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Dec 23, 2008

Caste System In Cyber World?

Now this is getting more irritating. Now this caste issue has raised in Cyber World also. Some sick people no matter from upper or lower caste are spreading hate statements against each other. From the date I can remember this Upper caste and Lower caste thing is eating my head everyday. I do not understand what is the need of reservation? The only reason we need reservation is “Vote Bank”. I know many “Dalit” families personally, who are earning more than me. They have higher status of living than me, they have more money and more luxury.

Every political party whenever comes into power they say reservation for this and reservation for that. Why? Because YOU NEED VOTE. YOU NEED VOTES TO SCREW MORE OF INDIANS. Few months back I heard news these Leaders want to divide Muslims in different categories also which was opposed by the Muslims and leaders had to take the thought back in their ***. Whatever, I really admire Muslims for such step.

If anyone knows Indian Culture “truly” only then they can understand what were the reasons behind division of people. In any written or verbal evidence of our Vedas and all, say take example of Words of Lord krishna “A man or woman does not belong to any caste by birth but by the work they do in their life”. I know this is kind of modified statement but the meaning was this only.

Why don’t people understand that we are Indians first? Why there is need of reservation in private sector? I have never seen this written anywhere in private sector companies rules to tell the caste before applying for a job but if there is reservation think, there will be an extra question “Which Category You Belong To?”. Will this be fine? Would you like to be asked if you belong to upper caste or lower? I never thought before making a friend or asking for some work to someone if he belongs to “Aroras” or not.

Few years back Mayawati Govt. tried to add reservation in sports in her constitution. You know who opposed it most? DALITS! Yes, that’s a heart throbbing truth that those players understand if such thing happens we will loose the position we are trying to make in world’s sports events.

Why aspiring doctors, engineers or any other skillful student need to think “Which category I belong to?” before filling an admission form? Why don’t Govt. strengthen the Primary Education instead of yelling for reservation?

Please please don’t think you belong to a caste “You Are Indian And You Have To Die Indian”. Don’t spread “hate”.

I am in favour of reservation only if:
1. There is no earning hand in family or the income is too low for the proper education of a child.
2. If the child is orphan and has no money to study.
3. If the person is handicapped only then he/she should get reservation without any need of mentioning caste.

I do not find any other reason of giving reservation. Do you?

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Don’t you dare!

Well well!!! Now people are trying to fire from someone else shoulders huh? I met “someone” today who said “something” without “referring anyone” and think I don’t who is trying to fire the shots on me! I am 24 years YOUNG and “Quite Intelligent” in these things. I know how to tackle with “such” arrogant people and know how to answer them.

Once the chat was started it was totally pointed “Sharp” and direct hit. I know this is going to happen and this will be on regular basis because I have hurted someone EGO very badly. I want to make some stuff very clear about myself:
1. I am to help not to push to work.
2. I don’t live as per anyone’s need. That is what I decide is important for me to live peacefully.
3. I have right to remain silent and attack silently if my self esteem is attacked. I can ruin YOUR LIFE and you will not be able to even figure out what the hell happened.
4. I can work but not on cost of my life. If I am not feeling well I will not work for ANYONE in any case. Health comes first always.
5. I can not take anyone telling me how to “Live Like A Better Person” come on! I know what I am doing. I know some mismanagement took place in past in my life but whose life is without mismanagement?
6. I know what money matters to me there is no need to remind me!

So I will suggest, people, look inside you before knocking wrong doors. You might have heard the famous dialogue “Jinke Ghar Kaanch Ke Hote Hain Woh Doosron Ke Gharon Pe Paththar Nahin Maarte”

Am I arrogant? No I am not. But for some people I am a bad dream come true….

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Oranges Rs.100/- A Dozen…

Oh My God! This is a shocking kind of news for me. Due to some health problem from last few days (I am suffering from acute weakness due to fever), doctor suggested me to go for ½ fruit and salad + ½ healthy green vegetable diet so that I can recover faster but today morning when I went to market to buy fruit, the fruit merchant asked for Rs.100/- for one dozen oranges! Come on! Apples are cheaper!!!

