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How to Propose – Tip 4

Howz life!! haha. I think rather than pulling the story I should get back on the track. Okay, the thing is, I have posted three tips on how to propose. This is fourth. Hope some of you will get the girl you want :)

As I said many times, proposing someone should not be done just to have fun or roaming around. This should be done only when you mean it and want to marry the girl. This tip is a bit technical but can also be used those who are not very technology savvy.

Today, almost every person out there is a photographer! Don’t mind but its a truth. Your mobile also have a camera! So its time to make use of it.


  1. Get a chart paper.
  2. Write down the letters on it “Marry Me” or “My Love, Marry Me” or whatever you want.
  3. Now go out and click photographs of letters. Like M from some shop’s name etc.
  4. Get the letters printed on 5×7 size photographs.
  5. Cut the according to need.
  6. Paste them on the letters.
  7. Get is mounted so that the chart paper do not get folded.
  8. Now you can either gift wrap it and gift it or get it placed in her home (if possible) or courier it ;)

It is better not to write your name if the girl knows its you otherwise make sure you write the name else some other guy may get the chance!

If you courier it let her call you. Don’t poke to know if some gift has reached or not.

Have fun and hope your love story comes to a lovely end.

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How to propose – Tip 3

Missed! Was quite busy yesterday so was not able to post this one on time. Anyway, I hope till now the two tips have worked well for someone atleast or will do some miracle in future. This one, the third, is going to be full of work and time consuming. Results will be awesome for sure :)

How to work:
1. Get a friend of her in confidence. Make sure she keeps her busy for the whole day. Whatever the thing could be like shopping, eating out, movie or whatever. You just need to make sure she does not get much time to call you or talk to you.
2. Now what you need is to get few things from market. A good number of heart shaped balloons, old magazines/newspapers (magazines, you can dig out at home. you need to cut them off so better buy them from some raddi wala), a white poster,glue and scissors.
3. You can do this at your place or at her place which ever is convenient. Once everything is ready, get your lungs warmed up and blow the balloons as much as you can. Spread them all around the room. Make bigger letters out of the magazine to get alphabets “I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E” and paste them on the poster. Place it by the wall right in front of the door.
4. Once in every hour, sms her like “Love, missing you a lot. I know you are busy with ‘name’. enjoy d day and try to meet me in eve. 5-10 min will be fine.” Keep on changing the content every hour like “missing you badly. hey had your lunch?” etc. In last sms ask her to come at your place if you are doing it there or just say see you soon if you are doing it at her place.
5. Once she sees the stuff and look at you. Don’t say a word. Just smile. Let her control herself and then go near and ask the question :)

In hope of the best.

Love is still in the air.

Take care.

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How to propose – Tip 2

First of all, thank you for appreciating the last article. Someone asked me that if the tips I am giving here worked for me or not. Well some of the tips coming up will be one I have tried like this one :) This is tried and tested! Anyway, lets get back to business. The main thing to take care in this tip is you need to understand if she is going to like this or not. You better know her so decide if you are going for this one. This is going to be very UNHEALTHY though :P

1. Get to know about her taste in pastries and cakes. If it is chocolate/pineapple or whatever.
2. Find the best place where you can sit, order a small cake/a set of pastries and can eat there.
3. Call her and fix the time. Make sure you are not picking her up this time. She has to come on her own.
4. Buy a red rose. As mentioned in last tip, it will be easy for her to keep it with her.
5. Now reach the place atleast 20 minutes before time and ask the shop owner to get the cake ready. Get written “I love you”/”Marry Me” or whatever you want to write but make sure it should look romantic. Make sure you do not serve this yourself. Ask them to server along with a red rose.

How to?
As soon as she arrives this is time to make the impression. Pull the chair and you know that :) After talking for a while just give a hint to the waiter to bring the cake along with the red rose. Control your emotions till the stuff arrives and then as soon as it is in front of her DON’T YOU DARE TO UTTER A SINGLE WORD for a while. Wait for few seconds and then ask,”liked it? Tell me what you have to say. No matter its yes or no. I am here for you forever.”

I hope the answer will be yes :)

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How to Propose! The 101 ways ;) Tip 1

OKAY! Now after giving love tips, I am going one step back on proposals. This section is for both boys and girls. Let me tell you first how this all started. I was having dinner in Hot Millions 2 in Sector 17 Chandigarh after attending an event. Three of my friends Noor Sandhu, Jasbir Boora and Poornika were with me. During chat, Jasbir told Poornika about love tips section in my blog. The discussion moved to giving tips on how to propose and then suddenly this idea came in my mind an I said,”Poornika! thanks yaar I should write on ‘propose karne ke 101 nuskhe’ (101 ways to propose)” and then chat ended with laughter.

Somehow this got stuck in my mind and this ended up with a new section on my blog named “How to propose! The 101 ways” :) What I am going to do is, I am going to write one way daily and will try to complete the section in 101 days from now.

Lets start with the first way. Proposing is not just about going and say “Okay, I love you and want to marry you. Let go”. You will get a slap for sure! Its about showing that you love and you care for her. Its about telling her that she can not find anyone better in this world than YOU which is a truth and you should have faith on yourself in this matter.

How to plan:
Very  important and critical part. You have to plan what and how are you going to do this. Just follow the things. Alter them a bit according to your needs and the place you live and try :). I am not going to include anything expensive in any tip and will make sure everything remains in budget. To plan things, first make a check list as follows:
1. Call her and tell her to meet you at some place where you can sit, chat and have some food. Make sure the place is not crowded.
2. Now buy one flower (yes only one. No need to buy bunch as it will be difficult for her to keep it and will end up throwing them in dustbin with heavy heart.)
3. Get one chocolate. I am sure if you love her you know her favorite brand.
4.  Now the trick is here. Write “I love you”/” or “I love you! Marry Me!” or “I love you! Please be my Life!” on a small piece of colored paper. Color of the paper should be of her favorite color.
5. Now slightly open the wrapper in such a way that you can either stick it back or it should not be visible when you give it to her. Put the piece of paper inside. Wrap it back.
6. With a small piece of cello tape tie the flower to the chocolate.
You are ready now :)

Now go to the place. Be a gentleman and show some gestures. Pull the chair for her (of course if places have chairs ;) ). Sit with her. Talk over some random topics for a while. Place he order but before the food arrives, get the chocolate and give it to her. Ask her to open it after lunch as this is today’s sweetdish for her :)

After lunch, let her open the chocolate and read the slip. As soon as she read it and look at you just say it without hesitating. You may not get the answer but sooner or later you will get. No matter its yes/no but you and she will not forget the moments that I am sure about :)

In future tips, I may get more into planning so be ready :)

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