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Sep 24, 2009

The 30 Buggy Day

Nice name na? hehe this is the name I have given to the self assignment -2. The first was on Sukhna Lake Chandigarh. I being too lazy, do not how managed to go to lake for 30 mornings without a miss in suh cold days! The main motive this time for me is to get myself out early morning and hunt for bugs which needed to be explored in and around Chandigarh. I am working on macro photography and thats mainly of bugs from last many months or I can say almost more than an year. The first photograph which got sold was also of a bug! You can check that photograph here. Now the main thing for me is to line up 30 places, where I can go and look for bugs. I have done enough with gardens in Chandigarh but feel that still they have enough potential to hunt.

Whats my plan is to go to following places one by one. One in a day will be enough for me so that I can come back on time. Check the pictures, write about them, line up the photographs, upload the pics and then get back to my work so that I do not miss my bread ;)

List goes like:
1. Sukhna lake back side.
2. Rose Garden
3. Terraced garden sector 33.
4. Hibiscus garden 36
5. Fragrance garden 36
6. Rose garden (though I doubt to find anything interesting there)
7. Area near IT park
8. Farms near manimajra
9. Cactus Garden Panchkula. (That I have to check on Weekend as it opens only at 9 AM and on weekdays it will not be possible for me to wait so long.)

Till now I can think of these places only. I know it won’t be hard to find more places where I can go and hunt for some bugs. May be some gardens n Mohali and some place near Zirakpur.

Anyway, the only thing I am sure about is I am going to have fun for the next 30 days. Last time I didn’t informed anyone about this but this time I am going to make it something which everyone should know so that I can get views on daily basis and can improve the effort quickly.

Hope for the best and wish me luck :)

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Jul 28, 2009

Too much

Sometimes everything just goes beyond your expectations. Though today morning started early, everything was going fine, clouds are out there (Mood swings are there) but suddenly everything got changed unexpectedly. I came to know that I have proved myself a big time fool by trying to make someone that I care. What is the meaning of all this? Am a dumb A** to keep you updated of everything and ran for you here and there? Am a fool to care for you that much and then just because of one thing you just kicked me out of your life.

I have insisted a lot of times in my blog posts that if you are committed and are in love please let the world know so that someone else do not get hurt by such things. Every time I tried to calm you down you just blew everything like a bubble. Just because I was the one who said the magic words doesn’t mean that you have right to be angry for whole life. At least you can think over it once and think at what point I made you feel that I can be a trouble in your love life?

You removed me from your friend lists, do not pick my calls, do not reply to my messages or anything do not bother me much. They do, but not that much that I start messing up about you here and there. In life we meet a lot of people and fall for many and you can not deny that. Even if you are in love with someone, think once if you meet someone too good, did you never feel like may be the person sitting in front of me can be a better life partner? I bet you did feel like this for someone. If you can feel like this why the hell I can not feel the same for you?

Frankly speaking I have never expected such a behavior from you. If someone love you or care for you that does not mean that you should not talk to him/her. Oh come on! Do you think like this? Grow up.

Anyway, this is getting too much on my mind now. I think I need to break something and God please take this laptop away from me before I do something to it.

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Jul 25, 2009

Importance Of Getting Rid Of Frustration

Being frustrated is an integral part of your life or I should say everyone’s life. Reason may vary, they vary, but in end each and every human being someday will get frustrated on something. It can be related to life, love, job, work, business, government, system, God or anything. In simple phrase, “You can not just avoid it”. You can try to avoid, but you will fail for sure.

Now what to do. How to remove it from your head once it has acquired a place there? Is there really any way out? Yes, my dear there are several. It all depends on the individual how s/he is going to handle the situation. Some may get really on nerves of the people who are the reason of frustration and some may throw it on someone else. But this will only increase the problem.

Now as I am also a human, I also get frustrated for several reasons sometimes many times a day. I will now tell few ways which I use to get rid of all these things. I am living with my mother. Being so close and so possessive for her I can not take risk of showing her any signs of frustration (even though I sometimes do). So to avoid this I use my blog mainly. I write about the issue, without pointing any name. I just write why I am frustrated, who is the reason, what happened and how I am feeling at that moment. This really helps me a lot. Those who do not have blog to write can write a diary but I will prefer blog as in this way people who are concerned will come to know and will help you in getting rid of it.

Secondly, I drive. I take my bike and go on a long run. Sometimes more than for 2-3 hours. All of alone, I can cry, I can go and sit somewhere alone and even can shout on God. I know God will not feel bad if I even use most disturbing words for him (Though I do not do. I respect him :) ).

