On The Hook!

In a relationship, being on the hook is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The situation can occur for both the genders. The problem is you are on the hook for someone and you have kept someone on the hook on the same time. In this mess, we always choose the wrong person and fall for wrong person.

What is being on the hook? It simply means the person with whom you want to be is not letting you go away but on the same hand does not want to be in the relationship with you. […] Continue Reading…

Buffalo for sale! on ebay!!!!!

Technology is entering everyone’s world. Its not just a phrase. Its a reality. To make sure you understand how real it is, here is the screenshot of what I found today on ebay’s Indian portal.

A milkman from Dwarka has posted a sale (bidding) on ebay.in about his young buffalo which has been ‘used’ (I hope he only means for milking purposes) and is offering free shipment all over India! Amazingly he has a 7 day exchange warranty with the ‘item’ and the shipping cost of exchange will be taken care by the seller only. This is funny as well as a […] Continue Reading…

1001 Wish List Before I Die!

Well I do not believe the world will come to an end in 2012. To show my optimism, here I am posting a wish list, which I will update on regular basis, of the things I want to do before I die. I believe I still have 50-60 years to accomplish them :P

1. Loose weight and reach below 90 KG. (Very important!)
2. Buy a full frame camera.
3. Cover 20 marriages in 12 months. (Starting from 1st Jan and Ending on 31st Dec)
4. One 11 year family portrait project.
5. Cover a wedding somewhere in other country.
6. Learn to drive car.
7. Getting married in Vegas. (I […] Continue Reading…

Can We Still Be Friends?

Dangerous question. Isn’t it? Well the situation is different for everyone so it may not apply in all cases. I am always amazed with the fact that once a girl or a boy has expressed the feelings towards the person he/she loves, the things change very quickly. Normally the ‘friendship’ they had before comes to an end with a yes or a

Why with yes? Shouldn’t it be more fun to be in a relationship with someone whom you were friend before? Yes, it should be! Going and proposing a random boy or girl out of nowhere and then regretting afterwards is […] Continue Reading…

Connecting Mythology With Population

I am studying Indian history and mythology a lot these days. One by one some interesting facts are coming in front of me and trying my level best to connect things up. So some of my posts from now on will be related to such topics. The thing is, I am neither a good reader nor a good listener. To make me read and hear, the topic has to be very interesting. All thanks to a youtube video which showed the connections between modern time and the characters of Indian mythology. Poor me, I lost the link :/

Now, the […] Continue Reading…

The Approach

So here we go with a new section! As relationship adviser, I am coming across so many things and cases that actually changing my thinking about relationships everyday. Each day one or the other case (that includes mine also) make me think how emotions can actually create issues in personal life. I always hear from other people to use common sense or about being practical but I still do not understand what happen to the practical approach and common sense when either we are in a relationship or we are on a way of being into a relationship.

Lets take […] Continue Reading…

Lets Talk!

Relationship without talking is like a sea without water. Yes! You need to talk. I am not saying that when you are in a relationship you should become a chatterbox, but I am saying that to make sure there are no unsaid issues between you, you should communicate more often.

It is important to understand what exactly happens in a relationship. Normally, when you enter a relationship, you are not able to see anything else other than your partner. You devote extra time and want to share each and every bit of your life with him/her. Sooner or later the […] Continue Reading…