How To Configure POP3 in Gmail

Configuring Mail Account in Gmail
>> Login to your Gmail Account
>> Click on settings
>> Click on accounts
>> Under Get mail from other accounts, click on Add another mail account
>> Write the mail ID like
>> Fill username: Your mail ID
>> Password: –password–
>> Check “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” if you want to keep copy of the mail on server else leave it unchecked.
>> Leave “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” unchecked.
>> Check Label incoming messages and select new label from drop down.
>> Write label say yourdomain
>> Click on next.
>> Select “Yes, I want […] Continue Reading…

How to configure POP3 in Yahoo!Mail

Say if you have created mail ID

Please follow the following steps to configure the account in your yahoo account.
>> Login to your Yahoo! account.
>> Create a folder with desired name like info.
>> Go to options
>> Now go to Mail Addresses under management.
>> Click on Add.
>> Give any name to your account and click on Continue.
>> Now add the name in the again and the Email ID — and click on continue.
>> Add Mail Server:
>> Username:
>> Password: — Password —
>> Indicator of your choice.
>> It will ask you to send verification […] Continue Reading…

Apr 17, 2008

How to configure Flickr-Blog integration

Flickr allows you to post pictures right away from your flickr account. In order to manage this you can follow some easy steps and get it configured.

1. Goto Flickr account and Click on You >> Your Account
2. Click on Configure you Flickr-to-blog settings under Your Blogs section.
3. Now click on Set up your blog.

4. Choose the type of blog platform you use. Say you are using wordpress based blog and click on Next.

5. Now it will ask for API Endpoint which in case of wordpress users is and also add your blog admin username and password.

6. On the […] Continue Reading…

Apr 16, 2008

World’s Most Expensive Advertisment

And you thought those people that set up a room full of dominos to knock over were amazing… believe it or not, just unbelievable!! When the ad was pitched to senior executives, they signed off on it immediately without any hesitation – including the costs. There are six, and only six, hand-made Honda Accords in the world. To the horror of Honda engineers, the filmmakers disassembled two of them to make this film. There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time, exactly as you see it. The film […] Continue Reading…

Ghosty Images – Small and simple tutorial

This shot is taken in Nehru park Abohar. The person standing in blue t-shirt is my cousin and you can see my translucent structure just behind him on the right side. Now this is not done without any image software like photoshop or something but is done with a very simple camera trick which is being used from decades by the people who love making people FOOL.

If you are not a photofreak then you must know what is shutter speed before getting info on how to do this. Every camera has a shutter which is opened when you click […] Continue Reading…

Apr 16, 2008

Virgin Mobile “Is dad coming huh”

This is another funny advertisment by Virgin Mobile where a boy jumped red light and called his dad to talk to police man who caught him, dad shouted like hell on the phone… Now whats funny if dad is shouting? WATCH!!!!!

Apr 15, 2008

Virgin Mobile Advertisment “Mom Dad I have no interest in BOYS!!!”

Virgin mobile people really got some very good teaser advertisments! Here I am posting one of them. In this adv a girls is telling her parents that “She has no interest in BOYS” but why she is telling that? for tht play it :p