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Allow Fans to Tag Photos

Facebook page owners,especiallyphotographers, regularlyuploadphotographs clicked by them on their pages. Though, they can tag the people in the photograph but by default the fans can not tag the photos. This is amazing that a lot of page owners are not even aware of the fact. Tagging the people in the photograph not only help to promote the page but also allow people to share the photos with others.

I, personally do not encourage tagging as it may sometimes lead to spamming but at a certain point I also relaize the importance. So after doing a little bit of research, here is the way to allow fans to tag photos on your fan page a.k.a like page :)

  • Go to your page and click on Edit Page link on the top right.
  • Now Click on the Apps option on the lift. It is the 8th option in the menu list.
  • Click on ‘go to App’ link below photos.
  • Now you will find two different options one is to allow to add photos and other is to allow tagging. you can allow both or one. To allow tagging just change the option to ‘Allow fans to Tag photos’.


And you are done :)

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Anna Hazare – Voice of Young India

Title seems nice, the man seems nice, he is doing nice and govt is on the backfoot. Everything seems so what I think is quite unrealistic. I am not saying Hazare ji is doing wrong or the steps that are being taken have some flaws but what I want to point out is the way govt is behaving. I read about the Jan Lokpal Bill over the Internet and the information what I got can be drafted in a single sentence here. “Jan Lokpal Bill if passed, will work as totally independent body just asSupremecourt or Electioncommissionand will investigate thecorruptioncases. Also the body will try to fasten the judiciary system to close the pending cases. I have huge respect forhonorableSupremecourt but I am not sure about electioncommission. No offence :)

Theoretically, its perfect but what on the practical grounds. No doubt I am not some law expert to talk about this but when I look around, after so many years what we have achieved is money in swiss bank accounts, corrupt politicians and govt officials, crores and crores of money vanished in scams and things like that. Even to get cured, one has to give Rs.100/- bribe to the attendant who handle files at govt hospitals!

Every single paisa which I pay in tax or to get rid of small problems, which is commonly known as bribe, hurts and it hurts a lot. I remember when I read biography of Bhagat Singh. He mentioned the situation we are facing once when he was talking to his friends. Every single word written in the book is coming true. What should I say? The practical thinking of Bhagat Singh beatNostradamus? Though it is a little sarcastic for the present politicians but unfortunately its true.

All we need is a better leader. No country or a group of people can move further without a leader and someone has to take the responsibility. In last 60 years many people tried to eradicate thecorruptionbut failed. Anna Hazare is moving faster than them because of the media and Internet. These two mediums are connecting people and the moveent is getting stronger everyday.

But still some questions keep on poking my mind.

  1. How far it can go? It is true that every citizen of India who is not the earning part of the corrupt system, is standing against it and there are also some black sheep in the crowd who are trying to mix up with the crowd and saving their ass. But if you look around, you will the number of earning people in the game called corruption is more than who are paying. So this question will keep on poking me for some more time.
  2. What about Anna Hazare? He won’t come in politics and that a sure thing. But what if someone uses his name? That will create issues for sure as political parties have already started trying to use his name.
  3. What next? Moveent have started. Everyone is sending sms, posting status updates, joining candle march and all but will this be sufficient? Govt is on backfoot only because media is with Anna Hazare. Okay do you remember the the movie Rann? Thats the true story of politics. It takes merely one day to ruin the image of someone. One negative news about the moveent and everything will collapse like the house of cards. This kind of scares me as the moveent is gaining the pace very quickly.
  4. What about the politicians? Who is not involved in thecorruption? Every single politician is. “Everything can be sold out, you just need to know the way.”

I know I am not going out and supporting him in one or the other way but practically I am doing my part and that I know will have some effect for sure. For those who think I just know how to sit at home and relax, I have not paid a bribe from last 5 years for anything and still I am not in mood to do so. I was not waiting for this moveent to get started, I was doing what I can do at my level.

Going out on march and yelling will not solve the problem. You have cure yourself first. Stop giving money to get work done. Then yell :)

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WordPress 3.1 released

As the time is moving, wordpress is getting more and more intelligent and user friendly. With the launch of wordpress 3.1, a new feature has been added to the front end for admins. A bar which can be handy and makes it easy to launch the admin features.

Also, the linking system in WYSIWYG mode of edit/new post/page allows to add link from own content. Here is the update information from wordpress.

Missed you on Valentine’s day. We were busy, busy, busy coding away on thisWordPressthing. It’s blogging software but people have started using it for pretty much everything, powering their entire website.

The new 3.1 release is pretty cool, it has a new admin bar so you’re never more than one-click from your admin and adding links in the WYSIWYG is now like 42x faster and includes a lookup to make it easy to link to your own posts and pages.

There’s a ton more, actually, check it out:

This is definitely the best WordPress since the last time we released WordPress, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.


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Beware Before You Call!

Telecom companies always try to show that they care about their Postpaid customers more than prepaid and give them a lot of benefits which Prepaid customer do not get. To a certain extend this is true but when you remain with them for a period of time and some mess gets created over one or other issue between you and the company, the nightmare starts.