Now I have never tried going for a movie alone when I am feeling bad but I would love to try it :). It is sometimes really relaxing to go out and enjoy everything all alone.

Lets hope for the best and hope that this will help someone who is frustrated and reading :)

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Quite Disappointed…

This may be just a feeling or may the same mood swings which keep on coming and going from last many months. But at this moment I am feeling too much disappointed for many reasons. I do not know how to react so may not react on this issue. Though I want to react in very brutal way, so bad that I can ruin many relationships which may be almost ruined or I am myself trying to get on line.

About a month ago, I confessed in front of the girl whom I love that I love her which turned to be a disaster and she is avoiding me from that very day. For single reason I love her, which is dimming, she just stopeed talking to me because this is “making her uncomfortable”. What if I never told her and keep on talking to her and feeling more and more for her? She said once “What if boyfriend of the girl you love, come to beat you?”. I am not doing anything wrong. I am not harming you and never want to do that. That was a feeling which will remain in my heart forever. Getting you back as friend is impossible but remember impossible is “I M Possible”. I know this will take time and I know I should not wait. I think she got angry on my status more where I wrote I won’t step back. May be she took me wrong and thought I want to say I will get her in my life but I just wanted to say that I want to tell you. I want to tell you what I feel for you. May be I ruined everything myself.

My dearest friend is going to Canada for three long years. From last four years, I have spent maximum time with her. We watched movies, enjoyed bike rides, a lot of pool games, exploring new places, photography, coffee at CCD and a lot more but I do not know what I am going to do now after she leaves India. I do not want to stop her but going like this is making me feel like she won’t be available at the time of my marriage which is making me more uncomfortable. I know I will make her come to India to attend the biggest day of my life but still some fear is always there.

There is a friend whom I admired and always been there for him. For what? For neglecting me? For making me feel that if I am not going to do work for him he will just throw me out of the plans? Huh! I do not care. I do not care if he do things without me as I do not need publicity from his side. Every time I tried to make the way with him I always got into some trouble and still helped him a lot in his work. Are you listening my friend? Despite of the facts that are happening in my life, despite of all the tortures your contacts showered on me, I helped you in many ways. In many things and sometimes even without charging anything. Do you remember when I didn’t care of my sleep just to make sure you do not loose work? Do you remember those days when I helped you just to save your job and you got such good remarks from people on your work? Damn you! Now you are joining hands with someone else who has met you just few days back? Whatever!!

Despite of the fact that I have helped hell lot of people and still helping each and every person whom I can, I am getting nothing but problems in return. Sometimes I feel I can not help being “good” and need to be bad or even worst. Being emotional is not the way of doing work and I am being just an emotional fool from last many years. The first relationship of my life ended very badly and still she thinks that I ruined her life and tried to use her. Excuse me? I was the one who forced you to study and go ahead. I was the one who saved you on many instances. I was the one who was there for you and still try to find that you are alright and feel bad when come to know that you are not so happy with your life. I never used you for anything.

Other than these who tried to break my clients, I have a message for you. YOU SUCK. YES, YOU DO SUCK. Go and check your client list now and see how your resellers are gone from your list. No work from one reseller from last many days huh? Each one of you who treated me like a puppet, I have returned the favor. You tried to bang on me? That is my answer. FU. I know each one of you still wonder why the hell I am behaving so ridiculously with you. Because you tried to take advantage of a person who was helping you.

What else? Is there anything which is making me feel bad? A lot of things. But hey I think for this time, I have enough dose here. Signing of in disappointment.

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Jul 16, 2009

Signatures or Autograph?

Two days back, a very dear friend of mine, Mr.Vijay Bainsla, sent a sms which goes like “Achievement in life is when your SIGNATURE becomes your AUTOGRAPH”. Being a middle class boy next door, how difficult it can be to achieve this target is easy to imagine. Not much people think of going that far but what if you think of it. As per my thoughts, you should dream big. As big as possible so that you work more to achieve that.

If you believe you can, someday, make yourself at such a position that your signatures can be considered as autograph. I remember when KBC a.k.a Kaun Banega Crorepati, a reality show hosted by Sh.Amitabh Bacchan started,  maximum people who won 10,000 INR on the show did not send the cheque for clearance. They got the cheque framed and hung it on the wall in their home. I am not saying everyone can achieve that position on which Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan is but you can at least think of trying it out. No matter in which field you are, looking for “autograph able” person is not too hard. After all superstars are not same n every field ;). Refer to Intel advertisement here!

