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Jun 23, 2009

Satisfied With What I Am But Still Want To Be Someone?

First of let me tell you this is not what I think. I was in CCD yesterday waiting for Naveen Choudhary (a friend from Dainik bhaskar and a budding photographer) so that we can have a chat over his upcoming blog. Somehow, due to huge traffic problem in evenings near Sector 35 Chandigarh, he got late by 20 minutes. Meanwhile I was waiting for him, I noticed some words uttered very loudly from a near by table. “Every human have such emotions, no matter you believe me or not but every Homosapiens have such emotions. Girls have more but boys do have. Don’t you believe? No no give me example why don’t you believe and blah blah blah”. I was like what is the problem with this girl? Anyway, I had time to listen to what she is saying so I diverted my whole concentration towards the issue they were discussing on. (Bad part of me :P but it really gave me  chance to study a kind of “Not So Natural” behavior).

One line which really disturbed me is “I am satisfied with what I am, but still I want to be someone”. She presented this line so confidently like if she has no issues in life and want to continue just to show she can do more. But as per my knowledge says, she lacks in self confidence and need to work a lot on her attitude.

The main reason of writing this article is to mak a point on the amount of attitude you bear in yourself. Attitude is very important in life. If a person needs to get out of being insulted, being suppressed or something like that, s/he has to increase the amount of attitude in his/her life and should become a bit proud of what s/he is. Till this point the thing is absolutely alright and there is no problem in showing some attitude in such condition. But what instead of giving you a way to walk, the attitude starts killing your self esteem? Yes, my friend, it can do so.

In the case I mentioned above, the girl must have faced very critical things in life. May be in personal or in academic life. I don’t think she is over 20 years of age but the way she was presenting herself (not talking in dressing sense) in such a way that she is someone which you can not avoid. Unfortunately her first impression made me think not to see her again in my life. Too much of attitude, not listening to what the people in front of you and trying to prove that you are satisfied with everything in life even with the sexual part, in public, which is not at all acceptable when you are meeting someone at first time. When she mentioned, “I am satisfied even with my sex life”, all of the people present around her went in to silence. At that time I wished I can go and tell her to please stop abusing herself in front of so many people.It is not the thing that I am against the word sex and its importance in life but the thing is, there is time for everything.

Now what should you take care while being in a group for the first few times? Read carefully:

1. Don’t show you are something very important in the life of the person with whom you came.
2. Don’t show that you have done enough in your life and are living just for the sake of enjoying the bucks you have in your pocket. This will prove you a fool for sure.
3. Never offer to pay until you are the only at least equal earning hand in the group. Seems suspicious? Think of it. You are in that group for the first time and you pay for all the things you bought in the cafe or whatsoever. To people, who came just for the sake of not spending anything will love it but those who are sensible enough will either go for contribution or will try to pay themselves. You deed of offering to pay can result in downfall of your reputation in their eyes. Make sure if you earn, you pay your contribution yourself. Do not let your friend who took you there to pay for you. If you are a girl and you hesitate to offer your share in front of others, pay after the get together is over to your friend. I have seen girls avoiding to pay even when they earn. This may not harm your relationship with your friends in short time but in long term relations with friends, in some cases people start avoiding you.
4. Never show too much of attitude. Always remember that “The tree bends only when it has fruit on it”. If you have you qualities and think you are a good person, always be decent. Listen to people sitting in front of you. Understand their point and never try to over do your thoughts over them.
5. Do not eat too fast. Max of us unknowingly do this. No matter how good you are, no matter how blessed you are with qualities. Being a monster while eating will prove you a monster and nothing else. “Shrek is not there in real life”.
6. Never use so much scientific language in front of others if you feel they may not know about what you are talking about. Homosepians, though is a well known word but still we do not use this on regular basis please!

These are just few points which can bring the inner good human being out. Try working on your attitude and control it in limits before its too late. Be good, get good reviews from others and never show the “F” hidden inside you to the people yu are meeting for the first time.

Enjoy life and enjoy your “Attitude In Limits”. Take care.