The whole issue started last year when there was some issue with the Vodafone collection department when a girl called one of my friend saying she is from courier company and asked for my address. Now there are some points which have to be kept in mind.

  1. I am their customer since 2006 and they have my address and alternate phone number since then. If there is any change in the number or address, I have updated themperiodically as I need the bills as address proof for some documentations.
  2. When it comes to bills, my record with Vodafone was always up to date.

After Vodafone took over Hutch in India, I regularly faced issues on network and the call drop was quite high so I shifted to Airtel. Meanwhile I kept my phone switched off and requested vodafone office to switch of any facility/VAS on my mobile which they didn’t and the bill kept on growing where as I thought its coming to be only INR 50 per month and that is not a big issue for anyone and will clear it often.

As my phone was switched off, and they kept on adding rent to it, it grew to a handsome amount of INR 2000/- which should be around INR 100/- as per my knowledge. On the same period I was looking for a newaccommodationand forgot about the number as I was using Airtel number primarily. Vodafone sent the bill to collection department which instead of coming to my place for bills started calling my friends and clients saying they are from courier company and asked my address and alternate phone number which vodafone already had!

When Ireceivedthe call I did not bother about from where they got the number as I have always updated my profile but the issue came to my knowledge when two of my friends mentioned about the call. I called back on the number from which I recieved the call and asked them from where they are calling which the girl replied the same answer of courier company.

On the same very day I went to Vodafone office. Told the whole story and the girl on the counter promised me that now all VAS will be removed and I shall get anapologycall in 24 hours which never happened. They again messed up the situation and did not switch off any VAS and the bill again raised to same amount. Now the number was again off as for me there is no rental on the phone. They repeated same courier thing!

Vodafone passes the call details to collection department and they call to every number to which you call regularly. There is no privacy or what so ever for you with them.

The simplest way out is get your number prepaid and get rid of such stupid people. I wanted special numbers but now I wont care about them and will choose prepaid only. As on now I am filing a PIL against them asap so that such information leak can be controlled.

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Understanding Facebook Page Insights

Facebook page, as I have mentioned before, are gaining popularity very quickly these days and as facebook is enhancing the features, it is becoming more easy to handle them and get most out of them. The main difference between the website and page is that you can not drag people to your website so easily but dragging them to facebook page is way more easy. Moreover the page also helps you in gaining visitors for your website.

Now, when we talk of the facebook page, every admin wants to have the information about the visitors in your hand so that you can see what kind of visitors you are getting and from where they are coming. Facebook has provided a feature called Insights to make sure that the admins have the information about the visitors in their hands so that they can work on the things easily and more effectively.

Unlike Awstats or Google Analytics, facebook insights have lesser options but can be called more than enough to start up with. I am also testing some ways out there to use Google Analytics in facebook page so that I can have more and better options but till then, Insights is what I will call a savoir.

As there are so many options in the Page Insights, I am breaking the blogposts in parts so that it gets a little easy to understand them.

To check insights:

  1. Goto your facebook page.
  2. Click on View Insights from the right panel.
    Facebook page Insights
  3. You will see the following chart. Now you have three options in the first chart i.e. Daily Active Users, Weekly Active Users and Monthly Active Users. You can click on the check buttons with them to switch them On/Off. By default they are on.
    Main user graph Facebook page Insights
  4. From the following shown image, you can change the time period for the stats.
    Change Time Period Facebook page Insights
  5. This is how the Daily, Weekly and Monthly stats show up date wise when you mouse over on the graph lines.

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Feb 14, 2011

How to Change Landing Tab Of Facebook Page

Facebook page is increasing its popularity a lot as being a social network website, it is very easy to attract people from different parts of world to come to your page and see the work done by you. You can also target a specific audiance if you are working in a particular area. Now, when someone comes to your page, you can specify what should they see if they are visiting it for the first time or have not pressed the like button.

In general, there are 4-5 tabs activated which can be found under applications and more tabs can be added which I will explain in some other post. As of now, you can follow the following steps for the visitors to see.

  1. Login to your facebook account.
  2. Go to your facebook page.
  3. Go to the “Edit Page” section from the top right link.
  4. Choose the second option from the list on left side i.e. “Manage Permissions”.
  5. On the page, you will find a drop down “Default Landing Page” where you can select what ever you want like Wall, Info, Photos, Notes etc.
  6. Once you have selected, press the Save Changes button” in end of the page.

You are done with the required changes :)

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How to Change Category of Facebook Page

It was kind of a dream before but the changes which facebook has bought in last update, you can now change the category and the sub category of your page. The main problem people faced after creating a page is, after a period of time they realized that the category they havechosen was not correct but then they either have to go with the wrong category or they have to recreate the page. But not if you made a mistake, you can change it.

How to:

  1. First login to your facebook account and go to your page.
  2. Click on the “Edit Page” button on the top right.
  3. Go to “Basic Information” tab from the left menu.
  4. Choose the Category and Group from the drop down menus. You may need to change some of the information in the fields below as facebook has different fields for different categories.
  5. Save the changes.

You are done :)

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