How to Propose – Tip 4

Howz life!! haha. I think rather than pulling the story I should get back on the track. Okay, the thing is, I have posted three tips on how to propose. This is fourth. Hope some of you will get the girl you want :)

As I said many times, proposing someone should not be done just to have fun or roaming around. This should be done only when you mean it and want to marry the girl. This tip is a bit technical but can also be used those who are not very technology savvy.

Today, almost every person out there is a photographer! Don’t mind but its a truth. Your mobile also have a camera! So its time to make use of it.


  1. Get a chart paper.
  2. Write down the letters on it “Marry Me” or “My Love, Marry Me” or whatever you want.
  3. Now go out and click photographs of letters. Like M from some shop’s name etc.
  4. Get the letters printed on 5×7 size photographs.
  5. Cut the according to need.
  6. Paste them on the letters.
  7. Get is mounted so that the chart paper do not get folded.
  8. Now you can either gift wrap it and gift it or get it placed in her home (if possible) or courier it ;)

It is better not to write your name if the girl knows its you otherwise make sure you write the name else some other guy may get the chance!

If you courier it let her call you. Don’t poke to know if some gift has reached or not.

Have fun and hope your love story comes to a lovely end.

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