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A start

First of all, this is not to hurt either a theist or atheist. These are going to be just my views. Everyone is welcome to comment but I would prefer to avoid any hate comment or hate words. Just keep it simple and understandable for everyone.

I am a believer. I believe in existence of the power that can control once existence but where exactly I stand on this? I am very clear about some facts of life.

  1. Science is important – Interestingly, more I tried to learn about present ‘holy’ figures’, more I understand the importance of science and scientific reasons behind anything that happens. I remember when I was very young, there was a mass belief in neighborhood that Ganesh idols is drinking milk, and this got widespread like a forest fire. My mother took me to a nearest temple to see what was happening. Being a believer but an educated one, she smiled at every known face and took me and my sister back home. We were confused a bit (young souls you know) and then she took spoons full of milk and asked both of us to try the same trick on the Shiv idol’s snake that we had in home temple. It also drank the milk. The only explanation she gave was that the idols are made of earth and dry earth absorbs liquid. This was not the first time she gave an argument over superstition and still does so.
    But still we are a family of believers. We chant Gayatri mantra and my mother often reads holy books like Shiv puran. We keep fast on navratras and non veg is not allowed on Tuesdays. On the same hand we enjoy channels like discovery.
    I know one thing that is medical science is not that advanced, I might have lost her long ago. I know the importance of taking medicine on time no matter how hard ‘pandits’ say not to take allopathic medicines during fasts.
  2. Not everything in ‘books’ is True – Before the holy books were written by different sagas over the time, they were memorized and the knowledge was transferred from one to other. We have a tricky mind. We sometimes miss or overhear things and I am sure with time mess must have been created in the text so believing everything blindly is not good.
  3. Respecting others’ beliefs – This is very tricky. I seriously hate some of the beliefs in many religions but I prefer to keep my mouth shut until I do not know what exactly is what they are doing.

Now, what about atheists. No, I seriously do not have any problem with anyone who does not believe in God. It’s their wish to believe or not to believe. I can reason with them on many things and on the same hand I can reason with believers over superstitions.

When a believer says, God saved the person in hospital, I will smile and ask him to respect the doctor as a messenger of God. But I have seen many atheists just going crazy over the beliefs of others.

Sometimes, I feel that atheism is becoming a religion. Like every religion they believe in something. They believe in knowledge, reasoning and science. They keep mocking religions (or other religions) like most of the ‘religious’ people do. They make fun of those who wear anything that may be connected to a religion. This is similar with those from different religion. But what a new religion gives to the world? I would say, with growth, a new religion looks like a silent group of people but as it grows, it may give some really nasty things. Hate, rage, anger and what not. If you see past, religion has bought war and death with it. I have similar fear with atheism. Many of the atheist just can not control their furious nature and use all sort of bad language.

What I am planning is to read the holy books one by one. First of Sanatan Dharm, yes, it is sanatan dharm. Hinduism is just a recently coined term. Later on I can go for other religions but it will take time. I am going to try to reason everything and will make sure I do not get on to any conclusion or what so ever without discussing it with those who believe and those who don’t. Soon I will be posting my views on what written in the holy books and will appreciate the comments over them.

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Shubh Vivah – Shubh Muhurat – 2013

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Hindu weddings are entirely based on Muhurat. Due the number 13 in the upcoming year there is a rumor going that there are not much possible dates for wedding. Lets see what all our beloved pandits have to say on this :). In 2013, there are a total of 87 dates which are good for hindu wedding. Quite a number it is. Following is the month wise chart for them.

January 2013: 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 30, 31

February 2013: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7

April 2013: 29, 30

May 2013: 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

July 2013: 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29

August 2013: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30

September 2013: 6, 7, 8, 9, 15

October 2013: 5, 6, 10, 12

November 2013: 18, 19, 20, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30

December 2013: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13

So if you are planning to get married in 2013, check for the above dates and book your photographer first ;)

Happy weddings :)

For candid wedding photography:


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If all men are dogs, all women are no less!

Hello Ladies!

You all might have read my article Doggy Business. The thing is, I used to feel bad when girls say “All men are dogs!” like if we all treat them in the same way! Well one good day, a thought came in my mind that as all dogs have breeds and that too trained and untrained, women are simply making it easy for us to stay happy by call us dogs!

