Chapter 1 – Introduction

Date 8th September 2008. Location, Chandigarh India. Prof. Arora (Stotr Arora) was walking down the street and trying to recall what all happened in last few hours. He lost his love, Mrinali and accidentally put the whole city in danger.

A degree holder in paranormal studies fromUniversity of Virginia, Prof Arora never thought he would ever do a silly mistake like this. In his childhood, he spent his time with his grandfather who used to practice “tantra vidya” in a scientific way and in his whole life he kept on trying to make sure that the paranormal world can help the real world, the world we see.

Influenced by his thoughts, Prof Arora did his degree in same field and came back to India to learn more about Indian Tantra. His grandfather was a big hope for him and his notes were helping a lot.

His life took a major turn when hisfiance died in a road accident and he tried to contact her just to make sure she died in accident and it was not a planned murder. He somehow managed to leave a hole in the paranormal world and a whole new sequance of incidents started taking place around him.

Bundled in 35 chapters, the book will move slowly from the verybeginningi.e. about his studies, meeting Mrinali, moving on with the studies in India, experiments, location hunting etc. followed by death of Mrinali, contacting her and finally thebeginningof supernatural or paranormal activities in the city.


Prof Stotr Arora
Mrinali Sharma
Daddu (Dr.Trinetra Arora) Grandfather
Dad (Mr.Krishna Arora) Father
Maa (Mrs.Sati Arora)
Mr.P.K.Sharma (Mrinali’s Father)
Mrs.Sharma (Mrinali’s Mother)
Friends: Anuj Shankar, Diksha Arora, Subhash Garg

As the characters start appearing in the story, list will be updated.


Disclaimer: This is a fiction. I have done a rough study on paranormal activities, tantra sadhna and other details to use in the story. If any name, incident or any detail matches with any person/incident in real life, it should be consideredentirely coincidental.

Copyright: The story is under copyright of Anurag Bhateja. It can not be copied or used for any commercial/non commercial purpose without written permission.

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