If I get a chance to meet Matt Mullenweg, founder wordpress, I will love to get autograph! If I meet Bill Gates I do not know if I have so much courage to ask him for his autograph. But someday, if I achieve a position being a pro blogger, may be some young blogger ask autograph from me.

I am not asking for something impossible. If in a field which even did not exist few years back, there is possibility of converting signatures into autograph then why not in your field? You just need to be determined. You are no one less than a cricketer or an actor or even some big shot social worker or a business tycoon. The thing is your talent is hidden somewhere inside you. Deep inside which has weight of responsibilities toward family and other things on it.

The only thing you need to do is spend some time for yourself. Dig the hidden talent no matter it is related to your field or not. Work on it. Elaborate it and feel happy for being what you are. It can be painting, singing, dancing, blogging, writing, photography or even being a comedian.

Once you are out of the boundaries you normally live in, you will see a different world. I know some bank employees who on weekends, give live shows in restaurants. Its not easy to be different but it is not hard to be unique. Being on stage and being in crowd is different but remember that the person standing on the stage was once a part of the crowd only.

So go ahead, work on your talent. It can be or not related to your field but its not hard to elaborate what you want to be. Signatures are never too far from being an autograph.

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Jul 14, 2009

Please Be Down To Earth

Self respect and self esteem are no doubt, a very important part of our life. Being a good human being and respecting yourself before anyone else is quite difficult and is a hectic job to do. Even if you have spent a lot of years working, sometimes it’s very hard to judge that what amount of ego will be good to show off. Ego basically is not a problem but in many cases it gets out of limit.

When you are dealing with someone, no matter it is professional or personal, there are some common facts which, if taken care of, can be very helpful in developing a strong impression on the mind of the person listening to you. When you are talking to someone, no matter online or offline, the first thing you should take care of is to greet. It is very important to greet the person you are talking to in a proper way. By proper way I mean if s/he is a client or friend or just a new contact, there are ways and certain norms for greeting. For e.g. you should not say “Zinda hai” or “Still alive?” to the person you are starting conversation with even if s/he is a very close friend. This shows your hate for them.

Secondly, if the person in front of you is not very well known to you, tell him/her about you, your name, profession and location. It will be good to know which language suits both of you for proper conversation. Telling the name first while calling someone even if you are sure s/he must have saved your number is a good gesture to follow.

Do not only speak, listen too. Sometimes to show our knowledge, unknowingly, we do not let the others speak and express their views. In this case the impression in the person’s mind will fall. It is said “To ruin the impression is very easy but to get it back to a good level can take 100’s of good deeds.” Do not be a bad listener. If you think you have the right to speak, it’s your duty to listen.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that “the trees with fruits bend with humility”. Try to be as nice as you can to the person you are dealing with. You never know when s/he can be a big help to you. This world runs on only one rule i.e. “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” Be helpful, be nice and be down to earth. Never show over confidence and ego where it is not required.

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Dream Big – Don’t Be Afraid

Failure, a vital and integral part of success. It is always hard to remove the dropping tears occurring due to high number of failed attempts and move forward. The main thing to keep in mind and make your heart understand is to “NEVER SAY IMPOSSIBLE”. Even someone say it’s impossible tell him/her if it is impossible, it saying “I M POSSIBLE”. The word will tell the meaning in the way you see it.

The more optimist you become, the more happy and successful you will be. Half filled glass of water is always better than half empty glass of water. The only difference is perspective of watching it. Let me tell a story which atleast motivate me a lot.

Once upon a time, there was a king who tried very hard to defeat his neighbor state. After 10 unsuccessful attempts, he was left with nothing. No army, no money, no state. He ran to jungle to safe his life. While he was resting in a cave, he saw an ant trying hard to climb a wall with a grain. Every time she reaches half way, she fells down. He started was it very carefully. Even after trying 10s to times, the ant never gave up and in end reached the top. The king thought if an ant can do why can’t I. He went back, recollected army and again attacked the neighbor state. This time he WON.

This is what I want to tell you. Dreaming big is not bad. It is good to have dreams. If I do not have dreams, I would rather prefer to die then to live. Dreams motivate you to bring new life to your daily routine. They tell you that you need to move further and achieve new goals in life. Everyone wants to be a millionaire but unfortunately all do not make to it but only few understand that in the way of giving it a try, they have achieved a lot which was almost impossible for their ancestors.

Each and every time you fulfill a small dream, you will feel happy. You will smile and will spread the happiness to you family members too. This will not only give a new dimension to your health but also to your beloved once who love to see you smiling and their smile somewhere depends on yours.

So dream, dream big, try hard to fulfil it, smile and let others smile with you.

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