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Electricity Not Enough!

So morning came with a ‘shock’ from Chandigarh Electricity Department that we have to face regular cut of 3 hours daily as a lot of electricity projects around the area stopped working in last few months. What Chandigarh needs is 276-303 Megawatt of electricity but getting only 190-204 Megawatt. The administration thus decided to impose cuts. Now the following information will be a little helpful especially for those who do not have habit of reading newspaper and look on twitter/facebook for information! I know this is a little sarcastic :P

9 A.M. to 10 A.M and 3 P.M. to 3:30 P.M:

Sector 8 C – D | 9 C – D | 18 A – D | 19 C | 21 A – D | 22 A – D | 23 D | 32 D | 35 C | 36 C – D | 41 A, C -D | 42 | 43 A – D | 44 A, B, D | 45 D | 46 A | some parts of 51, 52, 55, 61

10 A.M. to 11 A.M and 3:30 PM to 4 P.M:

Sector 7 C | 8 B, C, D | 16 D | 17 | 18 A | 19 A, B, C | 20 A – D | 22 B, C | 27 D | 29 A, B | 30 D | 31 D | 32 A – D | 33 B, C | 34 A | 35 B | 36 A, B, D | 37 A – D | 41 A – D | 43 B | 44 B | 45 A – C | some parts of 46 B and C

11 A.M. to 12 P.M. and 4 P.M to 4:30 PM:

Sector 2 | 9 C, D | 10 A – D | 11 A – D | 12 A – D | 14 A – D | 15 A – D | 16 A – D | 17 A | 20 A – D | 21 B, C | 23 A, C, D | 24 A, B | 25 | 25 West | 33 A, D | 34 B, C, D | some parts of 35 A – D

12 P.M. to 1 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. to 5 P.M.

16 A, B, C | 17 B, C, D | 18 C, D | 19 C, D | 22 A, B | 23 A, C, D | 24 C, D | 29 C, D | 30 A – C | 31 A – C | 32 B | 37 A, B | 38 | 38 West | 39 | 40 | 44 B, C, D | 46 C,  D | 47 to 50 | Some parts of 56

1 P.M. to 2 P.M. and 5 PM to 5:30 PM

Manimajra, modern housing complex, Shivalik Enclave, Village Mauli and Complex, Vikasnagar, Janta and Kumhar colony sector 25, Aman colony, Ambedkar Colony, Dhanas colony, Village Daddumajra and Colony, Village Maloya and Colony, Ramdarbar Colony Phase 1 and 2, Indira Colony, Colony no.4, Colony no.5, Village Kajhedi, Nehru Colony, EWS colony sector 52, Makhan Majra, Hollamajra, Raipur Khurd, Bapudham colony, Behlana, Deep complex, Village Dadwa, some parts of Faida.

2 P.M. to 3 P.M and 5:30 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Sector 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 A – C | 8 A, B | 9 A – D | 10 A, B, D | 19 A, B | 26 | 27 A – D | 28 | 30 B | some parts of I.T. Park.

This is the proposed schedule by electricity department. Now is there any catch? Yes! The department is very clever as they gave information time wise and not sector wise. If you check and add the time of the cut sector wise you will find that the cut which seems to be of 1 hour in one stretch is actually a 2 hour cut. Like I am living in 23 D so  I have to face an electricity cut from 11 A.M to 12 P.M. , 12 P.M. to 1 P.M. (no break) 4 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. to 5 P.M. making it a 3 hour cut in total. So go ahead and calculate your time without electricity. Make sure you make full use of the in both cases i.e. with and without electricity. If in office in particular sectors, go out and have some fun in case there is no power backup. :)

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Photographers Everywhere! The Day Is Not Far….

When I was a small child, people used to say that one day there were so many doctors and engineers that every second person will be into same job and it will become hard to manage things. Fortunately that never happened as technology gave birth to so many different fields that there is no end now a days.

Last year when I took photography as profession, I thought it won’t be hard to stay in the field as artists find way out easily but somehow, the camera and mobile companies have made it so easy to become a photographer now! Buy a smart phone or even a Rs.5k phone and woosh! You own a 3.5 Megapixel camera!! or buy a low budget camera from Nikon or Sony! Only Rs.4600/- and you own a 10 Megapixel camera with 3x-4x optical zoom with tons of features. Now with all that ease, every other (by every I literally mean every other) person is a ‘photographer’ these days. I do not understand if they know the meaning of photographer or not but I know one thing that just buying a camera does not make you a photographer. Its the sense of composition and technical knowledge which makes you a photographer. Buying a camera will make you a camera owner, just a CAMERA OWNER.

