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Silent Message By An Artist

Without saying anything, I am just posting the video I made. Check and try to understand why we artists feel bad on many occasions.


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Get Your Payday Loan Without Faxing Documentation!

It is bad enough finding your balance is empty well before the posterior wage, and if you require to appeal for a short-dated loan to settle your money flow difficulties, nothing might be worse than searching for and faxing payday loans documents to maintain your submission. Time is flowing rather quickly in case you have an unpredictable cash case on your disposal, faxing instant payday loans online documentation, instance bank account information and pay sheets may be extremely ingurgitating and you may not be able to find the documentation you are required at the right anyway. While owning the opportunity to receive your no fax payday loan and use certain amount of wherewithal till your following wage you will not need to spend much time before you get the answer of the bank.

Payday loan is the quickest way you can take to get the essential amount of cash. You need to answer some nominal demands for instance being over the age of 18, a legal inhabitant, have a real bank account, and be in employment with ordinary income arriving, but except from you will experience that you get the approval you need as fast as it can be. This is good information for those people who received some emergency receipt to return, urgent vehicle renovation, or also the request to return for a medical emergency. It is evident, owing to no faxing instant payday loans subsistence; you can apply for a credit and receive the confirmation only in a matter of hours. Whilst having no fax payday loans, you will not need to wait long to find out you have received the answer, and the wait for the wherewithal to transfer to your banking account is also rather short.

In several hours you are going to reach this aim not leaving your seat. With that being noted, you can get your money instantly as soon as you get an approval. Fax free payday loans may be the perfect choice for people who do not need to over go their credit card line or overdraft.

The entire process takes no time at all, owing to fax free payday loans determinations provided by a lot of short-dated creditors. In case you possess unpredicted financial situation, getting access to fast finance is usually important, so the faster you may have it all set the better. In these conditions the payday loan companies will definitely give you the requested amount closing their eyes on concrete difficulties with your past credits.

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Mobikwik, online rechargeExperience with any company matters a lot. My experience with many companies is not that good but with some is pretty awesome. No one can actually live without a mobile phone these days especially when your work depends on quick service. I normally do not go for prepaid service but these days I am using two prepaid numbers, one for myself and other used by my mother.

I was using ICICI Bank mobile recharge interface to recharge both the numbers before Jan 2011 but it was giving a lot of trouble those days. I was aware of online recharge websites but never trusted them for some stupid fear I had. One of those websites, is Mobikwik. I knew the owner personally as he was in touch for domain/hosting services I was providing. After having a word with him, I thought of giving it a try.

First transaction:
For the very first time in my life I was able to recharge my mobile using paypal funds! Yes, those days I was able to transfer small amounts without paying via CC through paypal. It was pretty easy and mobile for recharged in few minutes.

First experience with Debit Card: 
Though being totally into web business, I always hesitated paying online. It was the first time I paid mobikwik another Rs.100/- using debit card gateway. Those days they used to charge a small fees of Re.1/- on every Rs.50/- payment as service charges but on the other hand the mobile got recharged with extra Rs.2/-.

First problem with mobikwik:
During my 5th or 6th transaction, my paypal funds got deducted from my account but were not credited in my mobikwik account. I was quite sure I won’t face any issue in getting them back or get them credited in account. I sent an email on their customer care email ID and waited for reply. Reply came 3 hours later but funds came before the email! I guess they forgot to reply after resolving the issue as I got the reply as “we are looking into the matter and will resolve asap.” :)

SMS recharge:
So easy and quick! I just need to send “RC Amount MobileNumber” to their recharge number and it gets done in seconds. Sometimes, yes I faced problem due to network error but 95% times it was successful. I do not need to add the number to my online account to recharge it via sms and this  is the best part.

Online interface:
Pretty easy and convenient. Though I am from IT background  but I can see how easy the navigation is on the website. I am sure those who are not too tech savvy can also use the website easily.