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I can only say THANK YOU READER :)

Well I got a mail yesterday from a blog reader. Reading the heading, made me feel that it is some sort of “solution required” mail. But! My dear reader, I am taking it as compliment! Thank you for giving me such a place in your thoughts.

I am adding a screenshot here. I am touched, I am smiling. Smiling from the moment I received the mail.

Thanks again. Keep visiting.

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Jun 21, 2009

Looking and seeing into…

Life is full of things which you just give a look to without seeing what really lies behind them. From the very first day of your conscious life, you struggle for one thing. The moment of happiness, the moment when you can say, Yes, I am happy now and can move without any complications. This is quite unfortunate that while finding the situation, you just miss out the moments which can make you happy, though not for the whole life, but for a fraction of second.That fraction of seconds, when collected together, makes difference. The difference you require in your life.

After working for so many years, falling for few girls, watching girls falling for me, struggling to get on right track of work and much more have made me learn a lot. The best thing I learn is I need to see the things rather than just look on them. But whats the difference? The difference is in the perspective and the depth to which I go.

If I look a guy stealing something, he is a thief for me but if I see the reason behind it I may find a reason of someone very sick in his family. Very true, this can not be always the reason behind any bad act but sometimes it really matters if you try to take things positively and stop running from facts in life.

Some say, I can not just close my eyes to reality. I say, do not close your eyes but face it. Face the truth, face the facts and mind you facts can not be more rude than you. You have the guts to face them and to make sure that they turn around according to you. This does not matter how much time it is going to take but the thing that matters is how quickly you can do it.

Every single problem in life has a solution. Every single solution give birth to another problem. When a door is closed another will be there for you but if all doors get closed the window will open. But what if windows are closed? DIG. Yes, my friend, dig the hole and get out of the situation. Let the cage live lonely without you and show your hidden power that you can get out of any problem.

When you were born, you knew nothing but to cry. You have learn to laugh, to giggle, to make friends, to earn, to eat, to do everything you want and you can do. Nothing is impossible for you. You just need to crack that simple code which the master spirits have put in front of you so that you do not find everything easy.

The only thing you need is to change the perspective and see into things. Do not just ignore the facts of life but face them. Enjoy every second, enjoy the mess you have made out of your life and try hard to clear it up. The day you win the mess, you win the world.

Keep the spirits up :)

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Jun 20, 2009

Good things coming out of bad — Thank you!

After a long pause of three days, I went out with a really sweet friend of mine to see a movie today. The movie, though, was not of her type (I am sorry sweetie you had to see it for your brother hehe), she tried to enjoy it! Actually she can not handle action movies and I took her to see “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Anyway, it was not the movie which made the time good but the time we spent after that was good enough.

After a long time I left my phone home and still not getting it out of the box as not in mood to talk to anyone over the phone. Its day off for me today. I am feeling good to have atleast a day off from my hectic schedule and throwing my cell phone in silence.

Today, she made me realize that having a good friend around can make him/her understand more about you than you do. Each and everything, anything which I can not even imagine she can know about me. Sister, you do have good observation! I am still wondering what else! No matter its my love life, professional life, need of break or whatever. Its good to know that you understand me so much.

Good day, good movie and hand still in pain but who cares hehe.

P.S.: If I am not picking your phone, please mail me :). Let me enjoy sometime without the tring tring. (Only till Monday)

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Jun 19, 2009

Frustration Getting On My Nerves

Its 48 hours and I am still not able to use the left hand. I am getting calls and mails from many friends and people who want to know how am I now. It makes me feel good that you all are concerned. Thanks for all the support you are giving.

I am, but still, feeling frustrated by the fact that my left hand is quite in pain. Even after having so strong medicines, the hand is like as painful as it was a day before yesterday. It is eating all my energies and leaving me with no good thoughts. I mailed a very dear friend of mine who is angry on me. I though I may get a wish to get well soon but I think angry mood is sometimes more powerful.

Anyway, I know the time will heal the scars and I will be on good track with good feelings soon. I know it is hard to get everything out of head. From last few days everything is getting on my nerves a lot. There was a guy who messed with one of my friend too much. To get him away I had to be somewhat harsh to him. Anyway, getting that out of life was just a phase which got followed by messing with a true friend, accident, loss of a big project due t this damn accident and a reply which I never expected.