Anyway, people won’t understand difference between pressing the button and making a composition. Lets just forget about all this and concentrate on what I want to write :) I am presenting a day which will come for sure and will come very soon. The day when there will be so many photographers that they need to roam on streets to find work. They will do announcements like,”Get photo in just Rs.100/-” or “Get two free with one” or “Come out and get portfolio for just Rs.300/-“!! Anyway, it can be done for free also! We photographers are loved till until we don’t open our mouth for money. The moment we ask for money, we become “the button pressing guy”. The following conversation is a fiction conversation between a lady and a photographer who is roaming on streets to find some work just like ‘sabzi wala’ or ‘raddi wala’ roam here and there or sometimes even the ‘chakku choori tez karne wala’.

Photographer: Come out! Get clicked! Only for Rs.100/- per photo! Come now! Get Clicked! I have Canon 5D mark II!! RAW/JPG all available! Print Instantly! Full Kit!! (continues screaming in loud voice)

Lady: Bhaiya how much for 5 photos?

Photographer: Rs.500/- madam! With prints! A4 size!!!!

Lady: What? Are you making me a fool? I got one clicked for Rs.70/- yesterday with A3 print.

Photographer: Ma’m quality and experience matters a lot. That must be an amateur photographer.

Lady: No, the print quality was good and photographer had Nikon! Not canon like you.

Photographer: Ma’m it depends on person to person which camera s/he likes and which suits him/her more. I will also do photo editing to enhance colors in front of you.

Lady: No no. I do not want any extra service. I need five photographs of my children urgently. If you can do them for 50 per photo then I will get it done otherwise I will find someone else. There are 100s of you who come here daily!

Photographer: 50 is too less ma’m. It won’t even match the cost of camera, photoshop, time and print.

Lady: Photoshop is free right? My son downloaded it from torrent last night!

Photographer: Mine is genuine…

Lady: So what! It must have not took all money from you!

Photographer: Okay I should leave…

Lady: Stop stop. Take 65 per photo.

Photographer (thinks for a moment): 80.

Lady: 70

Photographer: 75

Lady: done

Now, I the photographer, will take some time of yours who laughed at above conversation. This happens will all of us on daily basis.

I can not charge even Rs.5000/- for a portfolio because someone else will do it for free as s/he has bought a DSLR with his/her parents’ money and want to use it.

I feel ashamed of calling myself a photographer when a camera owner with a stupid mobile camera comes in front of me and say,”dude are you a photographer? Me too!! see my photos! I click with my smart phone! 5 MP it is!” Dude what the F? When did Mega Pixels start making photos good? Max of such people does not even know what light control is. I admit even I learnt with time but at that time I never called myself a professional photographer. I was a photographer by hobby.

I feel bad when I see someone clicking on Auto mode in controlled conditions when s/he can try hand on other settings. After that they just curse the camera and say,”I don’t know why the hell camera can not click good photos.” Excuse me? What is the camera’s fault? Its just a machine. It can not control light on its own. Auto mode is for beginners and if you can not come out of that phase and use manual mode, why the hell you are even trying to make a composition?

Everytime someone says, “nice photo! You have a great camera” or “Wow you know a lot of photoshop!” I feel like killing myself. Yes, I use photoshop for trick photography and color enhancements but composition is my creativity. Photoshop and camera has nothing to do with it. I can do wonders with a compact camera or even a pin hole camera :/.

So please cut the crap, stop calling yourself a photographer if you can not handle the responsibility :) let us enjoy the designation ;)

Felt bad? So what :P I wrote this to make you realize :P :P :P have fun ;)

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The Relationship Status

I was in a “Relationship” but “It’s complicated” now. The most fascinating thing over the internet or I must say social networks is the relationship status of a person. Sometimes interesting and sometimes looks just fake and a way to gain attention. In past few years I have seen and tested a lot of things over relationship status. How and why people change them and how their contacts react to it. Though relationship status is just to tell people how personal you can go over social network, this can be a real pain for some people in one or the other way. As this section reveals the bitter side of the relationships, I thought why not pick these statuses and tell the hidden meanings if any!