Contests and coupons:
They regularly update the users with offers, contests and coupons which I never win! My bad luck but on their part, kudos :). Apart from great service, they proved themselves pretty good in customer relationships.

1. Very easy to use.
2. Service charges not applicable these days and recharge amount is more than offline recharge.
3. Good customer care.

1. Sometimes give network error.
2. A little delay in peak hours which may go up to 2 hours.

Overall experience:
I am happy and if customer is happy, company wins. I highly recommend the website for online recharge purpose.  Would love to give them 9/10 for their services.

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On The Hook!

In a relationship, being on the hook is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The situation can occur for both the genders. The problem is you are on the hook for someone and you have kept someone on the hook on the same time. In this mess, we always choose the wrong person and fall for wrong person.

What is being on the hook? It simply means the person with whom you want to be is not letting you go away but on the same hand does not want to be in the relationship with you. This, on many occasions lead to a situation where that person uses you and you don’t even feel bad on being used. You will be ready to be available whenever he/she needs you. You will help him/her in work or studies and do whatever you can do or even do things out of the box just to make sure he/she feels good.

What is the problem? The problem is not with them but the problem is with you. You do not want to understand that you are just wasting time and you need to get over him/her. Once you realize how he/she is using you and keeping you as a backup plan, you will be able to get rid of the ‘feelings’ you have for him/her but that will not be easy. The phases of breakup will come though you both were never in a relationship.

How to find out if you are on a hook?

1.You are the one who make the plans.
2. You are the one who spend money.
3. You are the one who is the helping hand in all the assignments or on the work.
4. You will be called for household items but will never be invited to lunch or dinner.
5. Phrases like, “I cannot be with you right now.” “We are just friends but I love you a lot.” “Please do not expect much from me. I want to concentrate on my career.” “I am seeing someone else but I do not want to lose you.”

How to get over the feeling? There is no specific way. The only thing you can do is stay away from the person and try to live life the way you want. Do not offer any help and with time he/she will stop calling you. Once he/she realizes you are not around to help, two events may take place. One, he/she will try to find out what is the problem. That means you may had a chance but that’s only in a blue moon and secondly he/she will not even call you again. In that case, sorry but you were a dumb head.

Every person in the world, once in his/her life remains on the hook and keep someone on the hook. It’s all about give and take. You take from someone and give it to someone. The day you stop doing this, universe will stop responding in the same way. Find a good partner and be with him/her for rest of your live. Don’t be on hook :)

Spread love and get love.


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Buffalo for sale! on ebay!!!!!

Technology is entering everyone’s world. Its not just a phrase. Its a reality. To make sure you understand how real it is, here is the screenshot of what I found today on ebay’s Indian portal.

ebay buffalo sale

A milkman from Dwarka has posted a sale (bidding) on about his young buffalo which has been ‘used’ (I hope he only means for milking purposes) and is offering free shipment all over India! Amazingly he has a 7 day exchange warranty with the ‘item’ and the shipping cost of exchange will be taken care by the seller only. This is funny as well as a little debatable is such items (living) can be sold on ebay or not. I did a rough search to find any other pet or animal for sale but did not find any.

I hope the buffalo will find a new home soon ;) till then enjoy :P

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Can We Still Be Friends?

Dangerous question. Isn’t it? Well the situation is different for everyone so it may not apply in all cases. I am always amazed with the fact that once a girl or a boy has expressed the feelings towards the person he/she loves, the things change very quickly. Normally the ‘friendship’ they had before comes to an end with a yes or a

Why with yes? Shouldn’t it be more fun to be in a relationship with someone whom you were friend before? Yes, it should be! Going and proposing a random boy or girl out of nowhere and then regretting afterwards is a mess. I believe being a friend with someone is more important than being in a relationship in first few weeks or months. Calling this a jet age and everything has to be quick, won’t justify the actions.

