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First of all, this is not to hurt either a theist or atheist. These are going to be just my views. Everyone is welcome to comment but I would prefer to avoid any hate comment or hate words. Just keep it simple and understandable for everyone.

I am a believer. I believe in existence of the power that can control once existence but where exactly I stand on this? I am very clear about some facts of life.

  1. Science is important – Interestingly, more I tried to learn about present ‘holy’ figures’, more I understand the importance of science and scientific reasons behind anything that happens. I remember when I was very young, there was a mass belief in neighborhood that Ganesh idols is drinking milk, and this got widespread like a forest fire. My mother took me to a nearest temple to see what was happening. Being a believer but an educated one, she smiled at every known face and took me and my sister back home. We were confused a bit (young souls you know) and then she took spoons full of milk and asked both of us to try the same trick on the Shiv idol’s snake that we had in home temple. It also drank the milk. The only explanation she gave was that the idols are made of earth and dry earth absorbs liquid. This was not the first time she gave an argument over superstition and still does so.
    But still we are a family of believers. We chant Gayatri mantra and my mother often reads holy books like Shiv puran. We keep fast on navratras and non veg is not allowed on Tuesdays. On the same hand we enjoy channels like discovery.
    I know one thing that is medical science is not that advanced, I might have lost her long ago. I know the importance of taking medicine on time no matter how hard ‘pandits’ say not to take allopathic medicines during fasts.
  2. Not everything in ‘books’ is True – Before the holy books were written by different sagas over the time, they were memorized and the knowledge was transferred from one to other. We have a tricky mind. We sometimes miss or overhear things and I am sure with time mess must have been created in the text so believing everything blindly is not good.
  3. Respecting others’ beliefs – This is very tricky. I seriously hate some of the beliefs in many religions but I prefer to keep my mouth shut until I do not know what exactly is what they are doing.

Now, what about atheists. No, I seriously do not have any problem with anyone who does not believe in God. It’s their wish to believe or not to believe. I can reason with them on many things and on the same hand I can reason with believers over superstitions.

When a believer says, God saved the person in hospital, I will smile and ask him to respect the doctor as a messenger of God. But I have seen many atheists just going crazy over the beliefs of others.

Sometimes, I feel that atheism is becoming a religion. Like every religion they believe in something. They believe in knowledge, reasoning and science. They keep mocking religions (or other religions) like most of the ‘religious’ people do. They make fun of those who wear anything that may be connected to a religion. This is similar with those from different religion. But what a new religion gives to the world? I would say, with growth, a new religion looks like a silent group of people but as it grows, it may give some really nasty things. Hate, rage, anger and what not. If you see past, religion has bought war and death with it. I have similar fear with atheism. Many of the atheist just can not control their furious nature and use all sort of bad language.

What I am planning is to read the holy books one by one. First of Sanatan Dharm, yes, it is sanatan dharm. Hinduism is just a recently coined term. Later on I can go for other religions but it will take time. I am going to try to reason everything and will make sure I do not get on to any conclusion or what so ever without discussing it with those who believe and those who don’t. Soon I will be posting my views on what written in the holy books and will appreciate the comments over them.

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