Normally, you get the following Relationship Status to choose from:

  1. Single
  2. In A Relationship
  3. Engaged
  4. Married
  5. It’s Complicated
  6. In an Open Relationship
  7. Widowed
  8. Separated
  9. Divorced

Though 40% of the people put their actual relationship status, rest of them either hide them or put a fake one. I will go on them one by one and will tell what the person will be thinking if the status is fake. No hard feelings, nothing to feel bad about. These are my opinions and nothing should be considered as the final verdict ;) ask your partner why s/he posted that to know the ‘real’ reason :)

  1. Single: Normally this means I am not in a relationship with anyone and looking for someone. As there is no option of “Single and looking/not looking” maximum of the singles mean they are looking. Also there are some people who are in a relationship or even married but keep their status single. There can be several reasons like ‘they are not happy’, ‘they don’t want to LEAK the name’, ‘they love to be called single’, ‘they are just too desperate :/’.
  2. In a relationship: Very interesting status message. Whenever someone goes into a relationship over social network, comments like congrats, party, way to go, kaun hai, who s/he! can be seen and when someone goes to a lower version, the whole scene changes to sad one and comments like move on, its a part of life, what happened, all well, try to get together again and other consolidations come in. Unfortunately maximum of such change are just to gain attention of the contacts. Many people change the status just for fun. This sometimes make them a little popular among opposite sex and they get what they want!
  3. Engaged: This is 90% times true and sometimes end in breaking the engagement so I do not think I should comment on this but yes rest of 10% make fun of this too by putting name of person from same sex. This sometimes creates hoax among their friends which ended up with laughter.
  4. Married: End of life :P sometimes used for fun but maximum times its true.
  5. It’s complicated: This simply means ‘you were the biggest mistake of my life and you are just a waste of time. Being with you is just so annoying these days that I am feeling like killing myself. I do not understand why the hell I selected you among all the girls/boys around and still wonder how come you were the sperm who won the race.”
  6. In an open relationship: This is the most interesting relationship status ever made. This is something which is “in fashion” these days. Open relationship means the couple is together but they do not bother with whom their partner is going out or making out! They just live together, have fun together and enjoy the time till they are separated.
  7. Widowed: No comments. This is serious one. Still some people use it for fun and I do not want to comment on them.
  8. Separated: Means both the partners are not together but there are still some feelings otherwise divorced or single would be the status.
  9. Divorced: I wish this does not happen with anyone :) and everyone have a happy married life :)


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Side Effects Of Breaking Up

In the previous post of this section, I mentioned a few reasons of breaking up and the reality behind them. Once you break up with someone, there is a time period which is consumed in getting out of it. This time period varies from person to person depending on where s/he lives, his/her past, bringing up, nature of people around, how social s/he is etc. Once break up happens, one or both partners try to patch up with some ‘solid’ reasons. Though the reasons they give are not true. They occur because of the imbalanced state of mind a.k.a “dimag ka chemical locha”.

When you are in love, your body releases several chemicals which make you feel happy and secure and on the day of breakup the chemicals change their nature. This seems stupid but scientifically this is true. Okay I know I am talking non sense here. Lets get back to the point. The following are some of the reasons which lead to trials for patch up.

1. I can not live without him/her.

The most common and most stupid reason to give. The person who was in your life, was not since you were born. You spent so much time in your life without him/her. How is this possible that you can not live without him/her anymore? This is true that s/he has made his/her space in your life and after s/he left the space is just empty. Any emptiness is not good especially when we are talking about heart but the space can be filled if you try to do so. Just trying to patch up because you can not live without him/her is like cheating on yourself.

2. I can not find a better person.

How lame it can be! Who said s/he was the best person in life? You are only scared of finding another person to fill the space. You are also scared of investing time on everything again. In your unconscious mind, you know there can be someone better as the world is huge enough and that girl/boy was not the last one left on the planet.

3. If someone else touches me, I feel him/her.

Really? I thought every person has different aura. How can you feel him/her? The thing is you do not want to get touched any more because you still have feelings for him/her. It is very important to move on otherwise you will never be able to get the physical and mental satisfaction. Touch is something which calms your senses beyond limits. The main issue here is that you are scared of other men/women now. To get rid of the feeling you can also try joining dance classes especially in which you need partner. That can be a big help.

