Ek main aur ekk tu

Ek main aur ekk tu is a movie by Dharma Productions directed by Shakun Batra. Its a story about and architect (Rahul played by Imran Khan) and a hair stylist (Riana played by Kareena Kapoor) who accidentally got married in Las Vegas after drinking a lot. They then apply to get their marriage annulled. Till this, it seems like to have touch of “What Happened In Vegas” but if you are expecting a comedy to that mark, please do not go to watch the movie.


The movie is basically a slow and dull love story. Rahul and Riana meet. They […] Continue Reading…

Open Letter To A Special One – 09 Feb 2012

Quite daring I am. I know :D. So here it goes. From today, I am starting a series of letters. Open letters for the girl I love or I can say I loved. I still love her a lot but the thing is, being together in that way is just not possible at the moment. I neither want to force anything nor want to create an issue out of it. I just want to move with time.

Dear Passion,

It feels a little different when someone mention valentine’s day. For me being with you on the day meant for love, is […] Continue Reading…

Silent Message By An Artist

Without saying anything, I am just posting the video I made. Check and try to understand why we artists feel bad on many occasions.


Get Your Payday Loan Without Faxing Documentation!

It is bad enough finding your balance is empty well before the posterior wage, and if you require to appeal for a short-dated loan to settle your money flow difficulties, nothing might be worse than searching for and faxing payday loans documents to maintain your submission. Time is flowing rather quickly in case you have an unpredictable cash case on your disposal, faxing instant payday loans online documentation, instance bank account information and pay sheets may be extremely ingurgitating and you may not be able to find the documentation you are required at the right anyway. While owning the […] Continue Reading…


Experience with any company matters a lot. My experience with many companies is not that good but with some is pretty awesome. No one can actually live without a mobile phone these days especially when your work depends on quick service. I normally do not go for prepaid service but these days I am using two prepaid numbers, one for myself and other used by my mother.

I was using ICICI Bank mobile recharge interface to recharge both the numbers before Jan 2011 but it was giving a lot of trouble those days. I was aware of online recharge websites […] Continue Reading…

All About “Rajni Power!”

I came across a website shared by a few friends and NATIONAL newspaper websites. The name is All About Rajni. This is basically a flash based website which claims to run on “Rajni Power” and does not need any Internet connection to run. Fascinating! Isn’t it? That can change the whole concept of surfing if this “Rajni Power” can not only help in reducing internet bill but can also save a lot of resources!

Okay! Now lets see the reality. As claimed by the developer, they have used a very complex algorithm to find if there is any data packet […] Continue Reading…

On The Hook!

In a relationship, being on the hook is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The situation can occur for both the genders. The problem is you are on the hook for someone and you have kept someone on the hook on the same time. In this mess, we always choose the wrong person and fall for wrong person.

What is being on the hook? It simply means the person with whom you want to be is not letting you go away but on the same hand does not want to be in the relationship with you. […] Continue Reading…