Matka aur uska paani

कुछ अलग ही बात होती है,
इस मटके वाले पानी में,
ना जाने क्यों ऐसा लगता है,
की रूह तक शांत हो जाती है,
समय ने कुछ बदल दिया है हमें,
मटके से बेहतर बर्फ नज़र आती है,
क्यों है ऐसा, समझ नहीं पाता हूँ,
क्यों धरती से प्रेम होने पर भी,
मटके को न कह जाता हूँ,
वह सोंधी सी खुशबू मिटटी की,
जो मटके से आती है,
मेरी रूह को जो खुशबू,
कुछ ख़ास कह जाती है,
काश यह बर्फ ने जीवन में,
अपनी पैठ न बनाई होती,
तो आज भी सोंधी सी वह खुशबू,
मेरे ज़हन पे छाई होती,
चलो वादा करें खुद से,
कम से कम एक मटका तो होगा घर पे,
इन गर्मियों में […] Continue Reading…

The curious case of being an Indian


When I was born, I never thought that one day; my nation will become a place where someone from so called upper caste will have to hide in his house and pray to become a Dalit in his next life. India has always been a place where people believed in “live and let live”. I was taught in my school that the constitution teaches us to believe in equality. Remember that pledge?

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always […] Continue Reading…

Mar 24, 2016

Meri Geeli Holi Mujhe Lauta Do

इस बरस मुझे ऐसे रंग दे,
भीग जाये मेरी सांस भी,
न सोचूं मैं किसी के बारे में,
दो बूँद पानी पे है मेरा हक़ भी,
चिल्लाते हो मेरी होली पर,
मैंने पानी को बर्बाद किया,
पूरे साल जो गाड़ी धोते हो,
उस से कौन आबाद हुआ?
शावर में रोज़ नहाते हो,
समय पूरा लगते हो,
वाटर पार्क में अपने परिवार के संग,
खूब मज़ा उड़ाते हो,
पर जब मेरी बारी आती है,
मैं पिचकारी गर उठा लूँ,
खूब हो हल्ला मचाते हो,
यह देखो पानी बर्बाद करता है,
किसानो का दुःख दर्द न समझता है,
ऐसा इलज़ाम लगते हो,
फिर टीवी पर कैमरे के सामने,
छाती पीट मगरमच्छ के आंसू बहते हो,
हर होली पे सोचता हूँ,
मैंने ऐसा […] Continue Reading…

Bank Holidays March-April 2015

Starting from 28th March 2015, there will be a string of holidays which will cause slowing down the financial transactions in India.

28th March is Ram Navmi so the banks will be closed on that day. 29th March is a Sunday. 30th march is a working day followed by 31st March and 1st April which are annual closing days. Banks are closed for public on closing days so financial transactions won’t be possible. 2nd April is Mahavir Jayanti followed by Good Friday on 3rd April. Both are bank holidays. 4th April is working but as it will be a Saturday, […] Continue Reading…

Instagram, Feminism, PERIOD – No Please.

I always stood up for sexual equality, freedom of speech and pure non censored world but there are still certain limits which no one has right to bypass and throw tantrums on companies that allow you to share photos for FREE. Its their world, their website and their guidelines. If you do not like it, leave it.

Now lets come to the point. I came across an article in which a girl named Rupi Kaur blamed instagram for removing a photograph from her series onMenstruation cycle. I am writing as a well educated “Hindu male” from India who belongs to […] Continue Reading…

Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne – An open letter to AAP/Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

Congratulations! You have won the hearts, Again!!! This is your second chance and most probably the last one. A chance give by the people of Delhi with love (Please note that this love is made up of a Bamboo and is oiled with anger of the people of Delhi).

Babuji, jab yeh pyar ka danda padta hai to waise hi chutti ho jaati hai jaise Congress Aur BJP ki hui hai dilli mein….

I was in favor of you when you formed the government (Yes, I am talking about the ‘alpmat’ government) but you broke my heart in 49 […] Continue Reading…

Shubh Muhurat – 2015

As earlier, I am posting wedding dates which are considered good for weddings in India as per hindu rituals. For further information please contact your pandit :) (I am not one!)


16thJanuary (Friday)

18thJanuary (Sunday)

24thJanuary (Saturday)

25thJanuary (Sunday)

29thJanuary (Thursday)


05thFebruary (Thursday)

07thFebruary (Saturday)

08thFebruary (Sunday)

11thFebruary (Wednesday)

12thFebruary (Thursday)

14thFebruary (Saturday)

15thFebruary (Sunday)

16thFebruary (Monday)

20thFebruary (Friday)

21stFebruary (Saturday)

26thFebruary (Thursday)

27thFebruary (Friday)


04thMarch (Wednesday)

08thMarch (Sunday)

09thMarch (Monday)

10thMarch (Tuesday)

11thMarch (Wednesday)

12thMarch (Thursday)


21stApril (Tuesday)

22ndApril (Wednesday)

27thApril (Monday)

28thApril (Tuesday)

30thApril (Thursday)


01stMay (Friday)

05thMay (Tuesday)

07thMay (Thursday)

08thMay (Friday)

09thMay (Saturday)

14thMay (Thursday)

19thMay (Tuesday)

20thMay (Wednesday)

27thMay (Wednesday)

28thMay (Thursday)

30thMay (Saturday)


02ndJune (Tuesday)

04thJune (Thursday)

05thJune (Friday)

06thJune (Saturday)

10thJune (Wednesday)

11thJune (Thursday)


22ndNovember (Sunday)

26thNovember (Thursday)

27thNovember (Friday)


04thDecember (Friday)

05thDecember (Saturday)

06thDecember (Sunday)

07thDecember (Monday)

13thDecember (Sunday)

14thDecember (Monday)