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And They Want Me To Talk Properly

HA! It is like why why why… Ok I am frustrated on someone so I am writing it here as it is better to throw my feelings here rather than say anything to him as I don’t like making people feel what they did wrong in past if they have nothing to do in my life. If it would be Nishkam (My dear Late Latif) I might have kicked him hard for doing a thing like that but the person whom I am referring has nothing to do with my daily routine as he has already shown me his colors long back.

The thing started few months back when I met him online and had very professional talk over the flow of work and decided that we will work together and will capture the market. Only because of his support (As at that time I was not that good in CMS) I worked really hard to get some good orders including some of my very BIG CLIENTS this time.

To my horror he just VANISHED when the mock delivery time came! Can you imagine what was my situation when he stopped responding to calls and made all the excuses which a person can make. This behavior not only made me loose some of the contract but also cost me my reputation in market. God’s grace was there that my very favorite clients stick with me as they somehow believed me and gave me full time to complete their work. Even now I am facing many consequences just because of that jerk but I will not say anything to him.

After all the problems I faced for two weeks I myself started learning everything and spent, I think, 4 days and nights without more than 2 hours sleep daily and got full control on MY OWN CMS. My mom was there in Chandigarh those days and helped me a lot in keeping myelf awake as she was aware of the problem I was facing.

Now from last few days the guy is again bugging me for my help. Why the F**K should I help him? He ass has no right to bother me and I have full right to charge my fees for the stuff I worked hell lot. I am straight forward now and will not work for free AT ALL! To hell with all assh***s who think they can make use of me which they used to do in past. Come, try again, and I will show how big kickass I can be!!!!!

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Aug 17, 2008

Wow I saw Abhinav Bindra Face To Face!

Well Sunday starts with a hectic schedule as I have to reach Chandigarh Railway station on 7:00 AM as didi was going back to Delhi (She came to meet me for rakhi which was a BIG SURPRISE for me). Then I got scolded by Capt. Sir as I forgot to buy newspapers’ copies which was ordered by him yesterday night (BAD OF ME. I SHOULD REMEMBER IF I PROMISE). Anyways I bought them and read whole tremendously good article on him in Dainik Jaagran. Till now the day was ok and sort of normal but then the game begins… I got ready and went for the talk show for NDTV with my arena mates.

We reached Bindra Farm at around 2:05 PM. As the set was not ready we had to wait for a while and spent our time in a road side dhaba. After having fun in field and getting some good memorable photographs, we went inside Bindra farms where my 1st surprise came in front of me in form of Bhagwant Mann, a famous comedian. I got some of his shots and went inside.

Then horror came in form of heavy rainfall which made us feel that we will miss the opportunity. But after getting wet from every mm of the body, the rain stops and “Lord Sun” gave us his prestigious Darshan.

After whole bunch of bad experience the talk show started. It was like living on high sky watching Abhinav Bindra and Nagma (The anchor) in front of me. I really admire Abhinav for his deeds for Country and also Nagma as I like her a lot as an anchor. After that Nikhil came which was totally unexpected for me. I was one of some lucky people who got chance to have individual photographs with all three of them!!

Overall day was full of good and bad things but I really enjoyed the feel of having cameras around and people telling you what to do and watching them shout on each other for getting everything on track. Abhinav is no doubt totally down to earth guy and his parents deserve to be proud of him. Now following are the most memorable shots of mine for today.

Anurag Bhateja With Abhinav Bindra

Anurag Bhateja With Nagma - Anchor NDTV

Anurag Bhateja With Nikhil - Anchor NDTV

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And the countdown begins..

Well one more year of life will come to an end next month. Exactly one month to go now i.e. 8th Sept 2008. I was thinking about my last few years and found that there is much left to do in life and after completing my graduation now I am really getting worried about expanding my work. Living alone and working as one man army is quite hectic and difficult. Being 23 this year I am really expecting that something good gonna happen in next few years. 1. I will get MARRIED!!! lolz, 2. I may expand the business to good level. 3. I may loose some friends as I have lost in last two years.

I am really trying hard to get in contact of my school buddies these days. Found many interesting facts like few of them got married, many almost 90% searching for job or are placed. But hey very few are doing business. I was wondering whats wrong in having own business?? And then suddenly something came in my mind… You know what?
1. You have to tae care of clients yourself.
2. You have to look for accounts and payments.
3. Only you are responsible for everything.
4. You have to give salaries, bills, installments.
5. You have to SMILE ALWAYS :D no matter how sad you are.
6. You have to keep your cell 24×7 on especially when you are in business of web services

And this is only a pinch of what I have to do all day. Moreover being alone means take care of clothes, food, fruits, milk, wallet :p, watch and the list will move on… GOD oh no no MOM FIND GIRL AND GET ME MARRIED lolz… anyways I am just in mood to write some stupid things which I wrote… happy reading and happy surfing ;)

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Jul 23, 2008

Me and my past

I remember the days when i started my business in my Home town Abohar in 2004. Its 4 years when I registered my first ever domain named … Soon later I thought why not get a website on my Home town and registered a domain named . I was happy and excited and worked hell lot on it these days but it was only one side of the coin… Some days after launching it, I thought of getting more serious and went out for advertisements and more interesting content but do you imagine what response I got? Just read few of them:

1. Is this a work? Why don’t you study hard and be a doctor or engineer?
2. You are wasting your time. There is no future in it.
3. Are you making joke of yourself? This is insane.
4. Come on Anurag we never expected such a stupidity from you.

Well these are the better comments which I got during the period and if you listen to worst one, you will come to know why I thought of quitting the work once.

But then a turn came to life… I shifted to Chandigarh for studies. While doing my BSc here in Chandigarh I continued my work with a bunch of 6 clients in hand. Now time is changed. Few of my juniors even seniors of School time have asked me for giving them job. People are contacting me for Industry training and stuff. Now those people who discouraged me are saying “I know this boy will shine one day”. I when first heard this I was like “Excuse me! This was the guy who discouraged me most!”

I don’t want to say I have achieved a lot. Thing I want to point out is sometimes where you live does not give you the right respect. You might have heard famous Hindi saying “ghar ki murgi daal barabar” which means no one spot talent in their home. I am still working hard to go further and in all these days my Maa, didi and VInay bhaiya (The person who taught me everything about the field and still helping me a lot) are always with me.

I still believe I can do a lot and will do a lot. I hope I will….

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Sep 11, 2007

Trip To Gateway Of India And Marine Drive

Trip To Gateway Of India And Marine Drive

Photo Gallery

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Mar 31, 2007

Gifted by a very good frnd…

Few days back she (I call her Shaitan, the devil Although she is sweet little cute frnd so you can say shaitan angel :p ) asked me to give my childhood pics… and this came back….


My pic

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Mar 10, 2007

3D project


My 3D Project


Some stuff I am including in my 3Ds Max project. I have included highpoly and low poly model. I am not good in lighting so try to use it as less as I can. Also I hve worked a lot on material setting and using them properly. Something unusual  is what according to me is my masterpiece as I hve made that when only 3 weeks were completed while learning.




Click here to see all the files as album



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