats around us.

Having a hobby can be helpful but if you can not fulfill the basic requirement of hobby i.e. time, it is of no use. Indoor hobby is also of no use, sorry. Playing game on PS2 or XBox or WII can not be counted as a “helpful hobby” as it will make you remain inside the room. What I want to say is we all need to go out. We need to get the hidden child in us, out and make fun of every single thing around us. Play, run, dance, click or do what ever you want to do but do spend sometime with mother nature. Give time to your “offline” friends and family and get a life.

You will feel good :)

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Oct 15, 2009

Life Behind The Ink On Paper

I am checking out newspapers since I was 8 years old. Those days, it was for cartoon strips and now it is for the current affairs. Sometimes, a few friends of mine asked me why I read newspaper when the news channels are live for 24×7. There is a very simple answer to them i.e. no one can complete the power of written words and news walas maximum times run behind stupid breaking news. Also to get a glance of the world around the city, local editions of newspapers are the best.

So, Hindustan Times and Dainik Bhaskar are kind of a part of my life these days. What I normally do is go downstairs, bring them up and read them in about 15-20 minutes. After that, they are just a piece of paper which will go for selling. The thoughts are changing now. Its not only about news in them. Its about the hardwork of the people associated with it. I know you all will think of reporters, editors, photographers etc but I am not talking about them. I am talking about the people who are making ways for the newspapers to survive. We, readers are not the one who make them earn but they are advertisers who support them.

In last few days, I came in contact with a team in Dainik Bhaskar and after watching them working so hard I was curious to know what they exactly do with these things. So they explained the working situation in past and in present of a newspaper. Long time ago when there was not much competition and there were no news channels, newspapers were the only source for the deep inside review of all the things going around. The editors were the power in chief and only because of their name the newspaper was living but thing have changed now. Money, competition and search for the best readership is there. So the management has been introduced. The management bring in the money for the empire. They build the relationship between the reader and the paper.

It is the management who bring advertisements and you can go mad when you see a higher official of advertising section working 24×7 in seasons like of Diwali. The advertisers give ads on last moment and some of them drag their ass out in last seconds. Then the struggle of how to remove the editorial or how to add more content starts. Fights between editor and advertising section is so normal that sometimes it goes above limits.

I realized in the field of newspaper it is not time bound. If the client is paying you have to change whole format of the page in minutes just for them. No matter how much struggle you have to do, client is GOD.

This is really interesting to understand the present infrastructure of the newspapers. If you get a chance to have a inside out glance of it, do not miss the chance :)

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Oct 12, 2009

Is It Really Hard To See Someone Learning?

I know this is quite controversial thing to comment on nature of anyone out there so I am not going to take the names of people whom I want to do critic on ;). I am following the theory of play safe here :D. What happened is, I was coming back from Panchkula to Chandigarh with Naveen and we chatted on some issues which we were watching from last many months.

First let me tell you something about Naveen. Naveen Choudhary, a very intelligent human being who can get logic out of anything. I, sometimes feel that I am lucky to have friends like him around who can not only say good about you on your face but can also critic you when it is needed.

Okay, lets get back to point. We were discussing on the nature of people which change a lot with time. The talk started with Gurdaas Maan Night which is going to take place in Chandigarh soon went to Shekhar Suman and some other actors of the industry. Till then the outcome came to be something very depressive that old gems like Gurdaas Maan are very down to earth and simple but the new generation of actors is arrogant and bit irritating.

Somehow the talk was turned to photographers (Well this is common between me and Naveen so its obvious). We discussed over the unwanted attitude of photographers of in, around the city and from different parts of the country. As all say, there are black sheep in every field but I think photography is a field, where there are more of them. I remember once I was told that in old times if you go to a photographer and want to learn, then you have to be his/her “mundu” or you can say slave for the time till s/he lets you touch his/her camera. Time has changed now after the revolution of digital photography but the attitude of these photographers remains the same. They do not want you to learn but will make you stand there watching them like dummies for long and long and long.They will neither allow you to spend time on your equipment, nor encourage you to go for contests.

Naveen told me about two very famous photographers of India and explained the difference between their nature. He told that one of his colleagues got a chance to spend time and do assignments with both the photographers and found that both are equally good in photography but the difference between their nature is tremendous. The first photographer was arrogant. Why I am saying that? Actually what happened was, one day they went to shoot the assignment where the junior photographer saw a very good composition and immediately got his camera out to click but that “Amazing photographer” stopped him in a way that the composition is not good at all. After few moments he was clicking the same composition found by the junior.

On the other hand, the junior photographer got a chance to meet one other photographer and do assignment with him. On the way, they found one baby donkey in a amazing composition and the senior photographer started clicking it. Keeping the last incident in mind, the junior didn’t get the camera out and when the senior photographer turned, he scolded him and said “Ab khinch le! Bhagne ki wait kar raha hai kya? dubara nai milega yeh saari zindagi fir baith ke royega” which means “Click it now or you are waiting him to run? This composition will not be there in future and whole life you will cry for not clicking it”.

Now see the difference between the first and the second one. This is what I am talking about. No doubt due to digital revolution, the photographers are not paid as they were for their work but I do not understand why don’t they think of the phrase “Every photograph is sell-able no matter it goes for $1 or $100”.

I feel it is better to spend some money and go to a good institute to learn. At least they tell you how to use the equipment and let you try it out. I spend a lot of time juggling here and there to learn. Checked Internet. Got information from friends, but when I did the self assignment and joined CFC, the real me came out which can be seen in my photostream on flickr.

