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Chapter 2 – It won’t end!

(Anuj and Prof. chanting together a mantra to get rid of a devil soul. Anuj is not aware of the hole that Prof. Arora accidentally left and is trying to help him to get rid of the problem immediately. Anuj, son of a tantrik and a very famous astrologer Pandit Shankar Maheshwari, practices tantra vidya in a very secret manner. Unlike Prof.Arora he has no intentions to come out as an expert.)

Anuj: “Om krim phat swaha”. Sunny just throw the box away. Don’t wait now.

Prof Arora threw the box in his hand. With a small blast everything suddenly went silent.

Anuj: What the hell was that? You said it’s just a regular soul creating disturbance. You call this a regular ghost?

Prof Arora: I am not sure what I am dealing with. Anuj everything is getting so strange lately. I know this all is my fault and I have to get rid of this as soon as possible.

Anuj: Sunny this is not going to be easy. What do you mean by your fault? Will you just explain? And please do nothesitatein shedding out details. You know I will help.

Prof Arora: It all started when I met Mrinali in Virginia. She was always interested in my work. From minor detail to everything I knew, was in her knowledge. She completed her studies and was planning to come back to India. I had 2 months left with my studies so I asked her either to wait for me or she can come back here and I will join her later. Her parents wanted her to come back so instead of using regular mode of communication to stay in touch for the two month time, she asked me to teach her telepathy. Dadu gave me detailed overview of it so I just shared the knowledge.

In starting it was pretty hard but later on we both became good in it. Somehow, she managed to learn it deeply. The day I planned to come back, I got one thought from her that she is sensing something fishy at home and she knows something is going to happen to her. I called her and asked her to go to my place and stay there until I reach back.

She did the same. I took my flight on 1st September and she was killed in a road accident on 2nd. Everything happened so quickly but left a thought in my mind. I am not sure if this was a message from Mrinali or it is just a thought in my mind but I strongly feel that Mrinali was killed in a properly planned accident.

Anuj: Wait wait. You mean someone murdered her? But why?

Prof Arora: I told you his family follows some guru who thinks I am ruining their family. They threatened me and Mrinali several times not to stay in touch.

Anuj: You are getting insane. Anyway, go ahead.

Prof Arora: I then decided to call her back and talk so that I can find out the reason behind her death. Dadu told me that “Shamshan Vidhi” to call souls back which is way safer than other ways but it was too late for it. I then tried the “Kaal stuti” in which Isucceed. She came and started talking to me. First few seconds were fine but then suddenly something went wrong and she started screaming and I freaked out. I accidentally took my hands off the “yantra”. You remember 2 days back suddenly weather changed? That time it happened.

For few minutes everything looked creepy but then it was fine. I thought she went back and I can try later but I forgot Dadu mentioned to close the doors before standing up which I forgot.

Anuj: You are an asshole. Big time. You know what have you done?

Prof Arora: I know. Now tell me what to do.

Anuj: Dadu se poocha?

Prof Arora: Himmat nahi padi…

Anuj: Chal lets see what he has to say in this. I will talk to him. I think only he can help us now. It just won’t end like this.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Date 8th September 2008. Location, Chandigarh India. Prof. Arora (Stotr Arora) was walking down the street and trying to recall what all happened in last few hours. He lost his love, Mrinali and accidentally put the whole city in danger.

A degree holder in paranormal studies fromUniversity of Virginia, Prof Arora never thought he would ever do a silly mistake like this. In his childhood, he spent his time with his grandfather who used to practice “tantra vidya” in a scientific way and in his whole life he kept on trying to make sure that the paranormal world can help the real world, the world we see.

Influenced by his thoughts, Prof Arora did his degree in same field and came back to India to learn more about Indian Tantra. His grandfather was a big hope for him and his notes were helping a lot.

His life took a major turn when hisfiance died in a road accident and he tried to contact her just to make sure she died in accident and it was not a planned murder. He somehow managed to leave a hole in the paranormal world and a whole new sequance of incidents started taking place around him.

Bundled in 35 chapters, the book will move slowly from the verybeginningi.e. about his studies, meeting Mrinali, moving on with the studies in India, experiments, location hunting etc. followed by death of Mrinali, contacting her and finally thebeginningof supernatural or paranormal activities in the city.


Prof Stotr Arora
Mrinali Sharma
Daddu (Dr.Trinetra Arora) Grandfather
Dad (Mr.Krishna Arora) Father
Maa (Mrs.Sati Arora)
Mr.P.K.Sharma (Mrinali’s Father)
Mrs.Sharma (Mrinali’s Mother)
Friends: Anuj Shankar, Diksha Arora, Subhash Garg

As the characters start appearing in the story, list will be updated.


Disclaimer: This is a fiction. I have done a rough study on paranormal activities, tantra sadhna and other details to use in the story. If any name, incident or any detail matches with any person/incident in real life, it should be consideredentirely coincidental.

Copyright: The story is under copyright of Anurag Bhateja. It can not be copied or used for any commercial/non commercial purpose without written permission.

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