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First Contest Results


first of all I want to appologise for the delay. I was stuck in too much of work these days. Anyway, here is the list of winners. I request you to please inform me with details.

First prize: akira07

Second prize: geneve

Third Prize: Dum

Rest of the annoucements will be done shortly.

Winners please mail details as follows:
e-mail ID you used on blog:
Paypal ID:
For domain: Name, Company name if any, address, mail ID, pin code, phone number. It is important for domain registration as per registry rules.

Please mail details to: anuragbhateja [at] yahoo [dot] com with subject “details for contest prizes”

Enjoy :)

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First Blog Contest — 9th Sept 09 to 17 Oct 09

Attention Participants: Due to high number of participation and a bit buy schedule on my side, there is a little delay in result announcement. I will post the results asap.

Thanks for co-operation.

I am introducing my first blog contest on completion of 25 years of my life ;) (Yesterday was my Birthday :D ). The rules are simple and easy to follow. After working a lot on this contest I came up with the following contest.

1. You need to write about the blog contest with a link back to the post. – 5 points (Only one blog post review will be counted)
2. You need to stumble it, digg it, tweet it. – 2 points each (please do these only once. Doing it again and again is your wish but they will not be counted.)
3. You need to comment on the blog posts. You can dig old posts and check them, comment on them. Make sure you use same name and mail ID while commenting. – 1 point for every 2 comments. (Unlimited accepted :) )
4. Bonus points:
a. If you have flickr account add me and comment on my pictures here. – 1 point for every 5 comments.
b. If you want you can write a small review on on your blog – 5 points. (Only one review will be counted.)

1. 1st prize: USD 50 (by Anurag Bhateja) + 2 domains of your choice (.com, .net, .org type price slab) (by Anurag Bhateja) + Flickr pro for 1 yr (can be converted into cash) and a wordpress theme (by Anurag Bhateja) + lifetime adv on (wordpress theme and life time adv sponsored by, Unmetered diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
2. USD 25 + 1 domain of your choice (by Anurag Bhateja) and a wordpress theme (wordpress theme sponsored by, 300GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
3. USD 10 + 1 domain of your choice (by Anurag Bhateja), 30GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
4. 10 domains will be given to randomly selected people (by Anurag Bhateja), 1 GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)

Payment Methods:
1. By paypal
2. For Indians: to bank account of ICICI, HDFC, SBI, SBOP or any nationwide bank. USD to INR according to present rate of USD @ time of contest completion.

Posh Craze (2 wordpress themes and lifetime advertisement on
The Fairytale Host (Diskspace)

The winner list will be forwarded to the sponsors.

How to comment:
Link to post review:
Stumble ID:
Digg ID:
Tweet ID:
Facebook ID:
Flickr ID: review link:
Comments from your side:

Results: Will be declared on 21st Oct 2009.

Please note: The winners will be decided by the points. If two or more people have same number of points then the winner will be decided by random selection process.

For sponsorship please contact me.

CLOSED!! I need a little time to calculate the points. Thanks a lot to participants for such a great response.

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