I know I am not that good enough to say that I am a professionally sound photographer but I know I am on the right path of becoming at least a good enough photographer. It will take time and too much of learning but I feel its easy to learn yourself then to go somewhere and learn. Sometimes the person in front of you showoff a lot but from inside s/he is nothing but a piece of junk who can not help you in going ahead. Even in our group there are people who said a lot about their stuff and work but they just vanished with time as the real colors come in front of other members. After coming for 1-2 meetings they are now nowhere! Friends like Vijay Singh Bainsla, Ravi, Sandeep, Kshitiz, Nachiketa are good in their clicks and the best part is they share the information with free mind. How can anyone in the group forget that Vijay, despite of being so busy, spent time with us teaching the very basic of photography like the combination of shutter speed and aperture. Ravi who not only shared his hidden collections with us but also shared the information on how to shoot in lack of equipment. Sandeep who has good hand on portraits never say I can teach but make you teach out of nowhere and Kshitiz whose compositions are always encouraging one and Nachiketa who is a master of bird and animal spotting.

On the other hand Members like Varun, Mohd. Safdar, Naveen, Ashwani, Anurag, Cheena, Deenu, Gautam, Nipun are always there to help and learn in every situation. No matter its about photography or not they will come forward and show that they are in your life. I admire the commitment of all of them towards photography and love the way the behave when we are together. Though none of us claim that we are professional photographers and can click better than others but we all have our own forte. If anyone find anything while clicking in group, we do not feel like not telling to others. Sometimes, we say it so loudly that the subject runs away :P excitement!! hehe.

Life is good with these friends and learning is better with them. We all look on Internet, play with camera, share information on tutorials, share links, kick each other for parties and play with photographs but we all know how important is “give respect and take respect”. No matter Anurag Malhotra is elder to me, he will come and ask me to teach. No matter Cheena is younger to me, if I find the composition good I will ask him how he clicked.

Is this attitude missing in those “so called” professional photographers or God gives only one thing to them i.e. either skill to click or being down to earth? Why can’t they remember that only a tree with fruits will bend. When I search for the answer I find “Who the hell am I to think?” Leave them alone with their small hallucination of being “the best” and enjoy clicking with your friends and mentors. Learning and teaching is part of this field and only s/he can flourish who can respect the feelings of other person. If you kick someone in front of others, s/he will kick back for sure one day or the other.

Go ahead, click but please be down to earth. Happy clicking.

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Jul 28, 2009

Too much

Sometimes everything just goes beyond your expectations. Though today morning started early, everything was going fine, clouds are out there (Mood swings are there) but suddenly everything got changed unexpectedly. I came to know that I have proved myself a big time fool by trying to make someone that I care. What is the meaning of all this? Am a dumb A** to keep you updated of everything and ran for you here and there? Am a fool to care for you that much and then just because of one thing you just kicked me out of your life.

I have insisted a lot of times in my blog posts that if you are committed and are in love please let the world know so that someone else do not get hurt by such things. Every time I tried to calm you down you just blew everything like a bubble. Just because I was the one who said the magic words doesn’t mean that you have right to be angry for whole life. At least you can think over it once and think at what point I made you feel that I can be a trouble in your love life?

You removed me from your friend lists, do not pick my calls, do not reply to my messages or anything do not bother me much. They do, but not that much that I start messing up about you here and there. In life we meet a lot of people and fall for many and you can not deny that. Even if you are in love with someone, think once if you meet someone too good, did you never feel like may be the person sitting in front of me can be a better life partner? I bet you did feel like this for someone. If you can feel like this why the hell I can not feel the same for you?

Frankly speaking I have never expected such a behavior from you. If someone love you or care for you that does not mean that you should not talk to him/her. Oh come on! Do you think like this? Grow up.

Anyway, this is getting too much on my mind now. I think I need to break something and God please take this laptop away from me before I do something to it.

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Jul 25, 2009

Importance Of Getting Rid Of Frustration

Being frustrated is an integral part of your life or I should say everyone’s life. Reason may vary, they vary, but in end each and every human being someday will get frustrated on something. It can be related to life, love, job, work, business, government, system, God or anything. In simple phrase, “You can not just avoid it”. You can try to avoid, but you will fail for sure.

Now what to do. How to remove it from your head once it has acquired a place there? Is there really any way out? Yes, my dear there are several. It all depends on the individual how s/he is going to handle the situation. Some may get really on nerves of the people who are the reason of frustration and some may throw it on someone else. But this will only increase the problem.

Now as I am also a human, I also get frustrated for several reasons sometimes many times a day. I will now tell few ways which I use to get rid of all these things. I am living with my mother. Being so close and so possessive for her I can not take risk of showing her any signs of frustration (even though I sometimes do). So to avoid this I use my blog mainly. I write about the issue, without pointing any name. I just write why I am frustrated, who is the reason, what happened and how I am feeling at that moment. This really helps me a lot. Those who do not have blog to write can write a diary but I will prefer blog as in this way people who are concerned will come to know and will help you in getting rid of it.

Secondly, I drive. I take my bike and go on a long run. Sometimes more than for 2-3 hours. All of alone, I can cry, I can go and sit somewhere alone and even can shout on God. I know God will not feel bad if I even use most disturbing words for him (Though I do not do. I respect him :) ).

Now I have never tried going for a movie alone when I am feeling bad but I would love to try it :). It is sometimes really relaxing to go out and enjoy everything all alone.

Lets hope for the best and hope that this will help someone who is frustrated and reading :)

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