Nov 29, 2006

Chandigarh Carnival Trip (25th nov 2006)

This rar file contains Nirankari Sword Show shot by me in chandigarh carnival on 25th nov 2006. The show was so awsome that we spent 25 minutes standing and recording this clip there!!!! So just download it and enjoy the show and try to see what exactly these SHIKHS can do. Really awsome and making ourself To Be An Indian PROUD!!!!

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  • “Sword Show shooted by me” — should be “Swors Show shot by me” – the video is awesome matey – thanks.

  • Hey, is Chandigarh Carnival an annual festival?

  • Yes its annual thingy.

  • i do not have show it and the Chandigarh Carnival an annual festival i think is a good festival

  • wow
    i wish i will got to see something like that :)

  • wow, i wish i could have a chance to watch something like that.

  • Haha it’s local carnival? I’m impossible to see it :(
    But thanks for the photo’s, it’s makes me know about chandigarh carnival

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