How to propose – Tip 3

Missed! Was quite busy yesterday so was not able to post this one on time. Anyway, I hope till now the two tips have worked well for someone atleast or will do some miracle in future. This one, the third, is going to be full of work and time consuming. Results will be awesome for sure :)

How to work:
1. Get a friend of her in confidence. Make sure she keeps her busy for the whole day. Whatever the thing could be like shopping, eating out, movie or whatever. You just need to make sure she does not get much time to call you or talk to you.
2. Now what you need is to get few things from market. A good number of heart shaped balloons, old magazines/newspapers (magazines, you can dig out at home. you need to cut them off so better buy them from some raddi wala), a white poster,glue and scissors.
3. You can do this at your place or at her place which ever is convenient. Once everything is ready, get your lungs warmed up and blow the balloons as much as you can. Spread them all around the room. Make bigger letters out of the magazine to get alphabets “I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E” and paste them on the poster. Place it by the wall right in front of the door.
4. Once in every hour, sms her like “Love, missing you a lot. I know you are busy with ‘name’. enjoy d day and try to meet me in eve. 5-10 min will be fine.” Keep on changing the content every hour like “missing you badly. hey had your lunch?” etc. In last sms ask her to come at your place if you are doing it there or just say see you soon if you are doing it at her place.
5. Once she sees the stuff and look at you. Don’t say a word. Just smile. Let her control herself and then go near and ask the question :)

In hope of the best.

Love is still in the air.

Take care.

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