When Police Caught me for not having License 1st time!!!

Found this over the internet… For me this is one of the most funny pics ever seen!!!!

Feb 25, 2007

22-2-2007 Evening Pic

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Feb 24, 2007

21-2-2007 Evening Pic


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Nov 29, 2006

Chandigarh Carnival Trip (25th nov 2006)

This rar file contains Nirankari Sword Show shot by me in chandigarh carnival on 25th nov 2006. The show was so awsome that we spent 25 minutes standing and recording this clip there!!!! So just download it and enjoy the show and try to see what exactly these SHIKHS can do. Really awsome and making ourself To Be An Indian PROUD!!!!



 Sample Pics


Sep 29, 2006

Website Review For www.gii.in

Well Here is the screen shot of the website…


Link Of the website :::  www.gii.in

Source Of Review Request ::: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=149962

About The Theme ::: Wow good design. Great color, very eye catching. The concept of web directory is something I like very much. The number of categories IS really HUGE. But I got amazed that the owner is not showing any ads on it. The best thing is articles linked under the to uderstand more about directories and links.

About The Design ::: Design is simple and eye catching.

Ad Blending ::: No ads

Popularity ::: Google PR0 as site is I think new and Alexa Rank 483,262 […] Continue Reading…

Sep 11, 2006


This is Anurag Bhateja… well you have just visited my blog.. I hve introduced my blog to discuss about whats happening around us.. about the geeky stuff and all the likes and dislikes… so keep visiting and throw your views….



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