No! You Do Not Need A DSLR!!

Every day, literally thousands of people are entering the field of photography, let it be hobby or profession. Bottom line is everyone wants to taste the sweet word “Photographed by XYZ”. It sounds cool! It is something that is “happening” profession these days and as it happened with engineers, web developers and content writers, this is just another bubble getting ready to be taken away by some other profession as soon as it burst.

Camera companies have made it so damn easy! Have $400 (Rs.22000/-) to spare? Go and buy yourself a professional looking DSLR! Amazing thing is these little babies actually can click good photos. Well out 100 there should be at least one that can be uploaded on facebook.

First thing that should actually pop in your mind is,”Do I really need a DSLR and not a semi-DSLR/Bridge camera?” Most of the people say when they can buy a DSLR in same price as a bridge camera, why they should not go for a DSLR? After all they will spending same amount of money.

Let me clear the air here. DSLR has lens mounts. You can actually buy only body of a DSLR and decide on the lenses later. Bridge cameras come with in built zoom/macro/wide lens which is not detachable. The results of these lenses are pretty good too.

Now, let us take something in account here in terms of money. When you buy a DSLR, you will need lenses for every freaking thing. For portrait you need at least 50mm 1.8. For zoom you need to buy at least a 55-200mm. For Wide you need at least the 18-55 kit lens. Now you have already spent Rs.22000/- on the body + Kit lens. For 50mm another Rs.7000/- and Rs.9000/- for 55-250mm minimum. So this will add up to Rs.16,000/- making it a total of Rs.36,000/- and that too with the cheapest possible options in the market.

While with the bridge camera you will get all of them at cost of Rs.25k-26k and that too without the hassle of changing the lens. Even if you want to polish your skills on manual settings, bridge cameras offer almost everything similar to DSLR. Let it be Shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings controlled manually or settings like Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority.

There is only one con in bridge cameras and that is the sensor size. If you are a hobby photographer and has no intentions to take photography as profession you do not need to worry about this. Even with comparatively smaller sensor, the image quality is sell-able. Believe me as I have sold a lot of macro photographs clicked with my first camera that was a Canon S5IS.

Believe me people are born with creative eye. You can not just “learn” photography. You are born with the skill. You can only polish it to be better. Buying a DSLR will not make you a photographer and note it in bold letters that “CLICKING ON AUTO WILL NOT MAKE YOU ONE”.

A photographer rises with time. You will start with 99 bad photos from 100 and end up with 5 bad photos in 10. As you grow the number of clicks you need for a perfect photograph will reduce. So just don’t be another monkey with a DSLR and prefer to polish the skills rather than spending money on gear.

You can check some of the following bridge cameras to start photography as hobby and to polish the skills.


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