4. I will loose myself.

Like if s/he was the one who found you the first hand! It was your parents, family, friends, teachers etc who helped you to become what you are today. You have changed yourself according to the person you are in love with despite of the fact that s/he is the only person who loved the changed you and rest of the circle loved you the way you were before meeting him/her. Now after s/he left, you neither can go back nor can change yourself again for someone, which is just a myth. The moment you realize that you can change again if you have changed yourself once, you will start moving forward.

5. No one can love me more than him/her.

Go and ask your friends and family. They will tell you who loved you more. Look around and see what you have missed during this relationship. If it is broken for some reason, it was meant to be broken. You are just scared of being alone and think that you will miss the love s/he used to give you. When you need someone in life you can find a lot of people around. You just need to see once which you do not want to do it right now.

6. I may turn homosexual!

Though this is very rare but I really got this reason from one of the girls who came to for counselling. I was shocked to hear it once but after talking for a while I realize she was scared of getting in touch with another male partner. In few days, she was fine and if a stubborn girl like her can get out of such a strange phase, anyone can get out of it.

7. Once the world knows about this, everyone will start using me.

This is an actual statement of a blunt girl who used to be online active and was very social too. The main fear was being used by other male friends. This is natural and can easily be removed. You just need to control your emotions and meet people like nothing has happened. No one can use you without your permission.

The above mentioned 7 reasons were the most common reasons I came across during last three years of being a counselor for relationships. Most of the people I came across were either in a breakup phase or had a breakup recently. Broken, tired and some of them even out of senses.

This is very strange behavior of human mind that when we leave someone with whom we were for such a small period, we start loosing hope and harm ourselves. It is not important to hurt ourselves for someone who left us in middle of such a beautiful relation. Moving forward and making new partner is what we need at the moment. As I have mentioned before, “memories are meant to make you smile. If you can not smile on the memories than you need to wipe them out for the new one.” Keep moving and leave what left you behind.

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The “Reasons” for breaking up! The Reality Behind Every Reason…

For me relationship is something where you can add a lot of spices but most of the relationships do not last for long and they come to a bitter phase known as break up. There are so many known reasons for breaking up with someone but 99% of them have hidden meanings. After having a handful of relationships and counseling so many people who came for a solution for their relationship issues, I came up with a conclusion that behind every said reason, there is a set of reasons which were never told. I hope, following reasons, with explanation will change the view of a lot of people.

Reason 1: Its me not you.

A very cheesy dialogue used by mainly male partners. Think over it my dear. How can someone blame himself or herself for a break up? No one does from heart. By saying this, they are just throwing everything on you. Most of them will say bad things about you behind your back.

Reason 2: I need Space.

A very valid reason given by both male and female partners. This mainly occurs when partners get over possessive and things go out of control. When you stop your partner from meeting friends (as if you know them better and know what is good for him or her), interfere in his/her personal life, check emails, sms and social network accounts without notifying them. At that time they just need to teach you a lesson and want the personal space back. There might also be someone else in his/her life who may need time at the moment. It is not necessary that s/he is cheating on you but the friend may need him/her more than you for sometime.

Reason 3: I need to find myself.

This means you are irritating him her a lot and s/he need sometime for himself/herself. This also means that in the relationship till now you have changed him/her to that extend that s/he has actually lost the identity they had. This change is not easy to digest and result in breakup.

Reason 4: I do not think its working out.

This simply means you are my biggest mistake in life till date and you should get lost from my life. You actually do not deserve me and I might have found a better one too :P. Moreover I do not like the way you life, behave, talk etc anymore. So just get lost. (The reason is just an easier way to say all this)

Reason 5: The bond/romance/love has gone.

This means you are repeating same tactics to please him/her and not even trying to find new ways to make him/her happy and keep the relationship alive. This is obvious that after such monotony, the relationship will come to an end.

Reason 6: You won’t change.

This actually means when s/he fell for you, you looked the way s/he wanted you to be but on later stages s/he found you are different. S/he tried to his/her level best to change you but you are so stubborn that you did not change yourself. (I am proud of you if you did not change anything in you). So all the time s/he invested on you was wasted and they need to find a “better” option than you who can change himself/herself according to them.

Reason 7: I love you but I am not in love with you.

Ah! so confusing till you understand the meaning of love but here using the statement for breakup means the person is not at all interested in you anymore.

Reason 8: This all happened so quickly, I do not even find time to think.

This simply means s/he tried to know you better and dig in your private life but you keep your personal life so personal that s/he has started getting bored of being with you. S/he just do not want to spend more time with you.

