Okut is Officially Now Yougurt

Well thats another fluke from Google as they have changed the name of Orkut to Yougurt for April Fools day! Even i was like am I on some phishing site or something!! But this is nice to see people making us laugh huh??? lolz

April Fools!!!!!

Mar 26, 2008

Race — Abbas Mustan Did it again

If anyone of you have not seen the movie yet then pack yourself and watch the ultimate release of this year.. The Movie RACE by Abbas Mustan. I really don’t know what we should expect from Abbas Mustan now. The movie race is so unpredictable that after every scene you again have to open your eyes and think of the whole background of the movie again so that you can understand the movie perfectly.

I must appreciate the effort of the writer Shiraz Ahmed who have created such a thrilling story! The story moves just like “Jalebi” and whenever I […] Continue Reading…

Mar 13, 2008


Confused by the title? Well 99.9% of the people here using firefox are not at all aware of the fact that the store passwords in firefox can be seen anytime! Yes thats true that firefox will show passwords in alphabets and number or symbols rather than dots.! lets give it a try yourself.
Goto Tools>> options >> Security

Now Click on Show passwords

Now Click on Show passwords again and confirm!

Now next time you are going to cafe/friends’ place or using a public computer never use FIREFOX! or take care you don’t allow it to remember passwords.

Mar 11, 2008

IIM Sutdent Got 1.36 Cr Package!

Booming economy is not only hitting every aspect of life but also giving fresh minds a feel good. The latest example for this is the package of 1.36 Cr given to an IIM student. Although the name of the company and the student have not been disclosed but this is the biggest example of uplift of the brand value of IIM students from INDIA!

But the results of last year were very clear about the changing minds of the students. Maximum of the students refused the jobs and said they want to start their own business. I am not sure […] Continue Reading…

WordPress Mail to new user HACK

Maximum of the wordpress users don’t know about the fact that the mail sent to new user is sent by the name of wordpress which don’t seems to be a professional way of informing new users about the registration. Now here is the way how to edit it without any plugin!

1. Open the FTP of your blog site with any of your favorite FTP Client.
2. Go to wp-includes folder.
3. Open the file pluggable.php to edit it.
4. On line 212 find wordpress written. This is the name by which the mail is sent. Rename to your Choice say “Anurag […] Continue Reading…

Ozakx Banner Rotator

Here I am presenting a plugin which will help you to add banner rotation.

Name: Ozakx Banner Rotator

Version: 1.0

Link: OZAKX Banner Rotator >> Right Click >> Save Target AsTo use >> Upload ozakx-text-editor.php to you wp-content/plugins folder >> Go to Admin section >> Plugins >> Activate

To Add/Edit Links >> Admin sections >> Plugins >> Plugin Editor >> “Ozakx Banner Rotator” and follow the instructions given below.

Usage: “It is recommended that you don’t edit plugin while it is active”

1. Go to Admin Section >> plugins >> plugin editor
2. Select Ozakx Banner Rotator from the list
3. Search for “//add a new […] Continue Reading…

Feb 28, 2008

Domain Name Registration — Some Points to take care about

This is tech-age or you can say web-age. The easiest and most convenient way to communicate with people all around the world is to have a website/blog related to your work. Now if we are going to have a website the 1st thing that we will require is a domain name. Domain name can be defines as “Unique address identifying each site on the Internet, usually of two or more segments separated by full stops.” There are billions of companies/individuals who are providing the domain registration services but while buying a domain name it is essential to keep some […] Continue Reading…