Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne – An open letter to AAP/Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

Congratulations! You have won the hearts, Again!!! This is your second chance and most probably the last one. A chance give by the people of Delhi with love (Please note that this love is made up of a Bamboo and is oiled with anger of the people of Delhi).

Babuji, jab yeh pyar ka danda padta hai to waise hi chutti ho jaati hai jaise Congress Aur BJP ki hui hai dilli mein….

I was in favor of you when you formed the government (Yes, I am talking about the ‘alpmat‘ government) but you broke my heart in 49 days that’s too on Valentines day. Anyway, raat gai baat gai. Now, when you taking oath as Cm with a “bahumat” government, people of delhi and rest of India (that includes me) will keep an eye on your work. It is great to see how quickly, even before taking the oath, you are on feet and meeting all the big shot politicians for help in making the dream Dilli a truth.

Now, I would like to raise some doubtswhich I think you will need to answer in next few days. As you are known for your quick action, please do not think people will give you time as they have given to Modi sarkaar. Modi asked for 5 years not you!

1. You have promised for 500 new schools and 20 new colleges in your tenure. Where will you get the money and the land for this? I am assuming we are not talking about the desi style 3 room nursery schools running in every guli/nukkar or another ponytail ‘college’. We are talking about well established, fully equipped schools.

2. 15 Lakhs CCTV cameras. Boy you need MONEY!! Cameras to install, servers to record, highly qualified staff to monitor and miles of wires. Please note that when we talk about CCTVs we would like to have good quality high resolution cameras installed so that when it comes to identifying the culprit from the footage, you do not have to wait for your tech experts to clean-up the image. And yes, night vision enabled. (BOY YOU NEED HELL LOT OF MONEY!)

3. 2 Lakh public toilets. Please make sure they are clean. Are you going to make sure that the people who are appointed to keep the toilets clean are actually cleaning them? I live in Chandigarh. You know Chandigarh? It is the MOST CLEAN city in India. Toilets even in my city are dirty in many sectors. And in order to keep them clean you need to appoint at least two trained cleaners per toilet. (BOY! MONEY MONEY AND MORE MONEY!)

4. Free WiFi. I don’t think this will be possible at all. You can give the free service for a limited time but not for long. Say 30 minutes a day will cost you so much. How the hell you are going to convince telephone companies to give away free data service? Please do not say subsidy. I beg you!

Where is the money coming from anyway? Delhi does not produce even a single product on its own. You are going to reduce water and electricity tariff of-course via subsidy. VAT and other taxes will be reduced as per your promisesso incoming of money will be a big trouble.

Center will not give money for free and interest will be charged. Every single thing you have planned will increase the burden on the treasure Delhi has. Oh! Delhi is already in debt. Isn’t it? Tomorrow or a day after, you have to increase taxes, tariff and all back to where it is now or even more. How will you be able to answer the people of Delhi then?

Modi government has to increase taxes on oil every time it goes down in international market in order to fill the pit previous governments left. Remember Modi said,”Subsidy should be removed”.? When you give subsidy, you put pressure on states’/country’s account. You have to increase indirect taxes.

Arvind ji! You are from revenue department. “Meri to maths kamzoor hai fir bhi itna to main bhi jaanta hun!

I can just hope you will not run again.

I can just hope you will fulfil the promises and will not blame it on Center or anyone saying,”Sab mile hue hain. Iski jaanch honi chahiye. Hum to karna chahte the kisi ne karne nahi diya.”

Please be realistic.

Yours (or may be not),


P.S. Dear AAPians, please do not use bad words in comments. I simply won’t approve it. You know why? Because I CAN MODERATE COMMENTS!!


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  • I think his main agenda is to bring down corruption to prevent leaking money. That way he will save a hell lot of money. Money is being wasted in many forms. Either ways I prefer to wait and watch how he manages the funds and then prove him wrong.

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