Apr 15, 2008

Unofficial MumbaiIndians Blog

My brother Vinay Murarka (Netlynx Inc and All Web Servers) started an unofficial blog few days back on Mumbai Indians, The IPL’s Mumbai team. The blog is really gaining popularity like hell these days. I think Indians are very interested in Interstate Cricket also. But I will say this is all because of the glamor and stardom which is working here. But who cares! In end people are getting entertained and local players are getting fame!

I will love to see Govt. and people taking interest in other games also like Hockey, football etc!! Hope for the best and […] Continue Reading…

Apr 14, 2008

Oh My God!

Well cases of irresponsible behavior continues as freelancers trying to dominate the buyers! Ha what the hell they think of themselves? Today one of my friend called me and told me his story of harassment done by a freelancer which was unfortunately referred by me. He has also shown me the chat log and all which made me feel bad on referring the writer to him. He has a name and fame in the entire Internet market and that freelancer is trying to ruin his name but behold! If we the buyers have the power to buy freelancers and […] Continue Reading…

Apr 13, 2008

Beautiful Flower

This is one of the most bautiful flowers I have ever encountered!

Night Shot Of a Tree

Night Shot Of a Tree

Originally uploaded by Anurag Bhateja

Found this tree in Nehru Park Abohar while I was walking with my cousin. It was almost night so used flash but wallah I got REALLY SOME GOOD DRAMATIC SHOTS!!!

Why New generation Designers Not Ready To ACCEPT their fault?

Well this is my second post on new generation of people in the field of web. I don’t understand what they think of themselves! I have mailed my x-designer about what he has done and why I am feeling cheated he said “Do you know actual price of well maintained PSD!! haha he a damn 6 month old designer is telling me market price! Even the best designs on TM cost as an average of $70 with FLASH and he some kind of AH telling me that I am paying $60 without FLASH is less lolz.

The thing is these […] Continue Reading…

New Indian Generation Loosing Quality??

Well in my case its true. New generation of designers and writers which is coming in the market are becoming money minded and just want MONEY with no Quality return. In last few months I am facing this issue with my regular writers and designers. I used to believe them so much that I add stuff which they have given with a simple go through and without confirming the details. I think why should I check with so much detail when I am paying them! BUT BUT BEWARE! never believe anyone in the market. These people out there are […] Continue Reading…

Pakde Rehna — Fevicol Adv

Fevicol Always comes with a great concept!! This is an old one.