How to propose – Tip 2

First of all, thank you for appreciating the last article. Someone asked me that if the tips I am giving here worked for me or not. Well some of the tips coming up will be one I have tried like this one :) This is tried and tested! Anyway, lets get back to business. The main thing to take care in this tip is you need to understand if she is going to like this or not. You better know her so decide if you are going for this one. This is going to be very UNHEALTHY though :P

1. Get to know about her taste in pastries and cakes. If it is chocolate/pineapple or whatever.
2. Find the best place where you can sit, order a small cake/a set of pastries and can eat there.
3. Call her and fix the time. Make sure you are not picking her up this time. She has to come on her own.
4. Buy a red rose. As mentioned in last tip, it will be easy for her to keep it with her.
5. Now reach the place atleast 20 minutes before time and ask the shop owner to get the cake ready. Get written “I love you”/”Marry Me” or whatever you want to write but make sure it should look romantic. Make sure you do not serve this yourself. Ask them to server along with a red rose.

How to?
As soon as she arrives this is time to make the impression. Pull the chair and you know that :) After talking for a while just give a hint to the waiter to bring the cake along with the red rose. Control your emotions till the stuff arrives and then as soon as it is in front of her DON’T YOU DARE TO UTTER A SINGLE WORD for a while. Wait for few seconds and then ask,”liked it? Tell me what you have to say. No matter its yes or no. I am here for you forever.”

I hope the answer will be yes :)

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