I agree we all are dogs. What are the traits of dogs? They BITE! right? Who the hell does not want a bite of the beautiful lady sitting in front of our eyes? Indeed, the way we approach makes the difference. Those who love actual dogs, know that they bite to show love also. Those weak and innocent bites which does not harm. We are the same :) treat us well, we will give love bites and too of course with a passionate kiss (let your brain work now!)

But how far is it correct to call us dogs? Let us divide men into different breeds.

1. Innocent: These dogs are very charming, kind of gay (no offense), still straight guys which have full faith on their ladies. They do not bite very often and biting behind back is not even in the scene. Most reliable but actual dogs with no fun.

2. Wild Trained: Big bodies, too possessive, no brains but listen to your orders very carefully.

3. WILD!: Don’t go near them. They will rule you. (Some bitches actually need such dogs to make sure there is balance in this world!)

4. The city dog “untrained” :P : Money minded, tag based dog who can make fun of you in front of his friends and do not tolerate any blonde act.

5. Trained city dog: Money minded but the one who believes in respecting women. They know how to make you feel like a princess and listen to you, make you feel better in every possible way.

Lets talk about ladies now:

1. Homely yet talkative: They love to stay at home, spend less but rule you. You have to do everything according to them.

2. Its party time: Every second is a party and shopping time for them. Too dangerous for your finances.

3. Loyal: The rarest breed which you won’t see on regular basis. They listen to you, discuss things and do whatever you both decide as the best for you both. Less expensive, more caring and very interesting to be with.

4. Dictator: They simply rule you. Every moment, every habit of yours is as per their choice. After they come to your life, your life is their property.

Now, ladies also bite! They bite on your face and behind your back too! On many occasions a lot of guys face such issues. Indeed, like men, women also has different breeds. Wild and city based. Trained and untrained. Its up to the boys to choose the best as per their life.

I just wish that the best dog and bitch meet and make a happy couple ;)

Once again, closing the thought process with *BOW BOW* ;)

Please don’t take anything on heart. Read, enjoy, love, like, share and spread a smile :) mind it! BITCH :P and yes YOU DOGS too :)


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Youtube Video Disabled For Revenue Sharing

It seems like Youtube is tightening the copyright rules and when I google about this issue almost every youtube revenue partner is facing such issues especially when they are using royalty free images or music. When I uploaded a video on 15th March 2012 about an event that took place in Chandigarh, I used Royalty free music by and photographs clicked by myself. The main aim was to show the world that even if the team as lost one fight to save few fully grown green trees, the war is still on and we, the Chandigarhians will keep on fighting for the better environment by saving innocent trees.

Though, I had no intentions to earn anything from the video but when Youtube sent me an email saying the revenue sharing was disabled because they can not verify the ownership of the content, I felt bad as I own rights for both music (as I have given required credits as mentioned on the website) and photographs (as I clicked them myself).

After searching for the issue a bit and reading about the Rules and Regulations published by Youtube, I found I stand right on my point and thought of giving it a shot. The email I received from Youtube had a link where I can claim the Revenue share where I had to submit the claim.

I got this email from Youtube:

Dear anuragonline,

Thanks for submitting your videos for monetisation. We have disabled monetisation on the following videos because we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial-use rights for all content included:

If you can provide documentation that you have the necessary commercial-use rights for all elements in your video, please take a moment to learn how to claim rights to a video and then submit documentation using the links above.

Please note that we may only serve ads on advertiser-friendly content. YouTube reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether or not to monetise a video and may disable monetisation for users who repeatedly submit ineligible videos. If you currently have videos pending review, you may choose to opt them out of monetisation by visiting

Kind regards,

The YouTube Team

The following screenshot is of the claim form which is provided in the email itself. Now what I did was I went through website of Danosongs to find the PDF of copyright license and I found this link . I downloaded the file and attached it to the claim form. Also I mentioned that I have clicked the photographs and sent them the link of my facebook album where I have published the photographs.

youtube claim form

Unfortunately, there was no reply from youtube for atleast four days and then I decided to check if Youtube can give monetization on other videos or not so I applied for ads on all the remaining videos in my channel. It took three days but all of them got accepted for revenue sharing. It gave me a little hope but it started fading out slowly with time.

Then came a good news for me. I got approval for the video I applied claim for on 2nd April 2012. In the email they also mentioned that complete information was not submitted at the time of uploading the video which could be because of connection or browser failure.

