Pimp Your Flickr Comments!

Being a regular user of flickr, I sometimes feel I should have a simple but different way to comment on the photographs of my friends. So here I present some simple yet cool (I think so hehe) image comment codes which will not look bad on comments but will enhance the way of presenting the comments. I am using the same color scheme that the flickr logo is made of. Copy the code, paste it in comment and enjoy :)

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  • this is nice.Will use this next time.

  • thanks for the share! they’re pretty :)

  • Absolutely creative! Nice idea and thanks so much for sharing!!

  • wow, I am using one of them and got cought by Akismet :D

  • @Dum
    Do you mean Askimet forbid it?
    Well, it’s nice and thank for spend your time to make a programming code and list it here.

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