Shubh Vivah – Shubh Muhurat – 2013

Hindu weddings are entirely based on Muhurat. Due the number 13 in the upcoming year there is a rumor going that there are not much possible dates for wedding. Lets see what all our beloved pandits have to say on this :). In 2013, there are a total of 87 dates which are good for hindu wedding. Quite a number it is. Following is the month wise chart for them.

January 2013: 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 30, 31

February 2013: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7

April 2013: 29, 30

May 2013: 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 21, 22, […] Continue Reading…

Dear Son


I know a day will come when you will come to me and ask me about girls. I know you will ask me why you are different from them and why you feel attracted towards them. That day, my son, I shall ask you to read this letter. I am writing this now because this is most disturbing time around. Everyday, one young lad like you go out and tease a girl on road, in class or in college/school. I do not want you to follow their steps.

Son, you are young and I know I will teach you how […] Continue Reading…

Chapter 2 – It won’t end!

(Anuj and Prof. chanting together a mantra to get rid of a devil soul. Anuj is not aware of the hole that Prof. Arora accidentally left and is trying to help him to get rid of the problem immediately. Anuj, son of a tantrik and a very famous astrologer Pandit Shankar Maheshwari, practices tantra vidya in a very secret manner. Unlike Prof.Arora he has no intentions to come out as an expert.)

Anuj: “Om krim phat swaha”. Sunny just throw the box away. Don’t wait now.

Prof Arora threw the box in his hand. With a small blast everything suddenly went […] Continue Reading…

Bi*ch Please!

A round of applause to all the bitches that keep bitching about me as a topic of interest online or offline but do not dare to come forward :). Block me, delete me and then look via friend’s profile. Write about me and stay happy because I cannot read what they have written.

I don’t get sad. I don’t panic. I don’t do anything. They are just random bitches who are jealous just because they cannot find out the reason why others like or love me. :)

I prefer to stay away from controversies until I can rule them. I try […] Continue Reading…

If all men are dogs, all women are no less!

Hello Ladies!

You all might have read my article Doggy Business. The thing is, I used to feel bad when girls say “All men are dogs!” like if we all treat them in the same way! Well one good day, a thought came in my mind that as all dogs have breeds and that too trained and untrained, women are simply making it easy for us to stay happy by call us dogs!

I agree we all are dogs. What are the traits of dogs? They BITE! right? Who the hell does not want a bite of the beautiful lady sitting […] Continue Reading…

Youtube Video Disabled For Revenue Sharing

It seems like Youtube is tightening the copyright rules and when I google about this issue almost every youtube revenue partner is facing such issues especially when they are usingroyaltyfree images or music. When I uploaded a video on 15th March 2012 about an event that took place in Chandigarh, I used Royalty free music by Danosongs.comand photographs clicked by myself. The main aim was to show the world that even if the team as lost one fight to save few fully grown green trees, the war is still on and we, the Chandigarhians will keep on fighting for […] Continue Reading…

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Date 8th September 2008. Location, Chandigarh India. Prof. Arora (Stotr Arora) was walking down the street and trying to recall what all happened in last few hours. He lost his love, Mrinali and accidentally put the whole city in danger.

A degree holder in paranormal studies fromUniversity of Virginia, Prof Arora never thought he would ever do a silly mistake like this. In his childhood, he spent his time with his grandfather who used to practice “tantra vidya” in a scientific way and in his whole life he kept on trying to make sure that the paranormal world can help […] Continue Reading…