Nov 11, 2011

Rockstar – An Honest Review!


“Ranbir Kapoor should leave acting. Ranbir Kapoor is living on the name of his family. Ranbir Kapoor can not be a good actor. It’s the name not him.” This is what I normally listen about Ranbir Kapoor. Fine, people have their own perspective and without any doubt his debut was not a good one. I sometimes feel that we often look at the performances which we should not remember rather than we should remember. Take example of Rocket Singh, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Wakeup Sid. Not superhit but he did justice with his role.

Imtiaz Khan. I seriously want to meet […] Continue Reading…

Be Sensible! Think Social! No Facebook! BULLCRAP!

Those who know me well, are aware of the fact that I do not censor my words on social networks as I never “Beep” my words in real world. Just to make sure it does not look “over” on the blog I used the word BULLCRAP instead of the “real” word :). Anyway, let me come to the issue. Facebook, again! Issue is not with facebook but it is with the thinking and mentality of people. I seriously do not understand from which school or area they belong which made so orthodox and kind of stupid that they think […] Continue Reading…

Panjab University – Soch 2011 Gig – THE EPIC FAIL!

On the name of Panjab University, the event SOCH – 2011 not only put a black mark but made it hard for local bands to even think of performing next time. I don’t know what happened in the competitions took place in day time as I was not there but I went for the gig in which few well known bands of Chandigarh (I Quit, Swastik, Sones Aura, Fused and Ear Split) were lined up to perform. As it was long since I clicked any rock concert, I went with big hopes to get some good shots.

I reached a […] Continue Reading…

Cohabitation – The Live-In Relationship

I was reading an article by a facebook friend in the newspaper she works on people who are in Live-in relationship in Chandigarh. I neither had any issues with the concept nor I oppose living together before marriage. Even I have a lot of friends who are living together but are not married. The article actually made me feel a little bad over the commitment part. Cohabitation, generally known as Live-in relationship is a type of arrangement which is adopted by those who want to be together but can not get married for several reasons. Some of them can […] Continue Reading…

Laptop Users Beware! – Oh It’s fake!

Wow! This is getting so common to get false information over facebook and other social networking sites. I am seriously amazed to see how fast people fall for such information and post it on their walls without even checking if the information is true or not. This time, I saw the following message:

A couple lost their 25 year old son in a fire at home on June 4th. The son who had graduated with MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison two weeks earlier had come home for a while. He had lunch with his dad at […] Continue Reading…

Ra.ONE – Don’t Miss

SRK! You have done so much publicity, actually over done it. The thing is, when you enter the screen after listening so much about it, you expect more than you should. That is happening with Ra.One. Definitely, I too was sure that there should be something interesting before the release but as soon as the reviews started flowing in, it was a shock for me as everyone was saying “it’s a copy”, “it’s a flop” etc. and many “critics” gave it less than 1 mark out of 5. This made me more curious to see where the film lacked […] Continue Reading…

Oct 27, 2011

Pepsico Lays E631 Rumor

What I noticed on many social networking websites in last few days that the information spreads too quickly and 99% of people do not even want to confirm beforere-postingit. I created this section just to tell all of you that the information I saw was FAKE and you should stay away from such messages. In the series, I am adding video posts from today to add a little personal touch :)

Pepsico Lays adds a substance called E631 to their Magic Masala flavor in some countries especially in Pakistan and other Muslim countries as found on Internet. When I googled […] Continue Reading…