A “Uniform ‘Surname’ Code” for communists and anti-Hindus in Hindu community

I am a born Hindu. I was taught by my parents as well as teachers to respect all religions. My family believes in rituals as well as idol worshiping and studied in a school (DAV) where idol worshiping is opposed. Overall, my bringing up and education was in such a way that I became open minded and kind of secular. The religion, caste, faith, atheism, dress code or anything that may bother others do not have an effect on me in particular. I believe in the theory of living and let live.

The change

Now the question arises, what changed? From the past few years, I have been closer to my faith and religion. I have started ‘not liking’ people on the basis of their comments which is sort of unusual for me. My love for my country was at a certain level which has increased to a point where it is considered ‘dangerous’ for free thinking. I am actually one of those so called ‘Bhakts’ who will stand in front of anyone who hates India and may even give a tight slap on his or her face.

Well, I do not like hitting women and oppose it completely in any sense but if you say anything bad about my country, religion or faith, I may actually verbally abuse in such a way that you will feel bad but can’t do anything against me as it will be ‘tastefully’ done. Well, that’s the charm of being a writer. You can degrade any man or woman just with words and that too even without using any words that may cause troubles for you!

The idea of uniform ‘surname’ code

I call it USC. Charming isn’t it? It looks like something ‘JNU’ type! I mean educational and high class! Anyway, jokes aside, let’s get back to the real issue here. It is an unfortunate state of Hindu community that we have to face criticism over our own faith from the people of our own community. Most of the communists belong to Hindu culture. Those who have changed their religion or are an atheist also go by the names according to Hindu religion that they got when they were born.

The idea behind this code is very simple. For every man or woman or child that is born to hate Hinduism should not be allowed to use the surname as per Hindu religion. In fact, if they hate Hinduism so much, they should change the name as well as a surname. The constitution of India allows them to do so.

These commis should use a uniform surname just like ‘John Snow’ of the Games of Thrones. Now if you so not know why his surname was Snow, I do not care! You do not watch English serials then it is your problem and not mine. You can always Google it! If they use a common surname for themselves, it will be easier for us to ignore them and work for the progress of the nation.

Name causes confusions

It happens a lot of time on twitter and other social networks that suddenly some XYZ with a Hindu name starts bashing the religion and customs by saying that the culture is old and orthodox. Well, we know Hinduism has so many issues but our beloved Law Makers are working hard to streamline it properly. In fact, they ‘love’ to ‘correct’ the evils in Hinduism that they have completely forgotten about all other religions! Triple Talak, you know!

The proposed surname “AHGOI”

Now I propose that the new surname of these people should be small, simple and unique. Something that should not offend them as well because if the something offends them, they start threatening to walk naked on the road with banners in hands! (I actually know a young fellow in Chandigarh who thinks like that). For me, the best surname will be AHGOI which is short for “Anti-Hindu Groups Of India”. If this proposal passes through, you will see some names popping up in future like Kanhaiya AHGOI, Sagarika AHGOI, Barkha AHGOI, Arundhati AHGOI, Arvind AHGOI, Ashutosh AHGOI, Mamta AHGOI, Irom AHGOI, Mulayam AHGOI among many others.

Imagine how easy life will be. We will have a way to distinguish between Anti-Hindus among the Hindus. Finally we can concentrate on our work rather than getting angry with them. It is important to ignore those who bark regularly against Hinduism. Uniform ‘Surname’ Code will help in bringing the change and we will live in peace and harmony in future.


P.S. I love poking around sometimes and this post is just for fun. If I offended you, I do not care. Please do not BS on my blog with unnecessary comments. If you hate it, ignore it like I have been ignoring people like you from last many years. Thank you. 

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