As per me, it could be because of my negligence also. I might have missed some information and yes, I have not given any link to the copyright license when I uploaded the video. Anyway, for me, end of this story was happy and ads are active on the video now.

Hope this information and experiance will help some youtube partners to claim the revenue sharing on their videos. :)

Keep sharing, keep uploading and make more movies! Happy clicking :)


The video:


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A Promise – 11 Feb 2012

Dear Passion,

Today is promise day. I am not a kind of person who believes that love can happen only once or if I promised someone, I will stick to it for the lifetime. In many cases, I freak out when it comes to promise someone.

But when it comes to you, my whole thought process changes its position and I just look at you with a promise that I will be there for you, for ever. I do not want any promise in return. I do not want you to be around. I do not want you to sacrifice even a single dream just to make sure you are there for me.

I want you to go out and live like a free bird. Try different trees in different cities of the world. Make your career in the field you like and flourish like a true star. I have seen you working with complete dedication. I have seen the spark in you. I know you can do it even without my support.

I know I get angry or furious a lot when you do something which my mind does not accept but that is just because of the fact that I care for you. I can not promise you that I won’t scold you or fight with you but I can promise you one thing that I will be there to even slap you when you need one. I will be there to hug you and let you cry for hours. I promise to be there to listen to every bit of words which you want to share with me.

I promise that I will bring the lost smile on time :)

Always yours,


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Ek main aur ekk tu

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Ek main aur ekk tu is a movie by Dharma Productions directed by Shakun Batra. Its a story about and architect (Rahul played by Imran Khan) and a hair stylist (Riana played by Kareena Kapoor) who accidentally got married in Las Vegas after drinking a lot. They then apply to get their marriage annulled. Till this, it seems like to have touch of “What Happened In Vegas” but if you are expecting a comedy to that mark, please do not go to watch the movie.


The movie is basically a slow and dull love story. Rahul and Riana meet. They get married after drinking hell lot of shots and Singing the song ‘talli hai zameen’. Next day they realized that it was a mistake and applied to get the marriage annulled. Till this point, everything seems fine but slow.

The pace get more slower on later stages and after interval you will just pray that 110 min gets over asap. They fly to India to spend new year. Rahul falls in love. Riana though wants friendship only. They had a fight for two days but patch up. Amazingly, unlike bollywood movies, the end is little different which you may admire.

If you like Kareena and Imran so much, you can go with a group of friends who can scream and make fun out of movie otherwise just go with your bf/gf and enjoy spending some time with them. Not much fun in the movie.

Some scenes may make you smile not laugh. Emotional scenes are there but emotions are missing. Screenplay is okay. Post production is good. Songs are nice and catchy.

Screenplay: 2.5/5
Acting: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5
Emotions: 0.5/5
Overall: Max 2.7/5

Imran Khan as Rahul Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor as Riana Braganza
Boman Irani
Ratna Pathak Shah
Ram Kapoor

Video Review:


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Open Letter To A Special One – 09 Feb 2012

Quite daring I am. I know :D. So here it goes. From today, I am starting a series of letters. Open letters for the girl I love or I can say I loved. I still love her a lot but the thing is, being together in that way is just not possible at the moment. I neither want to force anything nor want to create an issue out of it. I just want to move with time.

Dear Passion,

It feels a little different when someone mention valentine’s day. For me being with you on the day meant for love, is something I always want to do but then as the moment passes, I start thinking about the time I spend regularly with you. Lunch, dinner, walking on the road side, shopping, sipping a cup of tea or even the time we spend working on computer. Every moment, every second is as special as it will be the valentine’s day.

The smile never goes off my soul when I am around you. The daily routine, stress and problems may make me look sad and depressed but your presence calms down everything in seconds. I remain silent just to make sure I do not say anything which may hurt you. I just can not see tears in those beautiful eyes.

Secretly, I do want. No, that does not mean I enjoy watching you cry but that moment can make me feel special. Selfish, but true. You can’t even imagine how much desire to live, it gives when you make me feel important and say I am your strength.

Still I want to spend the day with you. Not because it is a special day but I just want one more reason to be around you. I know you have different feelings for the day. I know I may not have even 1% chance to be with you on 14th Feb. Still, I have a small spark of faith that I can convince you or even drag you in some stupid bet ;).

Just say yes. For one day, be with me. For one more day, smile with me.



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