On the way back home, I was thinking of the days when I used to buy fruits and vegetables while I was residing in Abohar. The costliest bunch of apples I bought was Rs.70/- for 1 KG because I was told that they were imported sort of Bright Red Apples and they really tasted good! But now even the cheapest known “Golden Apples” are of Rs.60/- per Kg here.

Being a fruit lover, especially oranges, I was disappointed as I was not able to buy them because of their price. I heard fruit merchant asking the supplier that it is hard to believe that he is giving fruit to him at such a high price and the buyers like me have so much courage to buy fruit at such price.

Lets see at what price I am buying stuff these days:
Pure Ghee: Rs.215/- per KG
Apples: Rs.60/- per KG to Rs.100/- Per KG
Oranges: Rs.100/- Per Dozen
Milk: Rs.18/- Per Litre
Pulses: App Rs.40/- to Rs.60/- per KG depending on their quality.

And this is just an example. Everything is going higher and higher. All the companies are increasing prices and reducing size. I remember when I shifted to Chandigarh three years ago, Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza was more than enough for me and I was not able to eat whole piece which was of Rs.60/- including taxes but now its almost half of its size and double its cost!

Control people control your greed please!

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Sep 10, 2008

A Bit Slow Day — My Diary – 09 Sept 2008

After waking up at around 7:30 AM, my day was started with some mail replies and writing first post for my daily diary. At around 10:30 AM I left to meet some clients as collecting payments is becoming a hoax for me these days. Some of the clients are really acting very badly in payment schedule due to which I have entirely changed my payment collection system for the new clients. Anyway, people are like that only and I can’t do anything. They don’t understand the point that I have to give payments to other people also who are working for me or have worked in past for me for their project.

After collecting some small amount of funds, I revisited CanAsia for some details which were required for the update of the website. By mistake I went during lunch time and got caught bu Kanchan for Lunch! hehe no one can say anything in front of her! After having lunch with a friend in Mohali, I had to eat lunch with her. Fortunately I managed not to eat proper lunch and ate only one chapatti. (SAVED!!!) But I must say Gapsy (Another member of CanAsia team) bought very tasty dish of Tinda or Indian baby pumpkin! Some other dishes present there were Karela (I hate), Palak Paneer (I don’t remember when I had it last!), Saveeyan (Yummy!) and some South Indian Food (Which I don’t prefer over North Indian food). So the best choice was, with no doubts, TINDA!!!

Anyways after the lunch time I collected the information I required, had some chat with Kanchan for five minutes and left for the bank work. I really love the way ICICI is working as depositing money there or doing any other work is quite easy and quick in comparison to another banks. After a quick deposit in my account I bought cake (egg less) and went to Capt Suresh Sharma’s home and again celebrated my birthday :p. We clicked some photographs which can be found on the last post here.

After doing some work on Capt’s site and solving some problems in blogs, I had dinner with Capt and Rajbir Didi. Today when Rajbir Didi came back with Sukhmani from her skating class and got back to work in kitchen, I realized that even if a lady is working in Kitchen and don’t have to move a lot for a glass of water, offering her a glass of water will make her feel good. This is a lesson for me for my future that I must take care of some actions while living with my would be! At around 9:45 PM I left for home after a small twenty minutes walk with Capt. Unfortunately bike got punctured but fortunately I was very close to home. Now tomorrow I have to get it fixed at earliest. After completing my work over the internet and a little chat with mom over the phone, I went to sleep. Let’s see how the next day is going to be like.

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I Am 24 now! — My Diary 08-09-2008

Photo: Capt Suresh

08th Sept 2008, my 24th birthday… I am now 24 year YOUNG. God blessed me with my result of BSc Multimedia final Semester, in which I scored 68.25%!!! The big day was a late start as whole night the phone was buzzing again and again for the birthday wishes in form of calls as well as messages. My Orkut, yahoo mail etc got filled with many wishes.