Tomorrow I am planning to see a movie but I am confused how will I go!!! Lolz this is funny. In last four years in Chandigarh I have never faced such issue. So lets see what else can happen to me!

Enjoy life you A**H*L*. You ran after hitting me. You will see what can happen to you. Grr.

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24 Hours After Accident

24 hours after the horrible experience I had yesterday. I wanted to share what I am feeling right now. First of all thank you to all the friends who sms/called/commented on blog/facebook/emailed and wished me fast recovery and also to those who are not calling me or contacting me but still are praying so that I can recover fast. Hey, am I saying right? I hope you are reading this.

When I came back yesterday after all what happened, I was sure that I will recover soon enough and will not take long to get back on track. But I was WRONG. Totally wrong. When I woke up in the morning, each and every single body part was aching and it was total hell. Somehow I managed to get up and after a while went out so that I can stretch my legs a bit. After walking very slowly for 400-500 mtrs, I came back and just fell on the bed.

After taking medicine, I slept for three more hours in which some of my dearest friends called me and woke me up. Thank you hehe. Anyway, the whole day went on bed only with my laptop in front of me which I am using after small intervals. I replied to some client’s mails which were important and now I have switched off my cell phone and waiting for getting rid of pains.

One of my friends said to me that I should not blame every single person. My dear friend, go and get hit like this. I have not cursed God yet. You will. Sorry for my words, but the person who is suffering, only he can tell what he is going through not a person who is just enjoying the keyboard with both hands.

Anyway, I am hurt so can curse anyone. Yes, I can blame anyone, I can curse anyone and I have full right to say anything. You can not just come and stop me from showing my feelings.

Thank you all again for the wishes :)

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Accidents prove people don’t have heart

Hectic day, too many things to do and so many things to buy. I was so tired that I decided to go out of home and have a slow and happy ride around the city to get some energy back. I think this was one the worst decisions I made till date. Everything was so smooth and good that I can not even imagine this can happen in next minute.

I was driving on the road near Rose Garden Chandigarh and found red light so stopped for a while. A very nice brand new Bolero was standing on the right side and as the lights went green both me and that Bolero moved together. Suddenly out of nowhere an Indica came from the left side of the road from a small lane and hit me hard, smashing me in Bolero. This made me kind of unconscious for few seconds and that bloody guy who was driving Indica just reversed the car and flew away.

The two people who were in Bolero came out and the person who was driving asked me if I am alright and wanted to take me to hospital. I was about to get off the bike as till now I was just sitting on bike as both the cars just made me sandwich stuffing between them and I was totally out of courage to get off the bike and say anything to anyone. His friend, dragged him saying “Abe pagla gaya hai saale, police case ban jayega. Bhag yahan se” (Have you gone out of your mind. You will be dragged in police case. Run from here) and both of them just went. Leaving me alone and hurt. I was just watching them going. Somehow, after trying for a while, I managed to get off the bike for few seconds, sat on the road side and saw around if I can find anyone around to but I was alone. At the moment I was like F**K you all who say people are good in Chandigarh.

It was hard to stand up back and do something. Don’t know why I just sat on bike, wore my helmet back and drove it to Gandhok Uncle’s hospital in Sector 32. May be I was scared of the things which I may have to face in General Hospital 16 as it was an accident. Anyway, in 15 minutes I was in 32. After getting checked for any injury and if there is anything serious (I am fortunate no external injury), he gave me medicine cursing those without heart people.

Now I back home, my mom is feeling too bad and at same time thanking Almighty that I am safe. The whole body is paining and I am typing all this with one hand only and left hand is in too much pain. The doc has advised me to stay at home for two days without giving any kind of strain to my body or mind as still I am in kind of traumatic situation and 40% of my body is shaking. I am neither able to control the shaking feet of mine nor the left hand’s fingers.

I may not come online or reply to your messages or calls for two days. Please do understand and wait till I am back in action which, I know will not take too long. Just let this tiger rest a bit in hibernation.

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