Even I have taken bad decisions when it comes to relationships. From proposing to breaking up, every story of my life gave me a new lesson and when I look again, I find myself telling others that what they are doing is wrong but what I did was not at all different. It is amazing that when you are in love, common sense dies. It just gets vanished from your head and everything seems so much against your will that you fall for stupid mistakes. This creates issues in friendship.

The friendship which were proud of and were happy to be around. Yes, you can be friends after a yes or no. After a yes, it’s easier to be friends. You just need to avoid the J factor and be less possessive. Personal space is very important which we lack in giving away.

After a no, it’s hard but manageable. You may fall in again and again with him/her and ask if it is possible. This will only create more issues. The person will start taking every joke seriously and finally the time will come when he/she may even burst out loudly. It will be better if you just understand in one or two tries. If it’s a no, simply forget it and be friends. If the destiny wants you to be together as partners, time will change the mind.

The last girl I loved and still madly in love with her is totally different from the girls I liked. The spark, the feeling was amazing. Still I wonder why not me. The answer is simple. Common sense VANISHED! It was kind of my fault not to understand the situation properly. Amazingly, we are still good friends and I know nothing will happen in near future so friendship will get back on track soon.

It took really long for me to get the fact that I cannot be with her which was very hard for me. Some mistakes I committed. Some stupid steps I took to reach a level where I need to sit and think again. I cannot judge any girl’s mind when I like or love her. In love you are totally different person. The more you fall in love with the person the more you develop the other personality. With every other relationship or crush or proposal, it gets harder to control the new personality.

The only way to control is to understand that you are just friends and behave as friends only. Yes, the spark will ignite again and again but you need to suppress it or change it to the spark of friendship. You cannot jump on conclusions yourself. You can not suggest something to them till you know he/she will take it easily.

Loose temper, emotions, not so happy meetings are common in such situations. Be friends. Come closer and let the rest happen on its own. If you are meant to be together you will be together and if you are meant to be with someone else, the person will come and change your life.

You can be friends with the person you love. Try it.


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Connecting Mythology With Population

I am studying Indian history and mythology a lot these days. One by one some interesting facts are coming in front of me and trying my level best to connect things up. So some of my posts from now on will be related to such topics. The thing is, I am neither a good reader nor a good listener. To make me read and hear, the topic has to be very interesting. All thanks to a youtube video which showed the connections between modern time and the characters of Indian mythology. Poor me, I lost the link :/

Now, the main issue which we are facing these days is the population. Everything is connected to the increasing population. Cutting down forest, need of more resources, money problem, war, greed, unemployment, food problem or anything you can think off. When it comes to population, directly or indirectly it is making things worse.

While reading Gita, you will come across “Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.” Now, keeping this in mind, I was trying to figure out if anything can be related to the issues mentioned above. Here is the result.

As per our mythology or I should say teachings, same is with many other religions, the soul never dies. It just changes the body. As per Hindu mythology, after 8.4 million births, one get a chance to be human. In this birth he/she can achieve the ultimate moksha. The soul won’t be born again.

But what are we doing now? We are cutting forests, killing animals, making a lot of species just vanish from earth. The imbalance we are creating is just ruining the cycle (quoting 8.4 million rebirth theory here) and making the souls to be born in human form skipping the animal life.

Amazingly, in last few decades as the forests are going down in number and population is increasing, the human nature is getting more like animals. They are greedy, ready to kill, do anything for survival, more criminals and terrorists. Why? Are they still unconsciously following the cycle and behaving like animals which no longer exist in the cycle?

Also one more thing to notice is we are facing more natural hazards these days resulting in early deaths of many humans. Interestingly many animals species do not live as long as humans. Does that means skipping cycle does not affect the life span of those souls?

What if we reconsider growing forests and start protecting animals? What if we give a chance to animals to live their lives? I am pretty sure such step will result in aggressive fall in population. I know some people will find it stupid enough to discuss about but what if all this has a meaning?

Think once. May be a change is waiting ahead.

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