I realized that birthday is the only day which makes you understand how much others care for you. I know maximum of the people who wished me, just wished for formality but there are some people who really made my day. The flow of wishes started unexpectedly with Avi’s call as she called 2 minutes before the 12:00 AM mark hehe. After which Didi and Maa called exactly at 12:00 AM (Although I was born exactly 12 hours later hehe). Anyway, after all the wishes and replying to mails/messages/scraps, I managed to go to sleep at around 5:30 AM and woke up at 9:45 AM (hell, that was very less sleep as of only four hours and fifteen minutes!). After completing few of my important tasks I went to Capt Suresh Sharma’s home for birthday lunch, as Dr Rajbir Kaur (wife of Capt Sharma) had cooked my favorite items.

At Captain’s place, I really enjoyed those three hours (Chirag was jumping on me after he had rolled me over the floor, great fun like Tom and Jerry playing together). Moreover, I am always treated like being part of the family and I feel quite privileged as I get a feeling of my own home, whenever  I go there. We chatted over some websites, discussed some mails as case studies, I learnt amazing stuff about life while discussing things with Captain Suresh sir. Then main part came as Dr Rajbir, I address her as Didi (elder sister) prepared my favorite lunch (rajmah rice and `semeeyan’) for me! I really admire her for the amount of work she does. I remember my Mom telling me about the work load she used to have, when me and Didi were small but never realized how difficult that could be! After watching Rajbir Didi, I wonder how women manage to do the work so quickly with perfection!

Photo: Capt Suresh

At around 3:30 PM I, along with Capt Sharma left for Chandigarh as he had to go to Shukla Sir’s office (Dr. I.D. Shukla, Founder of Griffins International. You must see how well he make you understand the depth of language especially English!). After we reached the place, Sir went to the office and I left to meet my friends and all. I bought some chocolates and went to meet Kanchan (A wonderful girl who is working with Canasia. In a very short period of time, unbelievably she has become a very good friend of mine. I don’t know how she manages to find positivity in all aspect of life. Once you meet her, she will make you think positively even if you are hurt! And yes she promised me that she will not allow me to remain single for long and will find a girl for me hehe.)

The meet with Kanchan was a very small one like of twenty minutes. After that I left for Centra PVR and watched Wednessday with Nishkam. Fortunately we both managed to reach on time and see full movie for a change! Wednesday is no doubt a perfect movie. A worth watch or I must say MUST WATCH.Being a small 1:43 minutes movie, it was quick. The amazing thing was the whole hall was clapping on the end of the movie! Now you can imagine how good the movie is!

After this I ame back home and replied to the mails and messages which came while I was absent from the Internet (Which is uncommon in daily routine as this is source of my bread!) At around 8:30 PM I left for dinner at Hot Millions 2 with Nishkam, Niti and three of their friends. And yes! I forgot to tell you that this birthday was unique for me because I said “Same to you” to three people who wished me Birthday! Why? Well it was their birthday also!! hehe. They were Nishkam’s Mom, Simran (Friend of niti) and Sanchita (Didi’s roommate).

At dinner there were six of us. Me, Nishkam, Niti, Simran, Raju and Ashu. Here some pics are attached in gallery so that you can see the fun we had!

At around 10:30 PM I came back and again switched on Internet to reply rest of the mails and messages which came later on. The day went good with all the fun I had. I learnt few things from Capt. Sir and Kanchan about life. I hope this year of my life will bring some good news for me.

Photo: Capt Suresh

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is tarah woh chali jayegi
yeh umeed na thi
aisa wada le jayegi
yeh umeed na thi

jate jate is dil ko rula gayee
apni zindagi mujhe jine ko keh gayee

han main uske liye jiyunga
uska har khwab main poora karunga
umeed karta hun ki maut ke
uske sath phir se is zammen ko aabad karunga

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sun mere dil ki pukar
pukarta hun tujhe har bar
kitna akela kitna pareshan
har samay talashta ik nayee dastan
na jane kyon itna ghabrata hun
pana to chahta hun par phir bhi dar jata hun
pyari si awaz tumhari
dil par dastak deti hai
par anjane dar ki awaz
use daba deti hai
dur ho par phir bhi mehsus karta hun
tumhare sparsh karne ko
har dard seh leta hun
na jane tum itna kyon tadpati ho
har pal mere paas hone ka ehsaas dilati ho

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