Reason 9: You deserve someone better.

This simply means you are not worth. S/he feels it was a wrong decision and they can find a better and more interesting option. S/he is just throwing you out of his/her life like a sugarless chewed chewing gum.

Reason 10: My parents won’t agree.

Ah! Mumma’s boy/girl! Making them proud by dumping you! The thing is, the reason behind this could be the orthodox nature of family, status difference, different thinking or it can be like s/he do not want to go for a long term relationship and just giving a stupid excuse to leave you and move forward with someone else. After a certain period of time, a better option always come in front of everyone and s/he may ‘realize’ how bad the decision was to go in relationship with you.

Reason 11: I am getting married.

What the hell! What was that then? Those promises, spending time and all? It was just a time pass. Time spent and its time to get settled with someone ‘better’, ‘beautiful/handsome’ and ‘deserving’ than you. You were just a phase of life which has to go with time.

These 11 reasons are the most common reasons behind a breakup. There are a lot more things which can be called the bitter side of relationship. Will explain and write about them later :) till then scan your past relationships and think. What was your ‘reason’?

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You know or understand him/her?

It seems like its been ages since I wrote something on relationship here on my blog. Anyway, the time was seriously an issue but today, I guess its best time to write. Facebook, as you all know is a part of daily life. You make friends, comment on wall posts, check photos etc. Overall it brings you a bit closer to people far away and in some cases break some relationships too. Getting out of ‘gyan’ now. The idea actually came from a friend’s wall post where she wrote about views of her friend about her nature. Somehow, the discussion looked like an argument at a level but the outcome was really interesting.

After thinking over the different points, I came to a conclusion that there is a huge different when you say “I know him/her” and “I understand him/her”. In a relationship, no matter it’s a relationship of a friend, family or life partner, knowing is never enough and will not be enough. I can know what s/he likes or hates or what makes him/her angry or cry. But the issue will stand in between when I only know him/her and do not understand the feelings.

We all are short tempered, we all say crap when we are angry and we all can destroy any relation in moments. But if one of the people during arguments thinks a little sensibly, the scene can be different. The particular friend of mine and I have a lot of things in common including the thinking, behavior and nature. This can be a real trouble when we argue on something. But if I or she does not counter the point at that moment and clear out things calmly after understanding whets in the mind, things can be easily sorted out.

When I know someone that means I know about his/her general life and when I understand someone that means I know the real him/her. I know what can be dangerous for the relationship and what can take it to another level. How much time you spend with him/her does not matter. It does not matter for how long you know him/her. It’s just about the moment it clicks and you come close. Being a good friend, a life partner or just a contact depends on how much you understand.

Just knowing someone will only give a block to stay in the heart of that person but if you understand him/her, you own the heart. :)



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Jul 11, 2011

Doggy Business

Frankly speaking, I am fed up of the statement “All men are dog”. This is one of the most common statement I heard from women. For one or the other reason, they curse us and call us dog. Though calling us dog make them out of the category of humans but anyway, this remains the favorite statement ever.

Few months back, I posted a post on facebook wall that I agree we all men are dog but we also have categories and standards. Now keeping the thing in mind that we will remain dogs for the ladies out there for the whole life as they will not see us as humans, why not lets accept it in a humorous way :) Following, is the explanation why ladies (or should I call them our BIT##S) should check before choosing a man. Normally they do not see what they can see in a man. This should help :P

Okay, I accept all men are dog (stated above also) but why can’t you the ladies out there see some points before hanging with one?

  • -> We all have breeds like dogs. You need to check for the best suitable one ;)
  • -> In every breed or category, we have trained and untrained sections. Choosing an untrained one will be your problem not ours.
  • -> Some breeds are more active some are not and some are moderate. Please check your background before choosing one :P
  • -> We can bite as well as love. It is your behavior which force us to do such things. So better mind yourself and don’t curse us.
  • -> We love food :) if you are on diet we simple do not care. Choose any breed, any category. This will remain same.
  • -> Give and get love. Do not try to change us after accepting us. Changing will lead to biting. We are already trained for more than 18 years!! Get a life lady :P
I hope all ladies will take it ‘seriously’ and choose ‘wisely’. For rest, life is full of humor. Accept the moments as funny one and pass this to your male and female friends.
Ending the note with a “bow bow” ;)
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